View Full Version : is it right that conchi doesn't play fedcup?

Apr 22nd, 2002, 02:13 PM
i'm undecided on this one - she didn't even make the team!! maybe she isn't in the best form, but with her history in the fedcup, she should at least be on the sidelines cheering! and why is ASV playing and not conchi, i believe that conchi is playing better than her at the moment, and on form, it should be angeles and magui!

Apr 22nd, 2002, 02:39 PM
Obviously its a Conchita's decision. i think she prefers to take this week free to rest and to be ready for the next tournaments, Hamburg Berlin Rome...

She has done it in the past, just when she was low ranked like in 97 and 99. She has played it too many times so she is thinking now in her own interest. Also hungaru is a week team, so Spain should not have problems to beat them with Arantxa Magüi or Angeles in their current form.

Apr 22nd, 2002, 07:10 PM
El otro día leí en un periódico que no era Conchita la que había decidido no jugar, que era Mico el que se lo había comentado, que prefería tenerla cuando estuviera más en forma, para la próxima eliminatoria, y que así mientras que jugara y que subiera en el ránking. Comentaban que Conchita lo entendió y no se enfadó por el tema.

Apr 23rd, 2002, 03:59 PM
Ah,bueno,siendo así...Seguro q en la proxima eliminatoria está en el equipo pq tiene categoría de sobra.