View Full Version : Novotna commentates for a few during Newport coverage

Jul 9th, 2005, 07:51 PM
Jana Novotna stopped in to the commentating booth for 2 games during the Spadea-Goldstein semifinal in Newport, basically, she handled herself w/ class as the 2 idiots (leif shiras and barry mackay) had no idea what they were doing. Jana said some interesting things though:
she said she had great memories of her wimbledon triumph (of course)
barry said at one point "clearly martina navratilova had a great influence on your game, as a serve and volleyer" and she said "i'd have to disagree w/ you, martina was not a direct influence at all for me"
barry, again like an idiot, said "how has the men's game changed since you played" and she said "more baseliners, that's why i appreciate someone like federer who can play all court"
leif asked her most satisfying singles win and she said her first win over steffi (she said she thought it was aus open 91 QF, but didn't sound positive that was right) then leif was like, i can't believe you had to play her 30 times, that would be horrible
she said her favorite doubles partner of all time was hingis (i knew she'd snub arantxa)
overall, although there is a strong debate whether she should've been straight in to the HOF, i like novotna more and more, although i was never a huge fan in her playing days

Jul 9th, 2005, 08:05 PM
correction, it's not leif, it's some other idiot