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Dec 4th, 2005, 06:16 AM
I saw this on WTA and thought i'd post it - looks a little different to what i've seen on GM. Some nice comments:

December 3, 2005

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Hingis Ready to Play in 2006

Martina Hingis is expected to play her first tournament since 2002 in the next few weeks in Australia. The exact tournament and location has not yet been decided, but will be announced within the next ten days. "A few more weeks to go probably that I am going to play my first tournament," Hingis said from Zurich on Saturday. "I am very excited to be back and Iíve been practicing and weíll see how the first tournament will go."

Hingis has been sidelined for three years as she announced her retirement after struggling with foot, ankle and heel problems. Although admitting it's a risk to return to professional tennis, Hingis stated she is ready for the challenge, "Of course this comeback means a high risk in my career. But you have to take a risk. I donít want to say to myself in five to ten years that I have made a wrong desicion in not trying a comeback. At least I can say I have tried and took the chance when I had it. You gotta take risks."

The former World No.1 held the top ranking for a total of 209 nonconsecutive weeks between 1997 and 2001. Now 25 years old, the phenom who became the youngest World No.1 at 16 years, 6 months does not plan on settling for less.

"I donít think I would be happy to just be running behind everybody with being 25. But of course the first test would be more if my body holds together when I practice in the first few tournaments. And that question can be answered with the tournaments I play and my conditions. I can only train as hard as I can and put myself in the best position possible to compete with the best. My plan is to come back to the highest level I can and with the top players."

Hingis praised the efforts of a few players that have attempted successful comebacks, such as Jennifer Capriati as well as lauding the recent success of veteran players such as Lindsay Davenport and Mary Pierce.

"Lindsay Davenport, Mary Pierce are having such great years and thatís an inspiration, that the same girls I used to play against are still at the top."

Three years removed from the Tour, Hingis regarded a loss in the realm of tennis in a positive perspective, "In the last three years I think I've gained some confidence in my life outside tennis and I think or I hope I can handle that (loss). I've been able to handle it in the past and itís not only tennis in life anymore. Thatís what I realized. But I still so much love the game and enjoy it, thatís why I want to come back and have the challenge."


Dec 4th, 2005, 07:44 AM
go martina!! :hearts: