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Dec 18th, 2005, 10:51 PM
Okay, I just finished reading a book on Venus and Serena Williams. It was such a nice book - great quality, some images of Venus and Serena I have never seen before. But, it contained an unbelievable amount of mistakes in it. Let me read them out:

Mistake #1
The following year, Serena turned pro, making her debut at a tournament in Canada that was not an official WTC event.

What? Since when was the Bell Challenge an unofficial event?

Mistake #2
Serena, too, was creating a powerful serve-and-volley game in 1996.

Huh? Serena - serve and volley?

Mistake #3
In 1997, the Sisters began to play in almost every WTA tournament.

What?! Serena played like...five. Venus just a little more.

There are many more; the author spoke about the '00 Wimbledon and then states that "later in the year, Venus and Serena would play in the finals of the US Open". The author states that in 2001, "Venus continued in her winning ways, first, by winning a tournament in Germany, then by winning the Grand Slam doubles crown in Australia". The author also states that Venus won "two tournaments in Europe before heading to Wimbledon." - at this point, Venus had won Miami and Hamburg - only one tournament in Europe.

Dec 18th, 2005, 11:05 PM
Let the know-it alls have their fun! ;)