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May 2nd, 2002, 08:45 AM
I finally found some broadcasting information of the WTA Tour for the comming week. :bounce:

Since Eurosport has more interest in Football, the German channels ZDF and ARD will broadcast most of the Tour.

Here's the schedule for the comming week:

May 4
15.00 CET - ZDF, Semi-Final

May 5
14.45 CET - ZDF, Final
23.45 CET - Eurosport, Final

May 6
13.00 CET - Eurosport, Final (replay)

May 8
14.00 CET - ZDF, German Open Berlin

May 9
14.05 CET - ARD, German Open Berlin

May 10
14.15 CET - ARD, German Open, Quarter Finals Singles

Enjoy the games! :wavey: