View Full Version : Wimbledon

Jul 9th, 2005, 08:35 AM
I always thought that Wimbledon was a bit overrated. Today it is unique in that it is the only slam played on grass, which is almost an obsolete surface. True it is the oldest slam, however, the same top players who play there also play the USO, French and AO. The courts are the same size, only the surface is different. For many years three of the four slams were on grass, therefore making it less unique than it is today. Wimbledon has done a great job in promoting itself, and I suppose there is a feel or royalty there but there is also a touch of stoginess there too. No doubt Wimbledon is a great tournament, but I would be just as thrilled to win any of the other slams. INMHO anyone who can win multiple matches in the other slams is just as great a player who wins many matches at Wimbledon.