View Full Version : Sveta's results.

Nov 28th, 2005, 06:44 PM
Im just been having a look at Svetlanas results and have come to the conclusion that next year she will have a good year . Her first full year on the tour in 2002 her win/loss record for the year was 48/14 although a lot of this was made up of quallies and lower tier tournies its still a good year. The following year 2003 her win loss record was 26/18 which is understanable as she was playing higher levels of tournaments. The next year 2004 she compiled a win loss record of 58/21 which is excelllent. And this year she followed it up with a mediocre 29/17. The pattern suggests that whenever she has a good year she follows it up with pretty poor one however the year after a bad year she follows it up with a good one, silly i know but lets hope the pattern continues and sveta has an awesome year in 2006 :)