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Jul 22nd, 2005, 09:07 AM
[Hi; this is my first post and I joined so I could post about Cincinnati matches. (I had tried to join in time to post about Family Circle Cup in Charleston, but didnít get my password for a long time.) Hope this is interesting and useful to you. Also just want to note Iím a big fan of Shue Peng and am so disappointed she did not make it to Cincinnati this year.]

Thursday July 21 - Cincinnati - second round.
Very hot and humid, around 90 degrees Fahrenheit at 5PM. Light attendance.

Missed the Brandi -Mirza match because of traffic. I should say that there were many, many Indians in attendance, which I didnít think much about, but later figured out was due to Mirza playing earlier. Actually it was interesting because those sitting around me seemed to have been first-time fans, not knowing things like how to understand the scoreboard, or that you need to sit and cannot leave until the break. It ws great for them to come out.

Arrived at the beginning of the second set of the Pin-Mattek match, with Mattek already up a set. Was interested in seeing Mattek because she is a qualifier who did a great job making it thru 4 rounds of quallies and into second round of the main draw. Saw Pin playing very flat, saw her go to the chair and say she just couldnít play any more, and that was that. Later saw Pin leaving the playerís accommodations with her coach, and she seemed just fine. Based on what little of what I saw of Mattek;s game, I doubt she has the game to get thru next round.

Real quick I peeked in on Cho/Nakamura getting beat bad by Granville/Spears on the grandstand court (thatís the second court). Cho couldnít handle any net action, really flubbed every shot hit at herÖÖÖ. surprised she has made it to the quarters in singles (but it was an easy draw so far). Nakamura was cute and giggly, thatís all I could see. Granville seemed to own the court in what little I saw.

Now on to the best match Iíve seen in a long timeÖÖÖ Morigami vs. Zvonereva. Having seen Zvonereva at the Family Circle in Charleston be a spoiled baby and turn the crowd against her (the crowd giving a standing ovation when she lost to Benesova), and having seen her crying on court in Cincinnati last year, I was there to root for anyone playing against her. (Sorry if this offends Zvonereva fans, but that is my real life experience.) But watching Morigami I ended up rooting for Morigami ONLY because of her great game. Zvonereva fought, donít think she had a bad day or anything. She got a bit emotional, gesturing, talking to herself, being really impatient with the ballkids, shaking her head, but she kept it together and I did not see crying. Morigamiís game was impressive, strong, and solid, and not just for a tier III tournament. 110-114 mph first serves. Great slices, lot of action on her shots. Great rallies, hitting the corners. Great net game, got a bunch of points on drop shots. (Rarely saw Zvonereva come to net.) Few too many missed first serves and errors long, but Morigamiís got it going on, thatís for sure. After winning first set, she got even better, you could FEEL the confidence. (Morigami wore Fila white over red. Zvonereva wore Adidas white over maroon.) Zvonereva left the court and signed no balls. Morigami had a warm genuine smile at the end for all. I hope I can get back to see her tomorrow vs. Mirza.

Finally Jankovic vs. Bammer. Never seen either one before. Bammer is another one who made it thru the quallies. Jankovic had to have her toe treated early in first set, I noticed her being tender footed the game before. Trainer called and medical timeout taken. Afterward it didnít seem to bother her the rest of the match. Jankovic played pretty badly and honestly she lucked out because Bammer gave away the final game after fighting hard earlier in the set. Both had really slow serve speed 70-s and 80-s. Not a great match. (Jankovic wore blue over white asymmetrical skirt. Bammer wore bright yellow over white.) Jankovic had a great attitude and seemed to be buddies with the tournament staff. At the end, she said she wanted to go to the amusement park nearby and ride the scariest ride!

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thanks for the report :D
go Akiko :bounce:

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great report :)

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Sounds like you had a great time, thanks for the report!

Meteor Shower
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thanks :) great report

just one thing: isn't it thursday schedule?

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Thanks. :)

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Yeah, apparently Jankovic "broke a toenail" :p

Anyway, I've become a fan of Morigami due to the match reports and such. I hope I'll get to see her on TV some time soon.