View Full Version : Can someone explain seeding to me?

Aug 5th, 2005, 12:17 PM
Hey there guys :wavey:

I know this might sound really thick but i'm not 100% confident I know how seeding works i thought you could set the record straight for me......

Ok, whats the difference between being seeded and being ranked?, coz I remember Sharapova was seeded 13 but ranked 15 in the world when she won wimbledon. And how does the points thing work with determining their rank and seed. Please somebody fill me in so I can sleep at night! (only joking ;))

Aug 5th, 2005, 02:50 PM
Hi there...how the ranking points system works is a very long story :)
If you go to the WTA website and have a look through the ranking section theres a PDF you can download that explains the whole thing ;)
The seeding on the other hand is placing the top players in the draw to avoid them playing each other until certain stages of the tournament. Generally the players are given seeds depending on their entry rank. Maria was given #13 seed at wimbledon due to there being 2 players ranked ahead of her who didnt take their spot in the tournament. What usually happens is the #2 seed is placed in the opposite side of the draw to the #1 seed and the #3 and 4th seeds are drawn into the remaining 2 quarters of the draw. The next 4 are then drawn to meet the first 4 in Quarter Finals and so on. In 128 player events like Grand Slams they have 32 seeds and other tournaments with smaller draws will have 16 or 8 seeds.
Hope this helps a bit :hatoff: