View Full Version : Tennis in 10 years

Tatiana Panova
May 4th, 2002, 10:47 PM
I was just writing for another post and it occured to me as to what tennis might be like in ten or twenty years time. Tennis for me, particularly womens tennis is evolving. We have seen the power play of Margeret Court, turn of athleticism in Navratilova, developing weapons in Graf, going for every ball in Monica, and now developing awesome power with the Williams. Others have followed suit. Yet tennis in a decades time, maybe a bit later, is just going to be such a different game on the women's side!!

Can you imagine what players are going to be like after they have watched Serena and Venus play? I can honestly say that one day we may say "Oh Venus and Serena just can't keep up with the modern power game". Here is what I think will happen:

- tennis is gonna be an athletic sport in every sense of the word. It is no longer going to be a game of skill like it was before. It will not be good enough just to hit the ball hard, but you will have to be a fantastic athlete too. So unfortunately players like Monica (good athlete but not in this new age) who rely on raw power, and players like Hingis who rely on guile are just not gonna be on there.

- we are gonna get amazons - big, brawny and very, very strong. There will also be a lot of very,very fast players out there.

- the serve is gonna become more and more dominant and much quicker. As coaching methods become even better players may not have major weaknesses - and we not see the variety we do now.

- the serve-volleyer is gonna come back but this time with huge serves.

- the depth will improve and any in the top 30 may be in contention.

I knida think that the womens game will become more like the men's game, but seeing as it is maybe 30 years behind the tennis in 10 years maybe kina like mens tennis during the eighties. What do ya think (if anything)?:cool: