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Apr 25th, 2002, 06:32 AM
Looked thru my old papers and ran into old magazine named "Tennis &Golf", issue 1, October 99. Does anyone know about it what is that? Was it the only issue of that magazine? I've never seen it on sale ever since that my visit to Moscow in 1999. Anyways, the magazine has a list of best Russian WTA juniors and it is interesting. The scan is attached..


1. Kournikova
2 Petrova
3 Dementieva
4 Myskina
5 Bovina
6 Rodionova
7 Sysoeva
8 Zvonareva
9 Tereshenko
10 Fokina


1. Bovina
2. Zvonareva
3. Tereshenko
4. Fokina
5 Kozhokhina
6 Bastrikova
7 Usanova
8 Potapova
9 Gurevich
10 Bobrysheva

1. Bastrikova
2. Grigoryan
3. Bychkova
4. Safina
5. Belova
6. Dushevina
7. Villiyamovskaya
8. Linetskaya
9. Podkolozina
10. Kirilienko


1. Kirilenko
2. Bardina
3. Ivanova
4. Kiryanova
5. Kotelnikova
6. Makarova
7. Ponomartseva
8. Stepanova
9. Fomichyova
10. Shvedova


1. Kleibanova
2. Koulikova
3. Rodina
4. Manasieva
5. Vinogradova
6. Revzina
7. Belikova
8. Mosolova
9. Karchenkova
10. Petukhova

In retrospective, it sounds completely logical..

1981 list is a fair rankings of raw talent, perhaps. With Top 5 making the WTA Top 100 already, Zvonaryova and Fokina being the youngest of the Russian Top 10, and the remaining three either struggling - Sysoyeva ( i really haven't heard about her for some while.remember her playing and even winning some Challengers , even, IIRC, quite recently ), Rodionova ( after her heroics at Fed Cup 1998 in Perth she seems to be gone. from time to time we see her name in qualies, but she seems to never reach main draws ), or ones I've never heard ( Tereshenko )

1983 list, having some familiar names (Bovina, Zvonareva, Fokina ). along with relatively familiar ( Kozhokhina . according to the list, she is of 1983, meaning she will be 19 this year, meaning that if she didn't get to the Tour by now, it is quite unlikely that she'll ever do it in future ), Bastrikova (it should be flattering for 1985 person to be in this list ), along with again names I've never heard of ( Tereshenko, Usanova, etc )

1985 list, headed by bastrikova, has, surprisingly more familiar names than 1983 list ( Bastrikova, Safina, Dushevina, Villiamovskaya, Linetskaya, Podkolozina, Kirilenko - 7 out of 10, thanks Eggy, but didn't Podkolozina ( or is it Podkolzina ) played for USA since ?). Remainig there - Bychkova, Grigoryan, Belova tell me nothing..

1987 list, apart from Kirilenko, I haven't heard of any of them..

1989 list, same, except for Kleibanova , of course..

Any comments?

Apr 25th, 2002, 10:45 AM
thanx ys for this

ys ....... Sasha Podkolzina moved to US when she was 7 i think and has US citizenship,

ys ...... were only odd number years listed ?? suprised not to see Lina in there at all :eek: she should have been in 1983 list.

Ekaterina Sysseoeva has moved up to around 270, she's done pretty good since almost dropping oit of ranks about a yr ago, she spends most of her time in UK, hopefully that'll change once she moves up a bit more.

Ekaterina Kozhokina is 19 on Saturday 27th. she's not having a good yr to date.

Rodionova is moving up nicely and upto 150ish career best :)

of the 1981 crop only Tereshenko failed to make it at all, she gave up pretty soon after.

1983 again Tereshenko, Usanova, Potapova and Bobrysheva. I'm pretty disappointed with Raissa Gourevich to date, she should be alot better than ranked around 500 :(

1985 list
Kristina Grigoryan, Ekaterina Bytchkova, Anastasia Belova not lived upto early promise.
Marina Villamovskaya has impressed in juniors at start of this yr.
Vera Douchevina and Dinara Safina will be the best of this group with Anna Bastrikova and Eugenia Linetskaya not far off.

No Dasha Chemarda ?? or Irina Kotkina ??

1987, only Maria Kirilenko's name stands out
suprised to Anna Tchekvetadze in there.
Vassilissa Bardina has time still but hasn't come on as much but she's still young.

1989 ......... Alisa Kleibanova she's got it :) best by far

even i'm stumped with other names on there having not been involved for over 2 years.

Apr 25th, 2002, 11:37 AM
Eggy, in that list are only girls from Moscow. Lina`s from Obninsk.

Apr 25th, 2002, 12:07 PM
thanx fresh, i thought there were some familiar names missing,
and i didn't check the attatchment until now.

just realized :o

Apr 25th, 2002, 12:15 PM
Tennis & Golf is a newspaper now ( Well the cover is colourful and the inside is black and white there are special issues that are in full color though). My tennis club has a subscription and they bring about 80-100 every month :eek: . I haven't seen it being sold anywhere though just at the Olypiiski during the Kremlin Cup. It's not very interesting though just results and little reports, nothing special.

Apr 25th, 2002, 12:22 PM
Tereshenko played very well but had a pretty bad temper. She was really boyish, put her cap on backwards and used to copy Kafelnikov. She was tall and strong as well

Apr 25th, 2002, 12:28 PM
this is Sasha's profile


Apr 25th, 2002, 12:38 PM
out of the smaller girls Rodina and Manasieva (I'm not even talking about Alisa) are pretty strong now. They often win tournaments in the younger categories.
Karchenkova who is no 9 in that list is the girl I like most out of 89 +. Natasha is really calm on court, always keeps fighting plaus she's a very nice girl. She has a sister who also plays tennis but she's not that good and they have really normal parents and a realistic coach :)

Apr 25th, 2002, 03:57 PM
What is interestnig is that 1983-group looks much weaker than 1981. And that is somewhat strange, 1981 girls had to start when it was still Soviet Union, and tennis was not really popular. They did have Natasha's example by then. I consider 1981-group phenomenal. 1985-group seem to be the next best. Does it mean that our assumption that it will only get better for Russian tennis with time is not entirely correct? While 1981 girls didn't win much, they were/are pretty successful, I doubt that 1985 or any other group will be able to match what 1981-group has accomplished.
I mean, two years ago 4 players of 1981 group were Top 100. We would expect that by now similar number of 1983 group would make it to Top 100. Yet, it is only Bovina.

Apr 25th, 2002, 04:09 PM
1983 group i can only see Vera Zvonareva and possibly Galina Fokina making top 100, Vera will for sure.

1985 looks pretty good to me as well.

ys ..... tennis was mostly in Moscow a few yrs ago now new clubs have opened up in other cities.

don't forget there is also Lina, Masha, Sveta and alot of others who don't come from Moscow.

so things do look better and will continue to get better.

Now all we need is a girl to win a title :)