View Full Version : Sharky, you say you would stop rooting for Maria if she became a U.S. citizen. But...

the cat
May 6th, 2002, 01:59 AM
would you feel the same way if she became a Canadian citizen? I doubt it! :eek: Interesting thought, isn't it? I hope you don't resent America, the greatest country in the world! :bounce: But I get the feeling that you do. I want Maria to stay a Russian citizen. But we root for Maria the tennis player. Not Maria the Russian tennis player. Right? :confused:

the cat
May 6th, 2002, 02:16 AM
Sharky, I know Eggy would still root for Maria, even if she became an American citizen. Afterall, Eggy still roots for Russian born Tatiana Golovin, even though she is a French citizen. We all know Eggy is Mister consistency. So if he still roots for Tatiana, he'll still root for Maria, even if she becomes an American citizen. :angel:

May 6th, 2002, 02:21 AM
Still, the cat, citizenship makes some difference. If she stays Russian citizens, she 'll be very supported by folks from this forum. But should she change her citizenship, some of us will root against her if she plays ANY Russian player. Cat, maybe 90% of Tour live in America, but almost no one changes citizenship.. Really, what for?

the cat
May 6th, 2002, 02:37 AM
What for? You tell me ys. I suppose it would be for money. If Maria became a top 5 player, she could probably make between 5 to 10 times as much money in endorsements than she could as a Russian tennis player. Anna Kournikova has the Russian tennis player market cornered where endorsements are concerned. I'm sure Maria, her parents and her agents are aware of this.

You only get one life and one career. If Maria can make about $40 million U.S. dollars as a Russian tennis player, or she could make 80 to 100 million U.S. dollars as an American tennis player, what should she do? That is the dilemma in this choice for Maria. I'm sure she loves America. But probably not as much as she loves Russia. :angel: IMO, the main reason for a change in citizenship would be money. :eek:

ys, if Maria became an American citizen and played a Russian girl, you said you would root for the Russian. Okay, that's fair. But who would you root for between Maria Sharapova and Tatiana Golovin, two former Russian citizens? Gotcha! ;)

ys, tenn_ace and Eggy, all three of you are pursuing your lives and careers outside of Russia, just like Maria Sharapova. She is looking for a better life just like the three of you. And she has found it outside of Russia, just like the three of you. Please don't hold her to unfair standards. Thank you!

May 6th, 2002, 02:41 AM
The cat, the downside will be that while the benefits of playing for USA, should she go for it, are debatable, in Russia she will be branded by our great media a traitor right away. Russia will be lost for her. I don'th think she really wants. She still has links in country.. While you never know.. Kournikova stays officially loyal to her country of origin. She is branded a traitor anyway..

May 6th, 2002, 03:28 AM
CAT, whats the differance between Maria earning $40million and $80million?
Both sums are more than she would ever know what to do with.
For me, 40million pounds and 1billion pounds are relative to each other, because, although there is a hugh differance, there is also no differance, because both sums are beyond my wildest dreams. I wouldn't know what to do with either sum and as Maria is younger than me, I doubt she'd know what to do with it either.
Also, you could say that the quality of life in America might be better. (Please could some-one whos lived in America and Russia please give me their view on this).
But, if she earned $40million as a Russian national then her quality of life in Moscow would be pretty damn good.

CAT, I'm sorry, but I happen to agree with YS on this one. I just can't see a legitimate reason for changing nationality. Although money is a reason, to me its not really a 'good' reason.

May 6th, 2002, 03:50 AM
Ok CatHat, you take my breath away!

I have no idea whether Eggy would still root for Maria if she changes the nationality from RUS to USA? You will have to ask Eggy. All I know is that Eggy is a very strong Russian tennis supporter.

Maria would be making more money than Anna if she is very successful as a Russian player in terms of winning titles and her looks (well of course, she can't help with her looks...). She can reside in US as long as she wants. I have no problem with that. Her roots are from Russia that she should not change her nationality. I really don't believe that Maria will do that! Otherwise, I would be very hurt deep inside. She could be the best Russian player in history like Graf (I mean not the same level as Graf but if you know what I am talking about). Graf produced best tennis in Germany. I want Maria to do the same thing in Russia.

She keeps saying that she is very focused in her tennis game. That's all the matters to her.

As you noticed that I have never cheered for Tatiana Golovin, why? Because she left Russia to become a French citizen. Sorry but she turned me off big-time. I have no hard feelings for her. I respect her as a tennis player but I just can't root for her.

I don't resent America at all. Jennifer Capriati used to be my favorite player when she was 13. That's how I started following tennis. I turned my back on her when she left the tour after her 1st round loss at 1993 US Open and got involved with drugs. I would be happy to work in US (my dream is to work for WTA Information department and it is quite related to my current job) because of money. But I would never leave my nationality. I am very proud to be a Canadian citizen because that's where I came from and grew up.

Cat, you are right. The only reason to change nationality from any country to USA is money. I fully agree. If Maria prefers money over tennis, she would want to change the nationality for money. She wouldn't change it if she prefers tennis over money. It's as simple as that. She is going to be very wealthy anyway even though her current nationality remains unchanged for the rest of her tennis career. So, I agree with ys, she doesn't really need to worry about changing the nationality. I want Maria to stay in US for working hard and her proper training with her best coaches. That's better for her.

Let's hope that Maria produces her best tennis history in Russia. :kiss: :bounce: :bounce:

the cat
May 6th, 2002, 04:37 AM
Great posts guys! :bounce:

Sharky, I take your breath away? You haven't even seen my picture yet! LOL!

Sharky, ys and Cassius, as far as Maria possibly becoming an American citizen, it might be more than just money with Maria. America is the land of opportunity. And America has given Maria the best chance possible to get the most out of her tennis abilities. And I'm sure she is very thankful for that!

Sharky, I thought you liked Tatiana Golovin? :mad:

ys, why would Maria be branded a traitor? That's not fair! :( Have Sergei Fedorov and the other Russian born hockey heroes who've become American citizens been branded as traitors?

Please remember that Maria came to America when she was 6 years and 10 months old. Not 20 years old or so, like the Russian hockey players. Thus, Maria Sharapova's memories of and feelings for Russia probably aren't as nearly as strong as say, fellow 15 year old tennis player Maria Kirilenko's memories of and feelings for Russia. Why? Because Kirilenko still lives in Russia, and Sharapova hasn't lived in Russia for about 8 years.

ys, I don't understand what you're talking about where Maria is concerned. "Russia will be lost for her. I don't think she really wants. She still has links in country". Can you clarify what you mean? Thanks!

May 6th, 2002, 04:52 AM
ys, why would Maria be branded a traitor? That's not fair! Have Sergei Fedorov and the other Russian born hockey heroes who've become American citizens been branded as traitors?

No one cares about what passports do they have, Russian or US. As far as ice hockey concerned - they are Russians - nothing else matters..

ys, I don't understand what you're talking about where Maria is concerned. "Russia will be lost for her. I don't think she really wants. She still has links in country". Can you clarify what you mean? Thanks!

The same as with Anna. The bunch of envious journalists will demonize her and that feeling will be passed to ordinary ignorant folks. I very well understand Anna why she is not really eager to play in Moscow. Her participation would still sell. Fans there badly want to see her playing in Kremlin Cup. Still they would not show much of appreciation to her playing and would mostly root for her opponent if she plays another Russian. Reporters would be provocative and rude and that would cause similar response from her. Basically, that's just my feeling. Maybe it is not true. Ask fresh2flash or Nina, they'd know better. I would say it reminds me a reception that Mary was receiving in France before she won RG.

May 6th, 2002, 09:39 AM
Cat ..... Anna makes more from endorsements than any other player and she is Russian.

As for Maria, it doesn't matter how much she makes in endorsements as long as her tennis does the talking, then the rest will come anyway.

I will support Masha still but if she had to play against the other Russian girls then i'd support them, just like i do for Tatiana.

the cat
May 6th, 2002, 01:02 PM
Well said, Eggy! ;) Your comments are perfectly fair and understandable! :angel: I hope Sharky reads your comments! Because she would be much more upset than you would be, if the "Russian Lynx" became an American citizen. :mad: And Sharky's not even Russian! She Canadian! :confused:

the cat
May 11th, 2002, 08:40 PM
ys, I understand about Anna's trepidation about playing in Moscow. But she was very well received in Moscow in 2000, when she made the finals. Wasn't she?

May 12th, 2002, 10:46 AM
Cat, no she wasn`t. They were rooting against her when she played Panova and Zvonareva. And in the final there was total silence - never experienced that before.

May 12th, 2002, 01:54 PM
Last year was better, I think. Well, out of the people who were sitting near me there were maybe even more who were supporting Anna when she played Fokina. And during the doubles many people were cheering for Hingis/Kournikova.

the cat
May 12th, 2002, 04:08 PM
Freshy, that makes me sad! :( But I think the Moscow crowd was so quiet during the 2000 Ladies Kremlin Cup final because Martina routined her. Right? And wasn't the crowd behind Anna big time when she destroyed Nathalie Tauziat in the semi's?

May 20th, 2002, 09:08 PM
Jon Wertheim's Tennis Bag (May 13th, 2002)

What is your assessment of tennis' current flavor of the month, Maria Sharapova. Is she the real deal or another Ashley Harkelroad? If you were the USTA or Billie Jean King, wouldn't you try to get her to play for the U.S. since she grew up in Florida? I mean, it's going to get harder to keep up the whole "Russian" thing when her accent is more American than apple pie.
óGreg Patton, Terre Haute, Ind.

As we discussed a few weeks ago -- before she won her first professional match -- Sharapova is a player to watch. Already her achievements, including reaching the final of the 2002 Australian Open girls' draw at the age 14, dwarf those of Harkelroad, who -- for now, anyway -- seems to be lots of sizzle and precious little steak. I'm reserving real judgment on Sharapova, however, until she fills out her frame. Her strokes are pretty much unflawed and it's already obvious that she competes well. But it's hard to assess a player who barely weighs 100 pounds. If I were the USTA, I'd definitely put the John Calipari recruiting spiel on Sharapova. But honestly, I have no idea how committed she is to "the whole Russian thing."

So even he had an interview with Maria Sharapova, he doesn't know the truth how committed she is! I am starting to get worried now... I never want to leave Maria! Please Maria, stay with Russia! :eek:

the cat
May 21st, 2002, 01:26 AM
Sharky, this was posted before Jon Wertheim's interview with Maria was posted. Was this the first time you've seen this?

Sharky, Jon Wertheim doesn't know the truth how committed she is! Committed to what? Russia? Tennis? :confused: Remember, you like/adore/love Maria beacuse of Maria! :kiss: So don't be too hard on her and her decision making. You haven't walked in her shoes.

Sharky, I understand you're 2 favorite players are Russian Maria's. Maria Sharapova and Maria Kirilenko. And you stated that you will always root for Maria Sharapova over Maria Kirilenko when they play each other. Always Sharky? :confused: Even if the Russian Lynx(Sharapova) becomes an American Bobcat?

Sharky, whatever happens with Maria's citizenship, please don't fret over it. I said please! ;) Afterall, there is a decent chance she will never change her citizenship anyway. Besides, I have let Maria know that I have given her the international nickname of "The Russian Lynx". This is a great nickname for Maria that could last her entire career! So, Maria can't turn her back on that nickname, can she? Of course, Maria is growing so fast, she could outgrow "The Russian Lynx" very soon! But then she would become "The Siberian Tigress"! Maria was born in Nyagan, Siberia, you know!

But the Russian Tennis Federation needs to make contact with Maria to ask her to play for Russia in team competitions in the future. That's step one to keeping her a Russian citizen. I would think Maria Sharapova would be more comfortable around Maria Kirilenko, Dinara Safina and Vera Douchevina than Ashley Harkleroad, Carly Gullikson and Bethanie Mattek. Right?

May 21st, 2002, 02:07 AM
No my dear CatHat,

This was posted after the Sharapova interview. The interview was about a month ago. This recent one was from last Monday, the 13th. Get it?

Cat I guess, I am too sensitive for Maria to change the nationality. She must stay with Russia! How can she turn around and leave for Russia when she was born. Russia is her roots. I don't care where she trains in USA or whatever. When she changes to be American, I'm going to leave tennis with a great smile knowing that it has been fun following tennis as a great fan since 1989.

Or I would end up marrying you and we produce a great daughter like Sharapova! Hee Hee! :angel:

Maria S will be always my favorite which means I am a crazy Sharapova follower and cheerer in every way! I will always cheer for Sharapova over any opponents! :kiss: While Sharapova is off-court, I cheer for another Maria K. Sharapova is not playing and Kirilenko is, so it's a great example that who I can cheer for this week!

You betcha! She will get along pretty well with other Russian gals. She has to stay with Russia. It's the best for her. I think she knows that too.

Go The Russian Lynx! I miss you! I am afraid she won't be playing tennis until Jr. French Open. :rolleyes: :sad:

the cat
May 21st, 2002, 03:14 PM
No my dear Sharky, that info about Maria was posted in Jon Wertheim's March 18th mailbag. That gave me the idea for my "Should the USTA recruit Russian junior Maria Sharapova to play tennis for America" thread, which I posted on March 23, 2002. Get it? ;)

Sharky, I like the idea of a tennis player daughter for us! :bounce: But which nationality would she be? Canadian or American? Here we go again! :angel: By the way, she would be an American citizen. I'm sure you would agree to that! ;)

May 22nd, 2002, 06:58 AM
Ok, I got it.... my dearest CatHat :rolleyes:,

I re-checked the date. You are right. Whoops! I thought I was seeing May 13th. Perhaps, I need to buy a new pair of glasses! :cool:

Like my idea of sharing our tennis player daughter, huh? We can dream, can't we? :angel: Of course, I would want her to be American because of the proper training and etc. Yes, I agree with you fully.

the cat
May 22nd, 2002, 03:37 PM
LOL @ Sharky Sue! :kiss: