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May 4th, 2002, 03:01 PM
Could you please check you PMs...?

May 4th, 2002, 03:15 PM
Sorry, meant to click on the post above but got this one instead. Couldn't help but notice you are playing the Sam Fox cd. She gave me a copy at a club I was working in when she was doing a PA. I didn't tell her I wasn't really a fan though ( Deeper is very good though ). You must be the person who bought the album;) She's a nice gal.

May 4th, 2002, 03:20 PM
Now now!!!
Sammie has a legion of devoted fans around the world.
Deeper is a good song, as is Let Me Be Free and The Reason Is You. It is a pity she doesn't get any airplay as her material is often as good as most of the other pop that has been successfel over the past few years (eg Spice Girls, Britney etc).
Did you see her perform????

May 4th, 2002, 03:25 PM
I was behind the bar but I did see her perform. She actually went down a storm with the clubbers. I think the stuff she does now is far superior to what she came up with in her glory days. She's just as good as some of the stuff still charting by the likes of Dannii, Britney etc. Just not my scene though but I'd love to see her have a hit again. She has really good online album sales.