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Apr 19th, 2002, 02:52 PM
The fashion seems to be in posting messages in one's website.

Janet Lee started a few weeks ago, and now it is Wynne Prakusya turn in her MWeb official website.

The link to the website is :

Wynne Official Website (http://mweb.co.id/hub/selebritis/wynne/)

From there, select :
- Flash Enter
- Profil
- Lihat Komentar

And you will see messages posted by Wynne (she started on April 09th).

Enjoy the reading (in Indonesian :o ).

Apr 20th, 2002, 04:44 PM
Thz for the information, Steve

I am glad that Wynne does this :D
If you need any help for the translation, I am more than glad to help you.

Apr 21st, 2002, 01:50 AM
Thanks Henry, this is very kind of you.

But actually, after second thought, I have some doubts as to who writes these messages on Wynne message board.

I have posted some comments on her board in this respect ;) .

Apr 21st, 2002, 08:28 PM
I don't liek Wynne's website. It's very slow to open! Angie's is lot more better!

Apr 22nd, 2002, 02:03 AM
Originally posted by Steveg
Thanks Henry, this is very kind of you.

But actually, after second thought, I have some doubts as to who writes these messages on Wynne message board.

I have posted some comments on her board in this respect ;) .

I have some doubts as well. I don't think it's Wynne who written the messages. Some of the Indonesian messages written by "wynne" are not quite appropriate. I don't think Wynne would write something like that. Thzt's why I don't bother to put some messages there :o .

I agree with you, Rinto. Angie's website is much better.
For wynne, we should refer to Ed's website, it's a good one as well.

Apr 22nd, 2002, 05:25 AM
Originally posted by kfh_9118

I have some doubts as well. I don't think it's Wynne who written the messages. Some of the Indonesian messages written by "wynne" are not quite appropriate. I don't think Wynne would write something like that.

Really :eek: . If you have some time, could you please indicate some example :o .

Apr 22nd, 2002, 02:27 PM
Well Steve,

I am still not sure whether it's wynne or not replying the message. On one message written by her (her first message on 9 April 2002), she was asking some "naughty" guys not to cease her, and made her shy. She was also referring some people as 'quite crazy' :eek:.

Then, she thanked one fans for supporting her, and asking him his email as she will send him her autograph photo. She also asked him to send his photo to MWEB.

Quite strange IMO for wynne to do such those things. But, who knows :o .

Apr 22nd, 2002, 03:09 PM
Thanks Henry,

I agree with you that this is extremely surprising as I would not recognise Wynne in such messages :confused: .

I hope someone will realise how strange it is in MWeb and track down who is posting such things, and hopefully warn Wynne...

Apr 27th, 2002, 03:04 AM
Here is an article on the occasion of Wynne Prakusya 21st birthday with some comments from Yayuk :

Sport-MWeb - Hari ini petenis puteri nomor satu Indonesia Wynne Prakusya tepat berusia 21 tahun. Putri Solo, yang baru saja pulang dari tur-nya di AS itu tidak merayakannya secara besar-besaran. "Biasa saja. Hanya dengan kerabat dekat aja, kok. Sebagai tanda syukur," kata Wynne kepada MwebSport.co.id.
Petenis kelahiran Solo, 26 Maret 1981 ini mengakui peringkatnya, khususnya di tunggal berjalan merambat dan naik turun. Tetapi di nomor ganda, bersama Janet Lee (Cina Taipei) mulai menggembirakan, karena ada di kisaran 30-an dunia.

"Ketika ditanya target tahun ini, pemilik peringkat 92 dunia (tungggal WTA) akan lebih fokus di nomor ganda. "Tahun ini saya lebih fokus di ganda. Single nomor dua. Target utama saya adalah masuk di Championship," katanya mantap.

Kejuaraan yang dimaksud Wynne adalah turnamen khusus ganda yang hanya diikuti peringkat ganda delapan terbaik dunia. Hingga saat ini, Wynne/Janet berada di urutan keenam.

"Masih banyak turnamen kami butuhkan agar tetap aman dan lolos di championship itu. Moga-moga saja bisa. Karena bisa masuk kejuaraan itu juga ada kebanggaan tersendiri buat saya," jelasnya.

Setelah pulang dari AS, Wynne merencanakan akan tinggal di Indonesia dalam jangka waktu cukup lama, hampir satu bulan.

"Saya tidak mengikuti turnamen pemanasan untuk French Open, tetapi langsung ke Roland Garros saja. Di sana saya akan fokus di ganda. Tetapi kalau di tunggal bagus, ya tetap akan saya usahakan maksimal," kata Wynne, yang berencana berangkat pada pekan ketiga bulan Mei mendatang.

Yang pasti, hari ini Wynne akan banyak memanfaatkan waktunya untuk menikmati ulang tahunnya itu di sebuah cafe terkenal di Jakarta.

Petenis Indonesia lainnya yang juga berulangtahun hari ini adalah petenis putera yunior, Sunu Wahyu Trijati, yang tahun ini memasuki usia ke-15 tahun. (apj/foto:dok)

[3] yayuk b Posting : 26-04-2002 18:38 WIB
met ultah ya wyn,semoga dengan bertambahnya usia kamu yg ke 21 ini bertambah pula pengalaman dan kematangan dalam berkarier,jangan lupa bersyukur kepada tuhan,atas semua yang telah di berikannya,dan semoga sukses dengan target yang kamu kejar tahun ini,kita semua ikut bangga.adios

Could someone post a brief summary, in particular of Yayuk message :) .

Apr 27th, 2002, 05:49 PM
I've just realised your post, steve.
So, sorry for the lateness ;)

Basically, the article is wishing wynne a very happy 21st birthday. Wynne is in Indonesia now, and she plans to stay there for about 1 month. This means that she will leave on the third week of May and will play RG without any warming up tournament :(

Regarding her birthday, she didn't have a big celebration, just inviting her relatives and close friends. The venue was in a famous cafe in Jakarta.

Wynne also mentioned that her focus this year is double, ie. to qualify for Sanex Championships. So, she would focus more in double in RG. But of course, she said she would try her best in single as well.

Regarding Yayuk's comment, again, she congratulated her and hope that the older she gets, the more experience she'll have and maturer in her tennis career. She also reminded wynne not to forget thank God for everything and hope she can achieve what she is targeting this year. Lastly, she said all people are very proud of her.


Apr 27th, 2002, 06:06 PM
Thanks for the translation Henry :) .

Wynne had mentioned in Thailand her focus on the Doubles Championships and you have seent that Janet has done the same.

I am however quite surprised with Wynne attitude regarding singles :confused: .

I think however that Janet and Wynne will put more emphasis on Wimbledon (and the US Open later on) than on Roland Garros. Which is why they will play a some grass tournaments before Wimbledon, which they did not last year.

Janet serve should be pretty effective on grass and Wynne good reflexes at the net would assist on such surface.

This does however not justify Wynne attitude towards red clay in my opinion :( .

King Aaron
May 4th, 2002, 08:38 AM
Good luck at RG Wynne..:)

May 4th, 2002, 07:35 PM
I don't think it is such a great idea to concentrate on doubles ahead of singles. she could do much better than just barely inside the top 100, she probably need to add power and physical fitness in order to be better, or change a coach! doubles is good too, but singles is always the #1 priority ! Go Wynne!

May 24th, 2002, 05:52 PM
Wynne's draw in RG

1st rd: vs Barna. She is not an easy opponent, but Wynne has a chance to win here :)

2nd rd: most likely Venus Williams. :fiery: :fiery: A tough opponent in such an early round. But it'll be a good experience for Wynne to finally face one of Williams Sisters :) And the good thing is if this happens, I would be able to watch the match on TV :D

GO WYNNE, and GOOD LUCK :bounce: :bounce:

May 27th, 2002, 12:43 PM
Wynne won her first round match against Anca Barna 1-6, 7-5, 6-1

Well done, Wynne :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

May 30th, 2002, 07:11 AM
I saw her R2 match against Venus and felt sorry for her. But at least she had fun and the crowd was supportive and understanding. I think I'll post some photos of this match too on Saturday when back home.

May 30th, 2002, 01:27 PM
That will be great, Steve, thz a lot

I like wynne's clothes (from the webcam)

:sad: Too bad she lost so easily, but she did win the crowds' hearts. Now it seems more people like Wynne :)

May 31st, 2002, 07:50 PM
Photos posted in the photos forum / Roland Garros gallery.

Jun 1st, 2002, 09:46 AM
Thz a lot, Steve,

The photos are very good :)
Thanks for sharing it all with us.

Btw, do you have a chance to take a photo of you and them together?

Jun 1st, 2002, 09:46 AM
Did you get autographs?

Jun 1st, 2002, 10:11 AM
Sorry Henry, I am not fond of group photos and autographs.

Jun 25th, 2002, 01:15 PM
yayyyy! wynne is in second round now! :bounce:
good luck wynne :D

King Aaron
Jun 28th, 2002, 10:53 AM
Tough loss for Wynne !! :sad: