View Full Version : 2005 in review

Sep 28th, 2005, 05:30 AM
the year's not over yet but it has been quite a disappointing year but it hasnt been all that bad at the big events. at the slams a QF in australia, 4th round at RG, Qf at wimbledon and the history making result at the us open. thats singles, and in miami she made the 4th round. thats not a great year but 2 QFs at slams, thats alright it's not terrible.

doubles has looked alright, actually pretty good. won AO, 2nd at french, finalist at wimby and QFs at us open. miami she was part of the winning team. some of the doubles results were quite surprising in that the losses weren't expected but it's still a good year. one thing i hope sveta can take form this year is that she has still won a major this year, none the less in doubles it's still a major and it's a great achievement.