View Full Version : I Think I Know What Was Wrong With Rena Last Year!

Apr 15th, 2002, 03:33 AM
My cousin Miriame just got diagnose with "panic attack." Last year she started having stomach pain, especially cramping when she has to take a major test. The symptons only occured when the test is major (no matter the subject). Last month she was suspended from school because she asked for the upteen time to be excused because of her stomach problems during a test, when the teacher refused, she walked out in pain. Everyone was skeptical, but her mom decided to take her for a check-up, and they discovered that she is sufering from panic attack. They told my aunt, millions of Americans suffer from this. There is no cure, but the doctor told my aunt to feed her a light lunch the day of any major test. It keeps the stomach settle, and also they taught her breathing exercises. She took her 1st major test since then last Thursday. She still panicked, she said she felt butterflies in her tummy, but no pain. She was finally able to take and finish her test without pain in more than 1 year.

The doctor explained to my aunt, that the mind is a powerful weapen to a healthy body. Miriame felt very relief that she now knows what was going on with her body.

Williams Rulez
Apr 15th, 2002, 12:58 PM
And people were doubting Serena's injury... :fiery: :sad: