View Full Version : How does some-one become a moderator?

May 2nd, 2002, 11:47 PM
What exactly do moderators do?
How do you become a moderator? Do you have to have a certain number of posts or points or something?
How do I upload pics into my photoalbum?

May 3rd, 2002, 06:24 AM
1.What exactly do moderators do?
I don't know all rights of a moderator, but they moderate a certain forum. They make sure the latest news is posted, they post articles, pictures. They can probably also delete threads that don't belong in the forum they are moderating etc. So a moderator is more or less a controlling person.

2. You have to apply for it. Check this out, you can also read the duties of a moderator there:

3. Go to the photoalbum, you can use the link on WTAworld or you go straight to http://photos.wtastarz.com/cgi-bin/index.pl
at your right, almost on top of the page you'll see a lil menu with 'upload Photos' in it..click it and you can upload them :)


May 6th, 2002, 02:07 AM
Theres probably no time left to apply, but even if there was I would miss out. This is what I read from that link you gave me:
'Duties include:
Helping to promote and develop a specific forum on WTAworld.com by posting new information, answering member's questions pertaining to the subject, etc.'

Hmmmm.........I guess I could do that.

'Providing updates to a related site on the WTAstarz.com Network. This includes writing current news stories for inclusion on the site and providing up-to-date photos for the player gallery.'

I'm not exactly sure what that means.

'Managing of information and supervision of posts within their jurisdiction on the message board (splitting/joining threads, opening/closing topics, editing/deleting posts/topics, and posting announcements), and responding to reported posts for their forums.'

Yep, I could do that.

'Communicating ideas and relevant forum/site-specific information to the administration.'

Does that mean 'Tell the admins stuff'? Well anyone can do that.

'The applicant should:
Be a registered member of WTAworld.com '

Thats me.

'Be able to demonstrate good writing skills in the English language. A sample news story relating to the desired position, written by the applicant is required.'

I have a very good command of English, but I have no idea about the 'sample news story' bit. What does that mean?

'Possess good communication skills and ability to work within a team.'

Team player. Thats me.

'Have no significant history of conflict on the message boards. (Those with a known history of getting involved in, or precipitating conflict on the boards need not apply!) This position requires a strictly neutral disposition and ability to settle disputes.'

I have no 'history of conflict'. Neutral? Friends don't call me 'Swiss Tony' for nothing.

'Have sufficient time to keep their assigned website up-to-date.'

I lead a very sad life, and consequently I'd have more than enough time.
So you see, I'd make a pretty good moderator, but its that 'sample news story required' bit that'd pull me down:sad: .