View Full Version : Anyone into the show on Bravo Battle of the reality tv show stars?

Dawn Marie
Aug 24th, 2005, 05:09 AM
It's a take on the oldschool show that starred primetime sitcom actors and actresses and they all participated in a bunch of sports contest. From the dunk machine to the obstacle course. ABC,NBC and CBS were the main competitors.

I just started watching it and it is pretty good. We got Mike and Cora from the real world. The small person from the Amazing Race along with Chip and Kim from the Amazing race. Richard and Sue from Survivor. Will from Big Brother and one more from American Idol. Apprentice and the Bachlor and a few that I haven't even watched. Omarosa and some Bachlor are announcers. Oh and Trichelle from The Real World. She's an announcer too. The girl from Real World New Orleans and who also was on the show Women Behaving Badly is part of the competition too. Oh Gervase is there too.

Anyway, I like the show because it brings back the oldschool days when my family would watch Battle of the Network Stars. :) :wavey: