View Full Version : Eurosport coverage - a complete joke!

May 6th, 2002, 06:31 PM
Sorry since being back in January the eurosport coverage has got much worse than it used to be before in 2000.

No Paris or Antwerp.

No FCC cup final live

Zero coverage of Hamburg and the same of Berlin probably.

Sorry it is just getting worse and I am glad to be going in the next couple of weeks for some decent coverage.

May 6th, 2002, 06:40 PM
Yeah, this year it is really bad, I remember last year in teh fall they have so many matches but then most of the american girls is not active so I have high hopes for this year, but then the coverage sucks big time, they manage to show all the matches which is bad, and then when I look forward to see a replay of Kim v Venus today, they show some stupid cycling

May 6th, 2002, 06:54 PM
Tell me about it!! I was looking soooooo forward today to watching all of Kim vs. Venus match and then they go and show cycling which wasn't even live! :mad: I mean there has probaly been more tennis on Sky Sports 2 than Eurosport!! :o

May 6th, 2002, 06:58 PM
:fiery: :fiery: :fiery:

May 6th, 2002, 07:16 PM
Its really bad, i think last year they did have coverage of Hamburg and the tourney in Paris, so they could have easily televised them again this year.

They will have Rome though, but its far not enough for a channel that claims to have an exclusive broadcasting contract with the sanex wta tour.

May 7th, 2002, 01:59 AM
Im glad I live in ESPN...LOL!



Martian Martin
May 7th, 2002, 02:17 AM
I agree, I think it's been awful this year compared to other years. It started off with the Australian Open, when they had gone live through the night for the previous year, they didn't do that this, it was only on tape delay, after the night session matches. The only coverage we've had this year has been really the finals of the American events, and even some of them were on tape delay. The only tournament that had good coverage was Indian Wells. It's really disappointing, and the coverage is terrible this week as well, especially after last week as well, which was a good tournament. At least the Rome coverage looks promising though.

May 7th, 2002, 02:18 AM
I think it was theBoiledEgg who posted the other day explaining that the German tv network that sponsor the tournaments there will not allow Eurosport to transmit while the tourney is on. Seems a bit unfair to me, but it sounds like Eurosport is not really to blame here. Apart from these couple of weeks, i think their coverage is not too bad.

May 7th, 2002, 02:20 AM
I'm sure it's gonna worsen with the Football World Cup!

We should get Roland-Garros on French TV , but forget about Eastbourne or Wimbledon...

May 7th, 2002, 02:22 AM
You´re right about the world cup, we´ll be lucky to get anything! But they never show wimbledon, as they don´t have the rights.

May 7th, 2002, 04:13 AM
I don't think they have the rights for WC as the Kirsch group bought them for a huge fee and I don't think Eurosport can afford it.


I can't see where they say they will have live coverage of matches but if they do then Roland Garros is ruined

Matches at 1130CET and 1330CET then cycling...... may mean no tennis until 1700CET.

Last yr we only got final of Hamburg taped, and Berlin i think we only got final taped if anything at all.

Only German tourn that got any coverage last yr was Leipzig and the CHAMPS which had to be broadcast.

May 7th, 2002, 10:19 AM
I must admit I've stuck up for Eurosport before on this board because without them I wouldn't get to see any tennis. However, the last couple of weeks have been annoying!

I doubt they will be showing much of the World Cup though cos as someone has already pointed out, they probably can't afford it! I'm glad I live in England though because at least I'll get to see Wimbledon! (And I don't say that very often!)

Ho hum, at least it's Rome next weeki and Jelena is defending her title!

May 7th, 2002, 04:03 PM
we got a lot of berlin coverage last year, i remember seeing testud vs weingartner, dokic v capriati, henin v williams - and all these were early round matches.

this year its all a pile of crap :(

May 7th, 2002, 04:08 PM
well the great thing about living in belgium is that even though eurosport doesnt give us much tennis, we ve got French channels for RG, the BBC to watch wimbledon, and the german stations that show us (taped matches of) the german tournaments

May 7th, 2002, 10:32 PM
Last year was much better.

I hope Italian Open coverage will be good. Last year they were showing it from the begining and they were showing most of the matches live including some night matches.

Tatiana Panova
May 7th, 2002, 11:07 PM
I was annoyed at first, but I'm glad because I am revising for my finals and I have gotten more work done. It is a bummer, and last year they showed at least the semis of Hamburg and Berlin. However the Italian is the best for me and there is coverage I think 12-1500 and then 7:30-900. So it ain't too bad, and I will enjoy the French Open more because I am just gonna vegetate in front of that TV.

I've enjoyed watching the men's tennis actually on Sky. If only Eurosport could have their high standards! (Without stupid Chris Bailey however):mad: