View Full Version : Players MIA & those with special ranking..

Jul 12th, 2005, 04:08 AM
Does anyone know where Petra Mandula is?
As mentioned before- at the Oz Open she was super skinny and she has played very little since then- I think qualyfying for the French Open was her last event.

Any news on the ever injured Barbara Schwartz? Is another coebackon the cards?

In regards to injury ranks-

I think
Capriati (Top 10)
Iroda (a inj rank around 50)
Matevzic (around 60)
Snyder (around 100)
Grande (around 80)
are the only ones who have a special ranking.

Looks like Tara, Maja and Iroda are making there ways through the challengers and lower tiered events- any news on Rita and if/when she is coming back?

Thanks in advance..