View Full Version : Bad Journalism

May 7th, 2002, 01:13 AM
not only do they get breaking news stories wrong sometimes, but journalists mess up sports (especially tennis all the time). for instance, in saturday's inquirer (newspaper in philadelphia), the little blurb said that dokic retired after leading 6-4 4-4. yes, that's wrong guys. but when tennis magazine makes a mistake about tennis, it really makes u wonder.

in giving predictions for roland garros, this was said: "Didn't play last year and is coming off knee surgery, but if she's healthy, her big baseling game will make her a threat." now, one might think of lindsay davenport, but then you'd say "no, she's still injured and she's not coming back til eastbourne." see, that's what a tennis fan would say. and you'd be right. i mean, come on now. sure, they might think that she's coming back, but she's not. and they gave her odds of 8-1! she's not the worst clay player ever, but....(hey, she's my favorite player and i wont even say anything). grrr, journalists need to get things straight. especially journalists who write for a tennis magazine. :mad: :fiery: