View Full Version : Berlin Open Website (Amelie Chat Session + Photos!)

May 7th, 2002, 03:53 AM
OK I know that some of you guys have complained about the disfunctional scoreboard of the eurocard ladies open:rolleyes: but I just went to the site and it is a pretty good site! :wavey: :wavey:


First of all, it boasts a chat session with defending champion Amelie for tommorow, although it says that the time is still to be determined :confused: Well those Germans! I love them!

The Photogallary (Fotogallarie) on the left hand side of the screen has individual galleries for each day of the tournament so far, including qualifying and practices ...

There are pictures of Schivone doing the draw :confused: Couldn't they get someone German to do it? LOL! Also can you imagine the look on Schivone's face when she drew herself to play Schett in first round and Serena in the second round? :p At least the Germans probably didn't understand her Italian expletives.

For us who don't know what some of the lower ranked players look like, there are some really clear photos of them. I never knew that Sanchez Lorenzo is such a babe :hearts: she is wearing a pretty cool outfit too. Also pictures of Jen giving an interview, Serena jumping rope, Martina I / ASV / Huber with their dogs ... wow the tour is really going to the dogs :fiery: Rossana w/ her cute daughter and Conchita surrounded by the media

I would post some of the pics but I haven't figured out how to do that on this board yet. Someone enlighten me or do it for me? I am sure that everyone would enjoy to see see them.

Go Mary tommorow:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: