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Aug 17th, 2005, 05:00 AM
My quick impressions of the day: Jidkova's a bitch, Daniela, Serena hit it damn hard, Shenay's got a lot of game and cheering is fun :)

Today I was happy to find out that there were a lot of matches still going on during the time that they opened the gates for the night session. I had checked the schedule before I left and ran right to the Grandstand stadium to watch Jidkova vs. Daniela. When I arrived Hantuchova was up a break 4-2, and was broken back by Jidkova to 4-4. Once Hantuchova got up to 5-4 Jidkova turned into Bitchy McBitch. She was so damn mean to the ballboys and everytime she would lose her point she would turn and look at this lineswoman and say stuff to her to taunt her. It was really sad that Dani had to retire I mean she was playing so well up to 4-4, and it was really really unexpected. But I assumed that once she got down 15-40 she wasn't feeling 100% and sick of losing. It was really sad afterwards because she was crying a lot, and some of the kids had the audacity to ask her for her autograph while she was crying. Jidkova was pretty nice to Hantuchova but she's still a bitch and should take some Midol in the morning.

After Hantuchova and Jidkova got off the court, it took a while for Hantuchova to get driven directly off the court, Shenay Perry and Nicole Vaidisova won. Sadly I only got to see about 5 games, although it was a hotly contested match. I had never seen Shenay live but I always knew she was good, today however it was just Vaidisova could finish the points. I was very impressed though (especially since the first point Vaidisova hit a great serve and Shenay smacked a backhand down the line for a winner) and I truly believe she has a bright future, as can be said for Vaidisova.

After I left I went straight to the autograph booth, however, they stopped letting people in (it was Dinara Safina) and I said "Come on!!!" and then looked at Safina and she just shrugged. It was kind of funny :lol: Afterwards I kept looking around and I saw Tati and Nathalie playing doubles. Tati is really really hot up close (I saw her last night but from far away so it was a huge difference) while Nathalie has very skinny arms but this bulge in her arm, kind of funny as well :lol:

Then I walked over to the Stadium Court to watch the feature match between Serena Williams and Stephanie Cohen-Aloro. I was even surprised with myself because I was yelling really loud with these people that kept saying "Go Serena, Go" or "That's the way uh-huh uh-huh we like it" or "Finish her!!" (near the end of the match) and "Let's get fired up!". It was sooo much fun, and really funny at the same time as I sat next to these French people who kept saying "Allez Stephanie". I kept getting really annoyed that I even yelled out "Allez Serena" and they all looked at me :haha: it was the dirtiest look I've ever seen :devil:

But anyway back to the match...Serena was really playing well but wasn't capitalizing on the important points in the 1st set. She seemed to only want to play well when she wanted to! When she really needed a point she's hit a 180 km/h serve and then when she was up 40-0 or 40-15 she'd do something stupid like hit a 119 km/h serve. Really bad sometimes!!! But in the second and third set she turned it on and to my surprise Cohen-Aloro stayed with her throughout the match. It really was fun to watch. I really expect Serena to pick it up from here on out because even though I thought Sprem hits hard, Serena hits 10x harder and that's the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it ;)

Then the next match came on, Dubois-Serra-Zanetti. I truly believe that Stephanie has the most promise out of all the Canadians. She has very flat strokes and hits it very very well, I really was surprised in how good she was since everyone was hyping Aleksandra Wozniak. I really wanted Stephanie to win but on the important points she would make stupid mistakes and for some dumb reason she would hit all of Serra-Zanetti's HORRIBLE SERVES right back into the middle of the court to allow Serra-Zanetti to dictate, experience is needed I guess. I really wanted to move up into the lower levels (as eveyrone else was doing it) but I was too much of a chicken and having way to much fun with my friends.

I'm going to go back on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so I really hope that Serena is still around because so far the tournament has been great :D

Oh yeah, :lol: I had 27 pictures when I arrived and because I was so close to Hantuchova/Jidkova I took like 15 and I only had 12 left to get shots of Serena and Stephanie so there was some damn-strategic photo taking :p

Aug 17th, 2005, 08:28 AM
thanks for the report :)
glad u had fun and the allez Serena part is :lol:

Aug 17th, 2005, 08:45 AM
Thx for report :yeah:

King Aaron
Aug 17th, 2005, 05:31 PM
Thanks. :)