View Full Version : Spainish FWTT players! (especially Monica de la Cal & Candela Sanchez Lorenzo)

Sam L
Apr 21st, 2002, 12:10 PM
Hi all!

none of you have responded regarding Fed Cup, so what's going on?

The slots for singles and doubles were empty except Regla Torres.

So I thought I'll just say who's going to represent.

singles: Regla Torres (highest ranked spaniard)
singles: Candela Sanchez Lorenzo (for her performance in Indian Wells)
doubles: Torres/de la Cal (Sanex c'ships finalists from last year)

sorry if i wasn't supposed to do that. Just that NO ONE was saying anything so i thought i had to do something

BTW Monica and Candela can you please send points!

It's in Toronto on HARDCOURTS!

I don't know when the points are due.