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Apr 13th, 2002, 03:33 PM
Since Taiwanese tennis has been growing up recently, I think we can cheer Taiwanese players and post some news, resluts here.

Go Taiwan :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Apr 14th, 2002, 03:43 AM
That's an excellent idea lin :D .

Here are some news / information :

1) you can find a photo of WENG Tzu Ting at the Hochiminh City ITF by clicking here : WENG Tzu Ting (http://photos.wtastarz.com/cgi-bin/index.pl?photo=2819)

2) Janet Lee reached the 2nd round (doubles) at Amelia Islands with Wynne Prakusya by beating Elena Dementieva / Janette Husarova. They lost unfortunately 2nd Round to Amanda Coetzer /Jessica Steck (3-7 in the tie break of the final set).

3) Everyone can visit Janet Lee website here : Janet Lee official website (http://www.janetleeonline.com) and leave her some messages of support :D .

Apr 14th, 2002, 05:23 AM
Thanks for reply, Steveg :wavey:

I was worried about no one will reply it ;) .

Thanks for pictures,website,and news as well :D .

Here are some news about Taiwanese players

Yeu-Tzuoo reached final in Uzbekistan Future F2 while he won the Uzbekistan Future F1 :D .

Go Yeu-Tzuoo, take the title again :bounce:

And a 12-year-old Yung-Jan Chan is very talented, she won two ITF East Asian 14 & Under Championships last two weeks.


And actually she is the survivor of 921 earthquake :sad: her house collapsed :sad: her family is poor now :sad: ,so she really want to prove herself to get the sponsor,good luck to her :D .

She will play Chinese Taipei International Junior Championships this week :) .

Yu-lun Wang
Apr 14th, 2002, 08:31 AM
Go Su-wei !!!!!
Beat that Sharapova !!!!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Apr 14th, 2002, 09:36 AM
Su-Wei won

good revenge

Congrats Su-Wei

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Apr 14th, 2002, 10:46 AM
Well done, Su Wei!

Apr 14th, 2002, 02:48 PM
Yeu-Tzuoo lost in final because he caught a cold :( :sad: .

Get well soon, Yeu-Tzuoo :)

Martian KC
Apr 14th, 2002, 03:26 PM
That a bad time to get sick!:( Congrats to all the Taiwanese success lately!!!:D :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Apr 14th, 2002, 08:47 PM
Go Taiwanese girls!!!!! :bounce: Jia You!!!!!! :bounce: Good luck!!

Apr 14th, 2002, 11:42 PM
Can anyone give me more info on Su Wei Hsieh? I heard she plays like Monica Seles did at that age. I being a huge seles fan would like more info. THANKS

Apr 16th, 2002, 05:15 PM
Janet just posted her journal on her Fed Cup + Nasdaq 100 experience.

Be sure to have a look here :

March Journal (http://www.janetleeonline.com/On_Tour/ONC_2001Js/ONC_J2002_02/onc_j2002_02.html)

As it is extremely interesting. And if you post a little message on her board at the same time, she'll be very appreciative ;) .

Thanks for her :angel: .

Apr 18th, 2002, 12:49 AM
Janet Lee (with Wynne Prakusya) won the R2 doubles match in Charleston against the #2 seeds Virginia Ruano Pascual/Paola Suarez (ESP/ARG) on the score of 64 46 76 (5).

Janet / Wynne are now in SF of this tier I event :D .

Their team Championships ranking will certainly improve after this tournament (they are currently #6 :) ).

Apr 18th, 2002, 04:09 AM
You all are making me homesick.

Good luck Taiwanese players.:D

Apr 18th, 2002, 07:50 AM
I think Janet play really well in her doubles!:D
They have already beaten a lot of TOP PLAYERS in the world!:kiss:
Go!Your 1st double GS is not far away!:lick:

Apr 18th, 2002, 12:07 PM
amazing results for Janet :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

But they are in QF now and will play Fusai/Vis :)

Apr 18th, 2002, 12:15 PM
aww I didn't know this thread exists!
Better late than never!
Thanks lin!!!

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: boys and girls :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Apr 18th, 2002, 02:13 PM
Originally posted by lin
amazing results for Janet :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

But they are in QF now and will play Fusai/Vis :)

You are right lin : I am just anticipating a little bit the results :p .

Note : no one has posted any message on Janet website to encourage her to continue to publish her journal :sad:

Apr 20th, 2002, 12:23 AM
Janet lost

Alexandra Fusai/Caroline Vis (FRA/NED) d Janet Lee/Wynne Prakusya (TPE/INA) 62 64

another easy loss after good win :(

I wonder what happened :confused:

Apr 20th, 2002, 03:36 PM
Yen-Hsun is in China F1 - HongHe Cup futures final now :D

And although Yeu-Tzuoo lost 1st rd in singles,he is in doubles final now :D

Good luck to them in finals :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Apr 21st, 2002, 03:26 PM
I have not heard of Yeu-Tzuoo for a while....
How's he going on and where is he playing now?:confused:

Rising Sun
Apr 21st, 2002, 04:30 PM
lin, do you know if there's any tension between Yen-Hsun and Yeu-Tzuoo? :confused:

The reason why I ask this is because I've noticed they never play doubles together, and Yen-Hsun didn't participate Davis Cup.

If there is, it's a pity because both are Taiwan's future in Men's Tennis. :sad:

Apr 21st, 2002, 05:35 PM
Yen-Hsun won the title 6-4 4-6 7-6 :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

danker, I don't know about it, but I don't think so. I think maybe because they are same type performance players,or maybe they competed the TOP1 in Taiwan every time,it would make them feel strange to play doubles with your competitor(same as Su-Wei and Chia-Jung,Clijsters and Henin,they seldom play doubles.)

Yen-Hsun didn't play Davis Cup because he was injured in February,and bacuse Yeu-Tzuoo didn't play Davis Cup in April, Yen-Hsun declined the chance to play because he was still a little injured and he thought even he played,there is still not a big chance to win.

novotnaquinton, I think you know BBS, their is a board about Yeu-Tzuoo in Moonstar BBS,you can see it.Yen-Hsun and Yeu-Tzuoo will still stay in Kunming to play China F2 next week.

Apr 21st, 2002, 07:23 PM
Yeu-Tzuoo and Danai Udomchoke won the doubles title as well :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

King Aaron
Apr 25th, 2002, 12:27 PM
Go Taiwanese players !!!

Apr 26th, 2002, 03:27 PM
Yen-Hsun is in singles final again and in doubles final as well :D :bounce:

Good luck Yen-Hsun in finals :bounce:

Apr 26th, 2002, 03:31 PM
:bounce: Yen-Hsun :bounce: Good job! :bounce:

Apr 28th, 2002, 04:49 AM
Yen-Hsun lost in doubles final :(

But he won the singles title :D

Congrats Yen-Hsun :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Apr 30th, 2002, 03:13 PM
Yen-Hsun is certainly a promising player :) .

And BTW, where is Su Wei now :confused: .

Apr 30th, 2002, 04:11 PM
Su-Wei is playing our high school tourney :) .

She and Chia-Jung are in final now :) .

Apr 30th, 2002, 05:16 PM
Thanks for the update lin :)

Apr 30th, 2002, 05:59 PM
Yen-Hsun Lu (TPE) d. (WC)Vadim Davletshin (RUS) 4-6 6-0 6-3:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

(3)Aisam Qureshi (PAK) d. Igor Zelenay (SVK) 7-6(5) 7-6(5)

Next round He will Beat Qureshi...
Congras Yen Hsun.....

May 2nd, 2002, 04:00 AM
Janet has slightly amended her schedule.

She will be playing at Strasbourg, in preparation for Roland Garros.

Information available on her message board :

Janet message board (http://www.janetleeonline.com/Off_Court/message/message.html)

May 2nd, 2002, 04:30 AM
thanks for the news,Steveg :) .

Yen-Hsun won again 6-3 6-3 and is in QF now :D .

About the our high school tourney

Su-Wei def. Chia-Jung 7-6(1) 6-4 and won the title :)

Yeu-Tzuoo won the Men's title as well :) .

May 2nd, 2002, 05:41 AM
Thanks for the news Lin. So Yen-Hsun has eventually managed to bear Qureshi. This is a great improvement for him compared to last year :) .

May 2nd, 2002, 06:20 AM
Go Yen-Hsun Go!
The title is yours!

May 2nd, 2002, 12:03 PM
Yen-Hsun retired in QF due to waist injury :sad: :sad: :sad: .

His brother said he need to rest for a long time :sad:.

poor Yen-Hsun :sad: :sad: :sad:

get well soon :)

May 2nd, 2002, 12:36 PM
omg poor Yen-Hsun :sad:
hopefully it's not very serious!

:bounce: GET WELL SOON! :bounce:

Big Fat Pink Elephant
May 6th, 2002, 04:51 PM
:bounce: hey guys! :D hehe, so good to see that our Taiwanese players are doing so well. :D

May 7th, 2002, 04:14 PM
Good news!

Group Four
Chinese Taipei (7)
China Hong Kong

No. 2
I-Hsuan Hwang
Sarah Fowler
6-3, 6-0

Shao-Yuan Kao
Wai-Man Yiu
7-6(3), 6-1

Yung-Jan Chan / Hwang
Fowler / Anthea Look
6-1, 7-5

Excellent girls! Hope they will pass the qualifying!

May 7th, 2002, 04:18 PM
:D Go girls :D

May 7th, 2002, 04:29 PM
Congratulations :D . Who are the next opponents :confused: ?

May 9th, 2002, 01:27 AM
I think they'll face the second seed, AustraliaGROUP FOUR

Group 4
Nation Won Lost Matches for Matches against

Chinese Taipei(7) 1 0 3 0
Australia(2) 1 0 2 1
HK 0 2 1 5

May 9th, 2002, 03:48 AM
:wavey: hey Boodie you from Tibet too? ;)

May 9th, 2002, 04:55 AM
Marilyn,many Taiwaneses are from Tibet because of you ;) :p

May 9th, 2002, 05:54 AM
;) :p Tibet is cool~ :o :angel:

May 9th, 2002, 04:38 PM
The girls win over Australia! I guess they already move to the semi-final! Congratulations!!

Group Four
Chinese Taipei (7)
Australia (2)

No. 2
Yung-Jan Chan
Holly Cao
6-0, 6-0

I-Hsun Hwang
Olivia Lukaszewicz
0-6, 3-6

Yung-Jan Chan /

Shao-Yuan Kao
Holly Cao /

Olivia Lukaszewicz

Yung-Jan Chan is really too strong. This is her frist play in this junior qualifying and she didn't let her opponent win any game! :hearts: Very wondering why she is not in the Junior Fed Cup Qualifying players list?! (They are Wen-Hsin Hsu, Chen Yi, l-Hui Chang)
I find we never send our best players playing for our countries?!
:confused: We always have to wait till they are old enough to prove they have such talent?!

Hehe I didn't know it's Tibet's nation flag! I just wanted to change my avatar but I changed my nationality in the end?!

May 10th, 2002, 05:13 AM
Yeah girls good job!

Actually me too, I mean the falg, but I think it's a nice one so I keep it :)

May 10th, 2002, 02:28 PM
I guess it's because Yung-Jan didn't show her talent until this year :).

Yung-Jan lost to Yi in Jo Jo International Junior Championships this April,but I think she will play better than Yi in the future.

BTW,I don't like to use the Tibet's flag because it means our nationality :o ,but if you guys like to use it,that's fine :) .

May 10th, 2002, 02:49 PM
lin the Taiwan flag becomes so small again for a few minutes, lol!
though I'm not using our flag now, I would be extremely :fiery: and :mad: if there is no Taiwan flag for us to choose :)
anyway Taiwanese player ROCK!!!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

May 10th, 2002, 03:05 PM
I understand it,Marilyn :)

China (1)
Chinese Taipei (7)

No. 2
Wan-Ting Liu
Yung-Jan Chan
3-6, 6-4, 6-4

Shuang Wu
I-Hsuan Hwang
6-0, 6-4

Wan-Ting Liu /

Yi-Fan Xu
Yung-Jan Chan /

Shao-Yuan Kao

:sad: :sad: :sad:

May 15th, 2002, 01:56 PM
It's amazing that our gilrs team beat China in Asia/Oceania Junior Fed Cup today!:bounce: :lick:

May 15th, 2002, 03:30 PM
oh yay :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Go girls :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

May 15th, 2002, 05:44 PM
真高興...:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

May 16th, 2002, 04:38 AM
Originally posted by ganymedeyu
真高興...:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

OMG :eek: :eek: :eek:
I can see some Chinese words here ;) .

May 16th, 2002, 04:41 AM
Yeu-Tzuoo made Taiwanese best Men's Challenger results in Fergana, Uzbekistan this week :bounce: .

He is in QF now :bounce:

Go Yeu-Tzuoo,try your best :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: .

May 16th, 2002, 08:28 AM
:bounce: Yeu-Tzuoo :bounce:
恭喜啦!加油! :p

Big Fat Pink Elephant
May 16th, 2002, 02:22 PM
omg!!!!!! how come I can't see the Chinese signs??!!!! :confused: not that I can read chinese...... :o I could see some chinese that were posted a while ago. hm..... :rolleyes:

Marilyn, I can't see your Tibetian flag.... :p seriously, I can't.

Congrats to the Taiwanese players, for getting so long in the tourni!!!!! :) a bright future is ahead of them! :bounce:

Big Fat Pink Elephant
May 16th, 2002, 02:45 PM
i've bumped up a thread in Gen. Msg. or maybe it's moved to N-T.... hm.. it's called "Chinese people" in chinese of course.... ;)

May 16th, 2002, 03:48 PM
lol Marri I saw that thread!
hmm interesting :)

as for the flag, I sometimes can't see it too, anyway I'll change back to our flag now :)

May 17th, 2002, 05:45 PM
Yeu-Tzuoo is in SF now :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

keep going Yeu-Tzuoo :D

May 17th, 2002, 05:51 PM
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

May 18th, 2002, 08:22 AM

then Final...and take this title.....

Go Yeu-Tzeoo....

:bounce: :D :) ;) :) :D :bounce: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

May 18th, 2002, 03:23 PM
Yeu-Tzeoo is in Final now

6-3 6-2 :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

OMG I'm so happy :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

May 18th, 2002, 03:32 PM
I want to say that Su-Wei's sister and brother are very good now,they are playing our Under 12 tourney in Taiwan,Su-Wei's brother win three matches 6-0 6-0, 6-0 6-0, 6-0 6-0 :eek: :eek: :bounce: .her sister win today match 6-0 6-0,too :eek: :D .

Good luck to them :D :bounce:

Big Fat Pink Elephant
May 18th, 2002, 04:09 PM
:eek: maybe we should call them the BAGEL family! ;) :bounce:

Martian KC
May 19th, 2002, 01:03 AM
How do they play, lin?!?! I am very much interested!:D:bounce: Can you give me their names too?;)

May 19th, 2002, 01:29 AM
KC,I just knew it from news,so I don't know what they play :o .

I don't know how to tell you their name in English :o ,but danker ever translate Su-Wei's sister's name from Japanese,her name is Su-In ;) :) .I hope it helps you :) .

May 19th, 2002, 04:13 AM
on yesterday's match :)

May 19th, 2002, 12:02 PM
lol Su-In looks so tiny!
and lmao @ the name BAGEL family!

and finally of course :bounce: and :bounce: and :bounce: and :bounce: for Yeu-Tzeoo! Good luck in the final!

Martian KC
May 19th, 2002, 12:33 PM
OMG! LOL! She looks so cute!:)

May 19th, 2002, 03:31 PM
Yeu-Tzeoo WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

WANG d. KETOLA 6-3 6-1

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

May 20th, 2002, 01:11 AM
Yeu-Tzeoo :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

now he can play Wimbledon qualifying :D .

May 20th, 2002, 04:53 AM
Congratulation Yeu-Tzeoo

and Hope Lu come back soon.....

May 21st, 2002, 12:53 PM
Su-Wei's brother won the 4-grade Boy's title :D

Su-In lost in SF 0-8, but her opponent is the 4 grade Girl's Champion and she is 30 cms taller than Su-In.

BTW,Su-Wei's brother and sister aren't 4-grade students,they are younger,but they decided to play 4-grade, and it's good to see them still get good results :) .

May 21st, 2002, 12:57 PM
Su-Wei's brother on court :)

Martian KC
May 21st, 2002, 02:41 PM
Very promising Ishouls say......;)

Congrats to them both!:) And congrats Yeu-Tzeoo!!!!:D

May 21st, 2002, 02:57 PM
Yen-Hsun is back :) .

He won first match 6-3 6-2 in Japan Future tourney :bounce: .

Yeu-Tzeoo will play tomorrow :).

adlysha babalu
May 22nd, 2002, 07:14 AM
her siblings are all so small!!!

May 22nd, 2002, 02:51 PM
Yen-Hsun won again 6-3 6-2 and he is in QF now :D .

Yeu-Tzeoo lost 3-6 4-6 due to knee injury :sad:.

Get well soon Yeu-Tzeoo :) .

May 23rd, 2002, 01:11 PM
:bounce: good luck Yen-Hsun!
Get well soon Yeu-Tzeoo!

Big Fat Pink Elephant
May 23rd, 2002, 04:41 PM
lmao, GIRLS! the 3 of us are in here at the same time!!!!! :D

May 23rd, 2002, 04:42 PM
:wavey: :kiss: Marri! Long time no see!

Big Fat Pink Elephant
May 23rd, 2002, 04:50 PM
yeah, where have you been? how are you? :wavey: :D

May 23rd, 2002, 04:55 PM
I was preparing for my final, and had lots of papers to hand in :mad:
Tomorrow I'm going to have an exam on the ROC Constitution :eek:
But still I'm very happy because Su-Wei won today :bounce:

Big Fat Pink Elephant
May 23rd, 2002, 04:58 PM
omg.. :eek: why are you still up??!!!! ROC Constitution... sounds interesting! lol, is it much to learn? wow... :D the history of the ROC isn't very old is it.... ?

May 23rd, 2002, 05:10 PM
I'm still here cause I really don't have the mood to study :p (and never will, lol!)

Believe me, it's not interesting at all, it's mainly something like:
How many legisiators should there be to impeach the President?
How long is the tenure of a grand justice?

Totally a mess!:fiery:

We don't have to study Taiwanese history in this course(err maybe it's because there are already to many things needed to be memorized), but in middle schools, students not only have to study Taiwanese history, but Chinese history as well :eek: I'm glad I'm no longer one of them!

Big Fat Pink Elephant
May 23rd, 2002, 05:16 PM
I see... :eek: hehe, I have enough with Norwegian, European general the World's history.... hehe, my high school time is almost over now! I feel both :D and :sad: about it..... you know... :d coz I'm finished with school (well Uni in August) :sad: coz I have to leave most of my friends.... I'm leaving now..... take care and good luck to you! :kiss: :wavey:

May 23rd, 2002, 05:18 PM
:wavey: Thanks and bye bye! :kiss:

May 23rd, 2002, 05:26 PM
I want to sleep now :) . Bye :wavey:

May 23rd, 2002, 05:40 PM
:wavey: see ya!

May 24th, 2002, 03:29 PM
Yen-Hsun is in SF now :D

keep going :bounce:

BTW, do you like Escude's draw in RG, Marilyn ;) .

May 24th, 2002, 05:11 PM
:bounce: Way to go Yen-Hsun! :bounce:
errr, lin, I just hope that Escude can survive the 1st round :p

Big Fat Pink Elephant
May 24th, 2002, 11:37 PM

lin, finally I understand you signature!!! Royale Battle, I was watching a movie-special, and they showed a clip from that film... :eek: :eek: :ee: <--- no i understand all your :eek: s!!!! OMG.... crazy japanese ppl! ;) did they show that in Taiwan?? I probably wont get the chance to see it.... it seems so interesting!!! :angel:

Marilyn! how did your final go? So, will you cheer for your man next 2 weeks? ;) :p :kiss:

Big Fat Pink Elephant
May 25th, 2002, 12:37 AM
marilyn, I was looking at your pics... who's Chin Wei? :)

May 25th, 2002, 02:19 AM
Marri :wavey:

Royale Battle didn't release no matter in Taiwan and Japan,because it's too violent :eek: :eek:. But movie festival show it, and someone illegally just use the camera to record it, and make it to VCD ;),my friend bought it,so I saw it :eek: .

But this movie is very good,it not only provides violence but also will let you deeply think about the society,though it still has some defects :angel:.It's still a good movie :) .

May 25th, 2002, 01:43 PM
hey Marri!
Chin Wei is Su-Wei's doubles partner.
Her tournment history:

Apr 2002 Doubles Winner (with Su-Wei Hsieh TPE) & Singles rd of 16, Japan Open, ITF G1
Apr 2002 Doubles Winner (with Su-Wei Hsieh TPE) & Singles Finalist, Mitsubishi Lancer PHI, ITF G2
Jan 2002 Doubles Qtrfinalist (with Su-Wei Hsieh TPE), Australian Open, ITF G-A
Jan 2002 Doubles Qtrfinalist (with Ivana Jovanovich AUS), Victorian Championships, ITF G2
Dec 2001 Singles & Doubles Winner (with Chia-Jung Chuang TPE), Asian Closed, ITF GB2
Oct 2001 Doubles Winner (with Su-Wei Hsieh TPE),Osaka Mayor's Cup - World Super Junior Tennis Championships, ITF G-A
Apr 2001 Doubles Finalist (with Hsin-chieh Chang TPE) & Singles Semifinalist, Taipei, ITF G3
Apr 2001 Doubles Finalist (with Hsin-chieh Chang TPE), Japan Open, ITF G1
Jan 2001 Doubles Winner (with Chia-Jung Chuang TPE), Australian Hardcourt, ITF G1
Jan 2001 Doubles Qtrfinalist (with Chia-Jung Chuang TPE), Victorian Championships, ITF G2
Nov 2000 Doubles Winner (with Ting-Wen Wang TPE) & Singles Qtrfinalist, Sarawak Int'l, ITF G5
Nov 2000 Singles Semifinalist, Brunei, ITF G4
Nov 2000 ITF Doubles Winner (with Chia-Jung Chuang TPE), Malaysia, ITF G4
Oct 2000 Doubles Winner (with Chia-Jung Chuang TPE), Thailand Open, ITF G3
Oct 2000 Doubles Semifinalist (with Su-Wei Hsieh TPE), Hong Kong, ITF G2
Oct 2000 Doubles Finalist (with Su-Wei Hsieh TPE ),World Super Junior Tennis Championships, ITF G-A
Apr 2000 Doubles Semifinalist (with Asha Burns AUS), Taipei Int'l, ITF G3
Mar 2000 Doubles Qtrfinalist (with Czarina Mae Arevalo PHI), Mali Milk Cup Thailand Open, ITF G2
Mar 2000 Singles & Doubles Qtrfinalist (with Pichaya Laosirichon THA), Singapore, ITF G2
Mar 2000 Doubles Qtrfinalist (with Da-Jung Hong KOR), Malaysian Int'l, ITF G3
Mar 2000 Doubles Qtrfinalist (with Masayo Hosokawa JPN), Indonesia Int'l, ITF G3
Feb 2000 Doubles Winner (with Su-Wei Hsieh TPE), Brunei Int'l, ITF G4
Apr 1999 Doubles Semifinalist (with Su-Wei Hsieh TPE), Taipei Adidas Int'l, ITF G3
1999 Represented Chinese Taipei in the 14U World Junior Tennis Final

Not bad, eh? :D

AS for my final, grrr.... Never mind :p
I'll cheer for "my man"(lol) of course, but I'm not sure it will last two week, haha, I have no faith in him on clay! And he will probably meet Guga (errr, if fortunately he reatches the third round :rolleyes: ), ah! I want both to win!
Who will you cheer for, since Martina isn't playing? And who's your man? ;)

May 26th, 2002, 01:41 AM
Yen-Hsun lost to #1 seed Gouichi Motomura 3-6 6-4 4-6 :sad: :sad: :sad:

better luck next time Yen-Hsun :).

But he reached doubles final :).

good luck in doubles final :) .

Big Fat Pink Elephant
May 26th, 2002, 06:19 PM
Marylin! :kiss: Hey, thanks you for that list, wow :eek: impressive!!! :D
Hehe, I'll be cheering for Guga! ;) :drool: :lick: i just hope that his hip is ok now. He's my man! ;) lol. and for the women.. *sigh* I have to say MONICA SELES! She really deserves it! :bounce:

Jun 3rd, 2002, 06:58 AM
Yeu-Tzuoo lost Gouichi Motomura in Fukuoka Future tourney final 2-6 4-6 :( :( :( .

I hope he can still play Wimbledon Qualifying :angel: .

Jun 12th, 2002, 04:14 AM
both Su-Wei and Yeu-Tzuoo will play Wimbledon Qualifying and Juniors :D

After Wimbledon,Yeu-Tzuoo will fly to Spain and USA to train :)

Go Su-Wei and Yeu-Tzuoo :bounce:

Jun 17th, 2002, 08:55 AM
This week Ranking
223 Wang, Yeu-Tzuoo (TPE ) 158 +2 18
296 Lu, Yen-Hsun (TPE ) 105 -2 16
1073 Cheng, Wei-Jen (TPE ) 5 0 4
1216 Chen, Ti (TPE ) 3 -5 3
1216 Shen, Simon (TPE ) 3 -5 3
1381 Chen, Wei-Ju (TPE ) 1 -8 1
1381 Chang, Wen-Lung (TPE ) 1 -8 1
1381 Tsai, Chia-Yen (TPE ) 1 -8 1
344 Lu, Yen-Hsun (TPE ) 128 +3 18
428 Wang, Yeu-Tzuoo (TPE)90 +3 13
742 Shen, Simon (TPE ) 34 +4 8
1094 Cheng, Wei-Jen (TPE ) 13 -4 3
1240 Liu, Chia-Che (TPE ) 7 -6 2
1571 Chen, Wei-Ju (TPE ) 1 -5 1
1571 Chen, Xin (TPE ) 1 -5 1

1 115 LEE, JANET 315.25 66.00 25
2 133 HSIEH, SU-WEI 247.25 59.00 12(Career Highest Ranking 生涯新高 :D)
3 430 WENG, TZU-TING 33.50 4.00 21
4 449 CHUANG, CHIA-JUNG 29.75 5.00 11
5 507 WANG, I-TING 24.00 2.00 22
6 692 CHAO, HSIAO-HAN 12.50 1.00 14
7 699 CHAN, CHIN-WEI 12.25 2.00 10
8 1023 TAI, LAN LAN 3.75 0.00 5
9 1177 CHEN, YU-AN 2.00 0.00 3
1 26 LEE, JANET 1157.00 148.00 23
2 191 HSIEH, SU-WEI 150.75 8.00 9
3 294 CHAN, CHIN-WEI 64.00 4.00 13
4 358 CHUANG, CHIA-JUNG 40.50 1.00 10
5 359 WANG, I-TING 40.50 0.00 16
6 382 WENG, TZU-TING 37.50 0.00 14
7 396 CHAO, HSIAO-HAN 32.00 2.00 16
8 932 CHEN, YU-AN 4.00 0.00 3

Jun 18th, 2002, 08:45 PM
Yeu-Tzuoo choked to lose his Qualifying 2nd round match 6-1 3-6 5-7

while he lead 5-2 and only two points to win :mad: :sad: :mad:

Did he try to do the same thing as Su-Wei :rolleyes: :p :sad:

well,I hope he at least can learn a lesson from this match :).

Good luck in Juniors now :D .

BTW,where are Marri and Marilyn :confused: .I missed they girls :sad: .

Jul 12th, 2002, 09:56 AM

Jul 15th, 2002, 09:21 AM
latest ranking
217 Lu, Yen-Hsun (TPE ) 161 +38 17
218 Wang, Yeu-Tzuoo (TPE ) 161 +4 19

Yen-Hsun played very well in China Satellites and reached Granby Challenger SF last week,and he still play USTA Seascape Challenger this week,so I think he can play US Open Qualifying.

About Yeu-Tzuoo,he is training in Spain and will train in USA later,hopefully he doesn't have any points to defend during his training,than he can play US Open Qualifying as well :) .

Jul 15th, 2002, 09:23 AM
USTA Seascape Challenger

First Round
(1)Michael Chang (USA) vs (SE)Alex Bogomolov (USA)
(SE)Yen-Hsun Lu (TPE) vs Justin Gimelstob (USA)
(WC)Matias Boeker (ARG) vs Denis Golovanov (RUS)
(6)Jack Brasington (USA) vs Ivo Karlovic (CRO)
(4)Robby Ginepri (USA) vs (q)
Noam Behr (ISR) vs (WC)John Paul Fruttero (USA)
Jaymon Crabb (AUS) vs Frederic Niemeyer (CAN)
(5)Martin Vassallo-Arguello (ARG) vs Louis Vosloo (RSA)
(7)Noam Okun (ISR) vs (q)
(q) vs (q)
Marco Chiudinelli (SUI) vs Michael Joyce (USA)
(3)Takao Suzuki (JPN) vs Kevin Kim (USA)
(8)Brian Vahaly (USA) vs Thomas Dupre (FRA)
Jeff Salzenstein (USA) vs (WC)Brandon Hawk (USA)
Amir Hadad (ISR) vs Gabriel Trifu (ROM)
(2)(WC)Cecil Mamiit (USA) vs Danai Udomchoke (THA)

I expect Yen-Hsun to play Michael in the 2nd round :) .

Jul 17th, 2002, 07:38 AM
Justin Gimelstob def. Yen-Hsun Lu, 6-3, 7-6 (7-0) :sad: :sad:

Jul 17th, 2002, 07:44 PM
An Asian players forum has now been created in the ATPworld website :) .

We can now post male results there and leave this thread to the female players ;) .

Here's the link to the forum : http://www.atpworld.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=46

Lin, I leave it to you to create a thread for Taiwanese players there :D .

We could also have one for Japanese players :) .

Jul 18th, 2002, 06:03 AM
Steveg,don't forget who apply it ;) .

good luck all Asian male players :wavey:

Jul 18th, 2002, 11:42 AM
Originally posted by lin
Steveg,don't forget who apply it ;)

Well actually, Amanda created it after I PMd her ;) .

Thanks again Amanda :kiss: .

Jul 18th, 2002, 11:54 AM
really :sad:

Amanda really considered your words more than mine :sad:


Jul 18th, 2002, 12:01 PM
I think my PM arrived at a time when she was a bit less busy ;) . It is presently heavily ccrowded in the Players forum request :eek: :eek: , with over 40 posts, each asking for several players forums :eek: :eek: :eek: .

:wavey: .

Jul 21st, 2002, 04:22 AM
Janet won her first Qualifying round in Stanford easily,hopefully she can win some more,because she will drop to around 145 next week :sad: .

Jul 24th, 2002, 03:38 PM

Janet Lee and her favourite sunglasses at BOWC ;) .

Jul 25th, 2002, 09:30 AM
cool :cool:

thanks Steveg ;)

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Jul 26th, 2002, 12:31 PM
Originally posted by lin

BTW,where are Marri and Marilyn :confused: .I missed they girls :sad: .

:) :wavey: i'm back now!! Aw, i've missed you too! but relax, i was just on vacation! ;) I was backpacking in Europe for 3 weeks, but I'm here now! and where's marilyn.... ?? :confused: maybe the heat in taiwan got to her! ;)

Jul 26th, 2002, 02:47 PM
welcome back Marri :wavey: :D

I guess Marilyn moved to England to study now,she hasn't posted anything in Chinese message board either.

Jul 27th, 2002, 08:51 PM
Janet Lee of Taipei took one-hour and ten-minutes to eliminate Lilia Osterloh of the United States, 6-3, 6-2 in the first round of qualifying at the 2002 Acura Classic.

On a sunny, breezy day on Stadium Court at the La Costa Resort and Spa, Lee used a strong serve and consistent baseline play to defeat Osterloh.

In the first set, Lee took a 5-3 lead when Osterloh double faulted on break point.

After Lee served out the first set, she broke Osterloh again to open the second and went on to win the match.

I served pretty well, Lee said after the match. She was maybe struggling just a little bit with her shots. The court is very slow.

Lee advances to the second round of qualifying, where she will play the winner of the Cara Black / Elena Tatarkova match.

. Osterloh was seeded fifth in the qualifying draw.
. Lee is ranked 141 in the Sanex WTA Tour rankings.
. Osterloh is ranked 86 in the world. And Janet was wearing her terrific sunglasses :cool: .

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Jul 30th, 2002, 11:43 PM
ooohhh!! great news Steve! thanks! :D Go Janet!!!!!!!1

Lin, oh, i didn't know that she moved to England... you know what??!! i met 3 girls from Taiwan in Florence, and they were studying in England!!! maybe one of them was MARILYN??!!! haha.... i guess there are hundreds of students from taiwan in England.... ;)

and what kind of chinese message board? :)

Jul 31st, 2002, 11:29 AM
Marri,I can see Marilyn's name in WTAworld now :D .

hopefully she can reply something here ;).

The Chinese message board is Tennis board,there are many players' board as well :).

Jul 31st, 2002, 11:39 AM
Her name disappears now :confused: :sad:

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Jul 31st, 2002, 04:28 PM
:confused: i guess she's just busy!

can you give me the url to that board? oh, when i think about it... i don't understand Chinese... :o

Aug 1st, 2002, 09:59 PM
really :confused:

BTW,Marri,I don't know how funny is your name in other language :confused: , so I give up to understand it ;) .

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Aug 2nd, 2002, 02:24 PM
hehe... i can't read much chinese... :o

oh, my chinese name isn't funny, it's just that for ppl who can't chinese that it's funny... ;)

Aug 22nd, 2002, 12:08 AM
"Janet Lee (TPE) returning to Andreea Vanc (ROM) in a first round qualifying match."

"Janet Lee (TPE) giving it her all during a first round qualifying match against Andreea VAnc (ROM)."

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Sep 7th, 2002, 12:26 PM
errhh.. one Q for you Taiwanese ppl: Do you remember a famous American in Taiwan called SAmantha K? during the 90s. she was a DJ, TV host.. etc......

Sep 9th, 2002, 11:51 PM
Sorry I don't know :o ;)

Sep 15th, 2002, 02:32 PM
update results ;)

Janet and Anna Kournikova won Shanghai doubles title :D

Congrats Janet for #2 career doubles title :bounce:

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Sep 15th, 2002, 06:22 PM

Janet played with ANNA K?! :hearts: wow, congrats girls! :kiss: well done! :bounce:

Sep 16th, 2002, 01:46 AM
Photo here :) :


Big Fat Pink Elephant
Sep 17th, 2002, 06:30 PM
errhh.. :eek: is Janet taller than Anna? okay.. i know that Anna is "only" 173cm... but still... not too many Taiwanese ppl are taller than 175! :o

So, how did the Chinese ppl talk about Janet, as in from Taiwan or _chinese Taipei! ;)

Martian KC
Sep 18th, 2002, 01:23 AM
Congrats to Janet and Anna!:D

Oct 11th, 2002, 10:46 AM
Janet/Yen-Hsun's way to 14th Asian Games mixed doubles gold medal

1st round bye

2st round
LEE Janet/LU Yen Hsun (TPE) 6 6
CHO Yoon Jeong/KIM Dong Hyun (KOR) 3 4

Quarter Final
LEE Janet/LU Yen Hsun (TPE) 6 5 6
XU Ran/SUN Tiantian (CHN) 3 7 1

Semi Final
LEE Janet/LU Yen Hsun (TPE) 7 7

LEE Janet/LU Yen Hsun (TPE) 4 6 9
BHUPATHI Mahesh/MALHOTRA Manisha (IND) 6 3 7

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Oct 11th, 2002, 10:55 AM
:kiss: I love Janet!

Oct 11th, 2002, 12:49 PM
I love Janet too ;)

But she said she will retire at the end of 2003 :sad: :sad: :sad:

She will focus on doubles next year and she hope she will win one big doubles tourney before she retires.

Big Fat Pink Elephant
Oct 11th, 2002, 12:49 PM
woooohoooooooo :bounce: great news!!!!!! :D congrats!

Oct 11th, 2002, 01:30 PM
Congrats Janet :bounce:

:eek: She wiil retire :eek: :sad:

Oct 11th, 2002, 03:05 PM
Originally posted by lin
I love Janet too ;)

But she said she will retire at the end of 2003 :sad: :sad: :sad:

She will focus on doubles next year and she hope she will win one big doubles tourney before she retires. Thanks for the news lin.

Did Janet say with whom she will be playing doubles next year :confused: ?

And what will she do after her "retirement" :) ?

Oct 11th, 2002, 06:18 PM
It's not reported in the local news, I think she will still play doubles with Wynne...

Nov 16th, 2002, 01:22 PM
some results about Taiwanese players last week and early this week.

I-Ting Wang was a finalist in $10K Manilla

Manila ($10,000 - Philippines) Nov 4 2002
1 I Wang(5) - O Lamangthong-Q 6-4 6-0
2 I Wang(5) - C Barr 6-4 6-1
QF I Wang(5) - M Inoue-Q 6-1 6-3
SF I Wang(5) - C Khoo(2) 6-4 6-2
F S Mirza - I Wang(5) 2-6 6-4 7-5(ever lead 6-2 4-0)

but she lost 1st round this week in $10K Manilla 2
Wilawan Choplang (THA) d. (7) I-Ting Wang (TPE), 6-3, 6-2

Chia-Jung Chuang lost Qualifying 2nd round in $25K Port Pirie last week

CHUANG Chia-Jung (TPE) d. MORGAN Marinet (AUS) 61 62
GRANDIN Natalie (RSA) d. CHUANG Chia-Jung (TPE) 60 61

poor Chia-Jung, Natalie is in great form right now. I hope she can do better this week, otherwise she made a wrong decision to play $25K in Australia rather than $10K in Manilla to defend her 2 titles.

Chin-Wei Chan lost 2nd round in $10K Manilla 2 this week

Chin-Wei Chan (TPE) d. (Q) Zsuzsana Babos (HUN) 1-6 6-4 6-4
Yan-Hua Dong (CHN) d. Chin-Wei Chan (TPE) 6-7(2) 6-1 6-4

Janet Lee lost 2nd round in $50K Eugene, Oregon

LEE, Janet (TPE) d. LL-Adriana Barna 6-2 7-6(5)
WC PERRY, Shenay (USA) d. LEE, Janet (TPE) 7:6 6:3

finally a win for Janet, but she will lose many points as she has SF points to defend. I hope she can make the Aus Open Qualifying.

Nov 21st, 2002, 11:03 AM
$25K Nuriootpa, AUS

First round

CHUANG Chia-Jung TPE d. LASTRA Gabriella USA 6-1 3-6 7-6
WANG I-Ting TPE d. CUPAC Dubravka AUS 6-0 6-2

2nd round
Chaung d. Wang 6-4 7-6

3rd round

Clijsters d. Chaung 6-3 6-0

poor Chia-Jung again, she had another bad draw in Aus, at least she upset #1 seed,but hopefully she can have good draw and play well in the remaining 2 $25K this year...

Nov 21st, 2002, 11:15 AM
11/18/02 singles ranking

1 218 LEE, JANET 136.50 36.00 24
2 262 HSIEH, SU-WEI 93.25 25.00 10
3 533 CHUANG, CHIA-JUNG 21.75 5.00 8
4 543 WANG, I-TING 21.25 2.00 15
5 615 WENG, TZU-TING 17.00 2.00 13
6 837 CHAN, CHIN-WEI 7.75 1.00 7
7 876 CHAO, HSIAO-HAN 6.75 1.00 8

Nov 26th, 2002, 10:54 AM
11/25/02 singles ranking

1 217 LEE, JANET 136.50 36.00 24
2 264 HSIEH, SU-WEI 93.25 25.00 10
3 528 CHUANG, CHIA-JUNG 22.00 5.00 9
4 570 WANG, I-TING 19.25 1.00 15
5 623 WENG, TZU-TING 16.00 2.00 12
6 802 CHAN, CHIN-WEI 8.75 1.00 8
7 879 CHAO, HSIAO-HAN 6.75 1.00 8

Nov 26th, 2002, 11:05 AM
$25K Mt. Gambier

1st round

Chaung def. Kilsdonk 7-5 6-3
Wang def. D. Dominikovic 7-6 6-1

2nd round

Chaung def. Haak 6-1 6-1
Wang def. Krampe 6-4 6-2

3rd round

Chuang def. Yarshka 6-1 6-3
Kardys def. Wang 7-5 6-3 :sad:

qualifying round

Chuang def. Augustus 7-6(5) 6-2 :D

well done Chia-Jung, finally she qualified in one of these Aus $25K events, now she will be back into #500 after qualifying :) .

Good luck against Dittmann in main draw first round :) :wavey:

Nov 27th, 2002, 11:15 PM
Chia-Jung beat Dittmann(#255) 6-3 1-6 6-4 :D

I say this is her best win in her pro career so far :D also she will be back around #450 after this win :D .

she will play McQuillan in the 2nd round, it's tough again but hope Chia-Jung can pull it out :). maybe she need to follow Su-Wei's strategy last year against Rachel ;)

Nov 28th, 2002, 12:51 AM
Congrats to Chia-jung :D

Although I hardly know her,.. it's an excellent job for a junior player.
Only player I know besides Su-wei among Taiwanese is Chan-chin Wei. How is she doing? I saw her playing doubles with Su-wei several times.... and she 's always smiling. :) She seems to be a nice girl. Good luck to her.

BTW, what was the Su-wei's tactic against Rachel last year? Moonballing, I guess. :confused:

Nov 28th, 2002, 07:03 AM
Chia-Jung beat Rachel 6-3 6-4 and into quarters :eek: :D :bounce:

It's really a big surprise as Chia-Jung won in straight sets, even Su-Wei only beat Rachel in 3 tight sets. Looks like this tournament become Chia-Jung's breakthrough tournament :)

She will rise up to #430 which will be her highest pro singles ranking :D

Nov 28th, 2002, 07:11 AM
Originally posted by Eric_tennis
Congrats to Chia-jung :D

Although I hardly know her,.. it's an excellent job for a junior player.
Only player I know besides Su-wei among Taiwanese is Chan-chin Wei. How is she doing? I saw her playing doubles with Su-wei several times.... and she 's always smiling. :) She seems to be a nice girl. Good luck to her.

BTW, what was the Su-wei's tactic against Rachel last year? Moonballing, I guess. :confused:

Chin-Wei is actually Su-Wei's good friend and her juniors doubles partner. Chin-Wei is a very good doubles players and her highest doubles juniors ranking is #6 :) . But she doesn't have sponsors so it's hard for her to play more tournaments abroad to gain experience :( .

I don't exactly know tactic against Rachel last year, but from the article I read Su-Wei is just more powerful but a bit lack of experience.


Nov 28th, 2002, 08:22 AM
Thanks for the reply.

Hopefully, Chin-Wei gets a decent sponsor soon.

And good luck to Chia-jung until the semi, cause there will be Mi-ra another side in the final if it happens. ;)

Nov 28th, 2002, 09:54 AM
lol I wish it will be Chia-Jung vs. Mi-Ra final too ;)

Nov 29th, 2002, 06:13 AM
Chia-Jung lost to Czink in QF 3-6 2-6 :sad:

but fantastic results in Mt. Gambier, hopefully she can be in Thailand to play qualifying on time :) (she is still in doubles draw though)

I hope she can break into #400 after Thailand tournament which is also her and her parents' goal this year :) .

Dec 10th, 2002, 08:28 AM
12/09/02 Ranking

1 217 LEE, JANET 136.50 36.00 24
2 268 HSIEH, SU-WEI 93.25 25.00 10
3 429 CHUANG, CHIA-JUNG 34.25 8.00 11
4 556 WANG, I-TING 20.50 2.00 15
5 631 WENG, TZU-TING 15.50 2.00 11
6 800 CHAN, CHIN-WEI 8.75 1.00 8
7 876 CHAO, HSIAO-HAN 6.75 1.00 8
1 22 LEE, JANET 1103.00 134.00 25
2 202 HSIEH, SU-WEI 138.25 8.00 5
3 334 CHAN, CHIN-WEI 56.00 4.00 8
4 360 CHUANG, CHIA-JUNG 48.50 3.00 8
5 470 CHAO, HSIAO-HAN 25.50 2.00 9
6 500 WANG, I-TING 22.00 0.00 9
7 539 WENG, TZU-TING 18.50 0.00 6

Shine On Silver Moon
Dec 12th, 2002, 08:03 AM
Iin, you are my reliable person I am sure...I have question on Janet...She is a US-born Taiwanese...does she have dual nationalities? She has 2 passports then? When did she officially represent Taiwan? Did she have any problem in terms of treatment from the national tennis federation? I mean, being American born? As we know, Noelle Huynh, junior player from Vietnam has problem...Thanks!

Janet will stay with Wynne for dbl in 2003! Good luck!:cool: :wavey:

Dec 12th, 2002, 12:30 PM
I'm not very reliable actually ;)

Janet officially represented Taiwan in 1995. I think she only have one nationality right now(not sure though).

Janet actually has a good relationship with our national tennis federation because she always plays national competitions and has good results. Also, Janet is a nice person so many people really like her(include me ;) ), but there are still some people don't like her because she is US-born. I can understand why they don't like her, bacause there have been too many similar examples like her to represent Taiwan recently. I don't care about it actually, I just wish they can help us to get some good results in the world.

Good luck Janet and Wynne in 2003 :) :wavey:

Dec 12th, 2002, 11:07 PM
13 yrs old Yung-Jan Chan made the SF of ITF Asian Closed Junior Tennis Championship(Grade B2) :D :bounce:

She will rise to around #100 on juniors ranking after this win :D

Good luck against Sania Mirza today :) :wavey:

Dec 13th, 2002, 01:47 PM
Yung-Jan lost to Sania 3-6 2-6 :sad: :sad: :(

as expected, but great run for her in this tourney :). I wish her to play some bigger juniors event next year like those 4 consecutive Asian Grade 1 tourneys in March/April :) .

Rising Sun
Dec 13th, 2002, 04:54 PM
Actually, the WTA did not recognise Janet as "Taiwanese" until the beginning of 1998. She did not play Fed Cup prior to that year either.

I'm pretty sure she has dual citizenship. And of course, she still lives in the US. Diamond Bar, California to be exact. ;)

Dec 14th, 2002, 01:39 AM
danker, I know she still live in the US. But she represented Taiwan to win 1995 Asian Championship and 1997 World University Games doubles with Shi-Ting Wang(I saw those results on the local news again when she won mixed doubles in Asian Games this October). So I think she did change to play for us in 1995.

Actually at first I thought she has two nationalities, but I'm confused you can play Fed Cup with two nationalities :confused: . Also, I remember you need some time for playing Fed Cup for another country if you change your nationality, so perhaps that's why she could not play Fed Cup prior to 1998?

Rising Sun
Dec 14th, 2002, 03:01 AM
The reason why Janet can play Fed Cup for 2 nationalities is because she had never represented USA in team competition prior to playing for Taiwan.

I'm not doubting that Janet played in the Asian Championships in 1995 and already had 2 nationalities, but like I said previously, the WTA did not recognise Janet as "Taiwanese" prior to 1998. She was listed as USA in all WTA tourneys up to that point.

Dec 14th, 2002, 04:07 AM
Janet must have been recognised as American because she was playing with her USTA tennis licence. She must have changed that later on. I know someone in the same case ;) .

I remember seeing somewhere too that Janet had a dual citizenship. I can't find again that article at the moment though.

Dec 14th, 2002, 04:30 AM
ok thanks for explanations guys :wavey:

Shine On Silver Moon
Dec 14th, 2002, 09:36 AM
Yes, I recall when Janet played under USA now...Yes, when she played at Danamon Open in Jakarta in 1993 or 1994...I think, she was in qualifying round together with Corina Morariu, Tammy and others....:cool:

Dec 17th, 2002, 11:04 AM
Yung-Jan reachs #84 on juniors ranking this week :D

and only three 13 yrs old inside top100, she is the 2nd one of those three :hearts: ;)

Good luck to Yung-Jan in 2003 :) :wavey:

Shine On Silver Moon
Dec 18th, 2002, 07:48 AM
Congratulations to Yung Jan for her new ranking! Iin, do you think she has better quality than Hsieh? BTW, how is Hsieh doing? Is she going to OZ Open?:cool: :cool: :cool:

Dec 18th, 2002, 12:28 PM
I do think she may have better results than Su-Wei in the future, and I heard that she plays more aggressive than Su-Wei, but we will know the result in the future.

btw, Su-Wei actually finished at #182 on juniors ranking in 1999 at 13 yrs old.

no news about Su-Wei recently, if her injury is recovered now, I hope she will go to Australia to play Grade 1 event and Aus Open juniors.

Dec 19th, 2002, 08:21 AM
Yung-Jan entered the Australian Circuit tournaments :) hopefully she will have good draw there and make 2nd rd or 3rd rd :)

While Su-Wei didn't enter :( :sad:

Shine On Silver Moon
Dec 19th, 2002, 08:59 AM
Iin...can we really compare Hsieh & Yung Jan? Indeed, it is greater achievement by YJ at 13 she managed to be ranked 84...But, Hsieh was great as well at the same age! The situation is different, I think! Let us wait what they are progressing in the future...:cool: :cool: :cool:

Dec 19th, 2002, 09:09 AM
The situation may be different, so I did say we will know it in the future ;)

Shine On Silver Moon
Dec 19th, 2002, 10:15 AM
There has been conversation in comparing achievements' of Yayuk Basuki and Angie...Again, it is the same like btw Hsieh & YJC, again different situation...Some people may say, in the case of Yayuk, the era was different...but anyhow, people appreciated what she had done to tennis...Actually, before Yayuk, we had Lanny Kaligis who was able to give hard play against Evonne Goolagong Cawley from Australia...Lanny was the gold medalist for ladies singles in Asian Games 1974 in Teheran, Iran! Lanny was able to reach 2nd round of Wimbledon in 1970 and she also reached 3R in Aussie Open in 1972 or 1973...So, Lanny was pioneering Indonesian women's tennis in Asia and in the world as well...

As for Angie, indeed she is similar to YJC...In her young age, she was able to grab 3 junior GS titles and 2 senior titles...While Yayuk in her junior year was okay...So, Angie has the capacity to have more titles than Yayuk...Yayuk collected 6 titles until her retirement...

It is great to see YJC or Hsieh and more more players in Asia to move forward...How about Chia-Jung Chuang? She is progressing now...What is her strength? What is her weakness?

Well, we just elected new chairwoman for INDONESIA TENNIS FEDERATION...She is an old crack in tennis, MARTINA WIDJAJA, a tough business woman and has made many controversials in her over 10 years in our national tennis federation...She is rich indeed and now she is ready to dedicate her time in tennis since her children are taking care of her businesses...Critics say, she is 'iron hand' lady and with authoritarian style!!! She is promised to return to rebuilt the provinces' tennis potentials including clubs...and she is focusing on adding more tourneys for juniors especially...She has been sponsoring Wynne Prakusya as well...Wynne does practice at tennis courts owned by her...

So, it happens that Angie & Martina has same last name...they have no relation at all! But my wish is that by having 2 Widjajas in our tennis arena, Indonesia will regain the glory...definitely the men's side is in danger...We used to be ahead of Thailand...now, it is sad...BTW, we used to have male player, Benny Widjaja and he has moved to Taiwan and he changed his name into Chinese...I doubt if he still plays well now...

From my observation, actually Martina Widjaja does not like Angie's achievement up to now...because her player, Wynne, seems losing the popularity here...Indeed, there is rivalry btw the two...You know, last year Angie won vs Wynne in match exhibition...Sure, the media plays role in this rivalry...So, I hope, many unhealthy rivalries within our tennis arena will be diminishing...The victims after all are the players!!!:) :( :sad: :cool: :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:

Dec 19th, 2002, 10:37 AM
I understand also that Angelique parents are quite wealthy themselves (though not as much as Martina Widjaja who is I understand one of the 6 richest persons in Asia :eek: ), so that Martina W does not have as much "grip" on Angie as she has on other Indonesian players ;) . Could be another reason. But it does not have anything to do in the relationship between Angelique and Wynne, that looks good now (cf. their team work at the Asian Games in Pusan).

But I understand also that Indonesian tennis would not be what it is now (already with a good Asian team) without the financial assistance of Martina W :confused: .

And btw, I think there's around 13 years or so of difference between Yayuk and Angelique. A bit less in the case discussed above ;) .

Dec 19th, 2002, 10:38 AM
And since it is a Taiwanese thread : all the best to the Taiwanese players in 2003 :) .

Dec 19th, 2002, 10:59 AM
Chia-Jung Chuang has good serve and good baseline strokes, but perhaps lacks of variety. Mentality is the main problem for her, she and Su-Wei's H2H in our local events were tied before Su-Wei started to shine in the world, and even so, she still only lost some close matches to Su-Wei. She is actually unbeatable in Taiwan besides Su-Wei and Janet right now.

Chia-Jung really needs to some good wins to breakthrough, I hope her good performance in November will help her into right track :) .

I don't know who is Benny Widjaja, but if he was the one who moved to Taiwan few years ago, then I know him. That guy actually has ever been Su-Wei training parnter last year ;) . He played Davis Cup for us few years ago and was #1 in Taiwan, after that he retired though. But not so many people like him actually, I heard it's because of his attitude or so.

BTW, for anyone who is interested,there is a local championship which held this week, it's like our ending season championship, and the field is quite good. QF is playing today, there are two interesting match in girls side, Yung-Jan Chan plays top seed Chia-Jung Chuang, Yi Chen plays Chin-Wei Chan, and talented 14 yrs old Wen-Hsin Hsu is also back in form and in QF.

Also, all the best luck to Indonesian and Asian tennis ;) :wavey:

Shine On Silver Moon
Dec 20th, 2002, 03:00 AM
Great for Taiwan to have ending national championships? Is it also for men? Too bad, Hsieh is not playing...Speaking of Benny Widjaja...yup, he is indeed terrible in his attitude!

Anyway, good luck to all Taiwanese players for 2003!:) :cool: :D :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:

Dec 20th, 2002, 06:56 AM
We have four national championships in a year actually, but this one is at the end of year. The field is better than the other three as well, Chia-Jung didn't play the first three championships. and of course it's also for men :) .

QF was played yesterday, the biggest upset actually happened, Yung-Jan Chan beat Chia-Jung Chuang 6-2 1-6 7-6(3) :eek:. It's really a surprise especially Yung-Jan just came back Taiwan from India this Monday, and Chia-Jung is unbeatable as I mentioned yesterday. Chin-Wei Chan beat Yi Chen again, and 14 yrs old Wen-Hsin Hsu lost too.

Shine On Silver Moon
Dec 20th, 2002, 08:44 AM
What a performance by Yung Jan...I am sure, she will be the champion! Did she participate in three previous ones? Do they offer money prize fot this national championships? In Indonesia, we hardly have such thing anymore except once in 4 years in national multi-event called "National Sports Week"...and Angie was the gold medalist in 2000 representing West Java province! Go all the way YJC!:) :cool: :D :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:

Dec 20th, 2002, 10:36 AM
I just knew that Chia-Jung was sick yesterday, but still a good win for Yung-Jan :)

Today's SF results are out in our tennis Federation's website.

Chin-Wei Chan d. Yung-Jan Chan 6-0 6-0 :eek: :sad:
I-Ting Wang d. Hsiao-Han Chao 6-4 6-1 :)

I think Yung-Jan is just too exhausted today :sad:. but she still has her best performance here in our national championships :). and good for Chin-Wei, she didn't play Asian Closed Junior Tennis Championship but prepare for this, she only lost 4 games in three macthes. I hope she can win this now :) .

Yung-Jan has participated the first and second national championship this year. She didn't play the 3rd one because she was playing ITF juniors tourney abroad. She reached QF by beating Chin-Wei Chan 7-6 7-5 at the first one(so she got revenged today). At the 2nd one, she lost 14 yrs old Wen-Hsin Hsu in the 1st rd who seems always beat her in our local events ;).

The winner of national championship can get appropriately $3000 US dollars, I'm not sure about the other money prizes though...

BTW, I just check that actually Chia-Jung played the 1st national championship and she won :o .

Shine On Silver Moon
Dec 20th, 2002, 11:43 AM
Yung Jan Chan lost badly in dbl bagels...Chin Wei has a good chance to outclass Wang I Ting...I am sure, YJC is very tired...she still has many opportunities in the future! Any doubles competition? Wow, the prize is big!:) :cool: :D :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:

Dec 20th, 2002, 12:12 PM
Women's Doubles final will be playing between Yi Chen/her partner(don't know her English translated name :o ) and Wen-Hsin Hsu/I-Ting Wang.

and I'm sorry because I just realized that $3000 US dollars are for a category :o , so I think the winner of one category could get appropriately $1000 US dollars :) .

Dec 21st, 2002, 11:25 AM
Singles Final

Chin-Wei Chan d. I-Ting Wang 7-6(5) 6-2

well done Chin-Wei :)

Wen-Hsin Hsu/I-Ting Wang won the doubles 6-3 6-4 :)

Shine On Silver Moon
Dec 22nd, 2002, 06:45 AM
Congrats to Chin Wei!!! What a performance! Keep moving!

Wang I Ting...bad luck! How old is she now? I saw her a few years ago in Jakarta!:cool: :wavey:

Dec 22nd, 2002, 07:06 AM
I-Ting is 21 years old now :)

Shine On Silver Moon
Dec 22nd, 2002, 07:32 AM
TERIMA KASIH or THANK YOU, Iin!:cool: :wavey:

Jan 4th, 2003, 12:30 PM
Yung-Jan Chan played Grade 2 Victorian Junior Championships this week :)

She advances to 3rd rd right now :D

1st rd
(12) Yung-Jan Chan d. Lucia Gonzalez 6-1; 6-2
2nd rd
(12) Yung-Jan Chan d. Renee Mullinger 6-1; 6-1

next she will play #5 seed Aleksandra Wozniak who already won $10K last year, good luck Yung-Jan :) :wavey:

Jan 4th, 2003, 01:19 PM
Go, Yung-Jan Chan, Go~~~~ :bounce:

Does anyone have some info on her? I couldn't find any info on her on internet. :( What's she look like? Is she big or small?
Anyway,.. it's wonderful job for an 13 year old girl. :D

Jan 4th, 2003, 05:06 PM
Yung-Jan is big for 13 yrs old ;)

I think this pic is her

Jan 4th, 2003, 05:08 PM
Yung-Jan (left)and her sister(I'm sure about this one :) )

Jan 5th, 2003, 04:03 PM
Thanks for the pics Lin :) . How old is Yung-Jan on the second pic :confused: ? The photo looks a bit "old" ;) .

Jan 6th, 2003, 04:59 AM
Thanks for the pics. :)

Jan 6th, 2003, 10:31 PM
It has been posted in her website (and may be subject to change) :

Jan 13 Australian Open -Melbourne
Jan 27 Toray Pan Pacific Open -Tokyo
Feb 10 Qatar Total FinaElf Open - Doha
Feb 17 Dubai Duty Free Women's Open - Dubai
Feb 24 Minneaplis, MN ($50,000)
Mar 3 Pacific Life Open - Indian Wells, CA
Mar 17 Nasdaq-100 Open - Miami, FL

Shine On Silver Moon
Jan 7th, 2003, 04:43 AM
Come on, Janet...move back to top 150...Win that 50K in winterland Minnesota! Good luck in ur dbl with Wynne, too!!!:) :cool: :D :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:

Rising Sun
Jan 8th, 2003, 03:46 PM
Thanks for posting Janet's initial schedule. :)

I really hope she can finish her career off with a bang, or maybe even decide to play longer. ;)

Anyway, she'll play 17th seed, Angeles Montolio (ESP) in the 1st rd of qualies, who hasn't won a match since September. :o

Jan 9th, 2003, 04:13 AM
good news

Janet won!!!

She defeted Angeles Montolio 6-3,6-4 in Q1 of aus open


Shine On Silver Moon
Jan 9th, 2003, 04:09 PM
Good to have you...Congrats on your win! Tough draw indeed, but you know what you need to do...So, handle with smash your next opponent...Alena Vaskova...One at a time...do not think about Sharapova yet! Wish you all the best! Be in MD with other fellow Asians!:) :cool: :D :wavey:

Jan 10th, 2003, 04:09 AM
Janet lost today 3-6 4-6 :sad: :( :sad:

at least she gains some ranking points :) good luck in doubles :)

Jan 10th, 2003, 04:12 AM
Originally posted by Steveg
Thanks for the pics Lin :) . How old is Yung-Jan on the second pic :confused: ? The photo looks a bit "old" ;) .

the 2nd must be younger than the 1st one cos it's an old pic and the 1st pic was taken last October ;) .

Jan 10th, 2003, 07:26 AM
Wang & Lu lost as well :(

Wang in the second round qualification and Lu in the first round. I saw a bit of Lu's match yesterday. He's not bad at all, and I like his backhand :) I think he just need to have more matches & experiences.

I missed Wang's match yesterday :( as they change the court and I wasn't aware of that. By the time I was aware, it had finished :( Today, I didn't go, and Wang lost :sad: I really hope he won so I can see how is his game tomorrow :(

Janet Lee :( :sad: :sad: Good luck in double with Wynne :) and in mixed as well if you're playing :)

Jan 13th, 2003, 03:37 PM
The new message board of Janet is extremely easy to use and offers many facilities :) .

I posted a thread to wish luck to Janet at the Oz Open. Feel free to post some nice words to her here :


Important point : it is not necessary to register to post :) .

And for lin, I am nearly certain you can post in Chinese if you want (by copy / paste for instance) :D .

Jan 14th, 2003, 11:48 AM
ok I will try :) . But I don't think it's good to post in Chinese there ;)

Jan 14th, 2003, 03:02 PM
Why so Lin:confused: ? You can post in traditional characters if you want ;) .

Jan 14th, 2003, 10:15 PM
I found this interview of Janet Lee from the Asian Games last October : Relative veteran and women's tour player Janet Lee (燠雌皏), 25, is no stranger to success and has already picked up a bronze medal at this year's Asian Games in the team event.

Though born in the US, Lee said she had chosen to play for Taiwan for a variety of reasons, such as "going back to my roots."

She said she was prepared to play in any event, but has stepped aside to let Wang I-ting (卼瑊磌) and Hsieh Su-wei (珴抃瑄) compete in the women's singles.

As far as her own career is concerned, she said she was thinking of either stepping down a level on the women's tour -- to the challenger level -- or doing something else.

"I'm looking to get out of the game and might go to university and catch up on the education I missed because of tennis," Lee said.

"I've got to the stage now where I want to do something different, even if I don't know what it is yet," she said.

Having competed against the best in the game, Lee is clearly finding it hard to maintain her motivation as she slips in the women's tour rankings.

Despite success earlier this year in a minor tournament and her highly publicized doubles partnership with Anna Kournikova, she clearly feels it is time to move on.

"I've been married to tennis for a long time now. Relationships are hard to keep up on tour and maybe it's time to look to the future," she said.

Jan 15th, 2003, 02:53 AM
Originally posted by lin
Yung-Jan is big for 13 yrs old ;)

I think this pic is her

Wow, has she had good results in tennis?

Jan 15th, 2003, 08:27 AM
Janet/Wynne won first match at Aus Open :D :bounce:

Janet Lee/Wynne Prakusya[11] def. Magdalena Maleeva/Iva Majoli 6/1 6/4

Jan 15th, 2003, 08:32 AM
Originally posted by Steveg
Why so Lin:confused: ? You can post in traditional characters if you want ;) .

I guess it's not good for people who don't understand Chinese ;) .

Jan 15th, 2003, 08:42 AM
Originally posted by LeonHart
Wow, has she had good results in tennis?

This year is her first year to play big events, she is still learning and getting experience :) . She beat some weak opponents easily but lost some tough matches after winning first set easily.She will do much better when she comes breakthrough :) .

Jan 19th, 2003, 10:40 AM
We all know Janet/Wynne lost but in mixed doubles Janet/Jared Palmer are in QuarterFinal :D

As for Yung-Jan, she has bad draw at Aus Open :( , but what's worse is she is listed CHN in the draw :fiery: :rolleyes: . Hope they can change it if they saw my post on the feedback :( .

Jan 20th, 2003, 12:42 AM
Yes, Janet won her mixed doubles R2 match by W/O ;) . All the best to her in QF.

Jan 21st, 2003, 11:07 AM
a win is a win no matter what ;) hope we will see Janet vs. Wynne final ;)

As for Yung-Jan, her nationality has been changed back, and she lost in singles. But she and her partner Aleksandra Wozniak beat #1 seed to reach 2nd rd :D

Yung Jan Chan (TPE)/Aleksandra Wozniak (CAN) def. Jarmila Gajdosova (SVK)[1]/Andrea Hlavackova (CZE)[1] 6/4 6/4

Jan 22nd, 2003, 01:43 PM
Yung-Jan and Aleksandra advanced to QF :D

2nd rd

Yung Jan Chan (TPE)/Aleksandra Wozniak (CAN) d. Dubravka Cupac (AUS)/Natalie Tanevska (AUS) 6-3 6-4 :D :bounce:

Janet lost though :sad:

Jan 23rd, 2003, 10:38 AM
Yung-Jan and Aleksandra advanced to Semi final :D

Yung Jan Chan (TPE)/Aleksandra Wozniak (CAN) d. (5) Sylvia Montero (FRA)/Charlene Vanneste (FRA) 6-4 6-4 :bounce: :bounce: :D

very impressive for 13 yrs old :D even though I think her partner helps her a lot :) .

They will face a tough opponent in semi Cetkovska/Strycova who ever was #1 in girls doubles.

Jan 24th, 2003, 01:59 AM
Petra Cetkovska (CZE)/Barbora Strycova (CZE) def. Yung Jan Chan (TPE)/Aleksandra Wozniak (CAN) Walkover :sad:

I hope nothing serious wrong with either Yung Jan and Aleksandra :(

still good result though :)

Jan 24th, 2003, 08:38 AM
Yung Jan was okay,
but her parterner Aleksandra retired after her single lost...


Jan 24th, 2003, 11:11 AM
Thanks Grace, I know you can tell us what happened :) .

I already assumed this kind of situation when I saw this result :rolleyes: . poor Yung-Jan :(

Jan 25th, 2003, 01:52 PM
Coincidence : both Wynne Prakusya and Janet Lee lost on the score of 36 36 at the Toray tournament. Hopefully things will be better in doubles.

Shine On Silver Moon
Jan 26th, 2003, 08:22 AM
Yup, previous coincidence: both Janet and Wynne lost in QF in mixed doubles at AO!:( :eek: Good luck in doubles here!:D :wavey:

Rising Sun
Jan 26th, 2003, 01:36 PM
Speaking of Taiwanese Juniors, Ting-Wen Wang won 3 straight tourneys in Bangladesh! (Grade 5, 3 & 3), and is now on her career high ranking of 50.

Why didn't she play the Australian Open? :rolleyes:

She'll be turning 18 later this year, I wonder if she's intending to turn pro? :confused:

Jan 26th, 2003, 02:03 PM
This is the same thing happening to Tai-Wei Liu in boys whoes ranking already inside top 20(due to some 18 yrs old are out of ranking though)but still playing those three low level events and won all of them. My thoughts are they thought it's not worthy to play Aus circuit. They may fear it's too expensive to play Aus Circuit and they may not get some wins there.

I can understand Ting-Wen's decision because she is not that good and seems doesn't have to too much potential...As far as I know, she plays moonballing types game ;) .

I heard her parents don't really want her to continue playing tennis after juniors half year ago :( , I hope their parents already changed their decision or reconsider it now...

As for Tai-Wei, I think he can try to play bigger events. I know he didn't win any matches at some biggest tournaments in Europe at the middle of last year by using his own money. But since some big names are gone, I really hope he can still try to play those big events this year, and he did beat the good American junior Brendan Evans at Thailand last October who reached QF at Aus Open...

well maybe Grace can tell us more about this issue ;) .

Jan 26th, 2003, 02:21 PM
I think Ting-wen really have to change her moonballing game!!or she won't have future career as pro player.

Speaking to moonballing, I am worried about Yung Jan's younger sister. She won the 10 year-old champonships last moth but used moonballing almost all match. even in the final against Su-wei's sister who was shoter 20 cm than she...

But the coach who teach Ting-wen and Yung Jan's sister, called the moonball as " finghting ball"

Rising Sun
Jan 26th, 2003, 03:07 PM
I read somewhere once that Ting-Wen plays a similar game to Justine Henin... but now it seems that was definitely not true! :o :eek:

I really would like to see her play some small pro tourneys, then she'll be able to see where she stands at the moment...

BTW, do you any of you know what's Hsueh-Li Hsu up to? I remember she used to play quite a lot of Asian tourneys a few years ago, but disappeared... :sad:

Jan 27th, 2003, 08:37 AM
oh well I think it's me who said Ting-Wen plays like Justine in this board :o . I can't find in Asian Assault though...sorry but it's just I saw from someone who attended the local event's reports in December 2001...I got the correction at the middle of last year and I saw her moonballing game reported on the news...

I think moonball can be fighting ball if you have good mind, but from what I heard about Ting-Wen on court, she seems not that mental strong...and I also hope Yung-Jan's younger sister can change her style...at least it seems Yung-Jan doesn't play moonballing game too much ;).

Grace, how about Tai-Wei, do you know anything about him?

Jan 27th, 2003, 12:58 PM
Hsueh-Li Hsu has retired, she is a school teacher now.;)

I try to contact with Tai-wei's coatch or parents, wait for my news!
Also, you will see the news about Sui-wei and Yung-jan tommorow.

Jan 27th, 2003, 01:29 PM
I called Tai-wei today, he told me that he missed the deadline of the Aus Open this year...but he think played small events also learned a lot becasue can play more rounds.:o

About the next tourment, he will play Taiwan's G3 tourment next month, after that, i have to ask his coach.sorry cannot reach him now.

guys, tommrrow is my birthday, i want to enjoy my party as i can,maybe won't be here:cool:
see u later.

Jan 27th, 2003, 08:18 PM
Happy birthday Grace http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/otn/party/hb2.gif


Jan 28th, 2003, 01:52 PM
Thanks Grace :) .

I really hope Tai-Wei can play some big tournament after Taiwan Grade 3 tournament(he can win that Taiwan tournament easily I think, but maybe we can expect surprise ;) ). and actually from the middle the March there will be 4 consecutive Grade 1 events in Asia, and I remember on the CTTA website, they will give some high national ranking players sponsor to play there, so I think and hope he will be there. As I said before, I hope he can try.

About Hsueh-Li Hsu, I can't recognise her Chinese Name :confused:, can you post her Chinese name here thanks :).

About Yung-Jan's news, it just again mentions her idol is Venus Williams, and she is very happy to see Venus's match live. She wasn't happy about Wozniak's withdrawl, they will keep in touch by e-mails :cool: I hope they can have good relationship too because Wozniak is a really good juniors right now...

and Happy Birthday Grace :D, also good for your birthday near Chinese New Year :cool:.

Shine On Silver Moon
Jan 29th, 2003, 10:08 AM
Hooray...happy birthday, Grace...many happy returns...:cool: :wavey: :bounce: :)

Shine On Silver Moon
Jan 29th, 2003, 10:11 AM
Janet...well done on your performace with Wynne today against solid pair from Russia...and next up another tough pair...mix of Aussie and Russky...At least, you reach QF again like last year and this time, do your best to reach SF...U two can do it together...do not repeat QF only like in AO...Come on, Janet/Wynee...can do...can do...can do...!!!:cool: :wavey: :bounce: :fiery: :devil:

Jan 29th, 2003, 12:03 PM
Thanks for all greeting, I am so happy!:kiss:

Hsueh-Li Hsu, I think is 徐雪麗。

Jan 29th, 2003, 04:05 PM
thanks Grace :)

now I know who Hsueh-Li Hsu is, I remember she had some good results few years ago... :)

Jan 29th, 2003, 09:45 PM
:wavey: Hey Lin, Hey Grace! (welcome)

nee men how ma? :)

Jan 30th, 2003, 03:15 AM
I'm fine ;) sorry I don't really know how to type Chinese in English...

so LeonHart I assume you can speak Mandarin well?

Jan 31st, 2003, 12:01 AM
LoL, im ok i guess...I went to Chinese school in America up to when i wuz a freshmen in high school. I can only understand it, speaking and writing it is another story ;)

Shine On Silver Moon
Jan 31st, 2003, 03:51 AM
gracelay...GONG XI FAT CHOY!!!:cool: :wavey: :bounce:

Jan 31st, 2003, 11:00 AM
Xei Xei Nimen 謝謝你_
LeonHart, lokamaya

Yan Nen Ru Yi ( 羊年如意) 我猜,是這樣拚吧? Lin?

Jan 31st, 2003, 02:13 PM
我想是吧 I guess so :p

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone :D :wavey:

Feb 1st, 2003, 06:40 PM
:D cool, chinese letters! I can read some! :p

Feb 5th, 2003, 04:58 PM
Hey Grace, I attended Davis Cup exhibition matches yesterday :) . Were you there too? Do you have any comments about the matches and players? ;)

Feb 6th, 2003, 06:58 AM
yes, i was there.

I think both players and fans need "education"...players didn't know how to please fans, fans didn't show there feeling as the games went on...maybe we don't have many chances to see the f exhibitions competions.:rolleyes:

Feb 6th, 2003, 07:04 AM
Her father told me this schedule

Feb G3 Junior tourment in Taiwan

March Aus$10000 four stages
April Vie$25000 JPN$50000 2 stages
Jun Kor
Jul Chn

Feb 6th, 2003, 12:16 PM
Originally posted by gracelay
yes, i was there.

I think both players and fans need "education"...players didn't know how to please fans, fans didn't show there feeling as the games went on...maybe we don't have many chances to see the f exhibitions competions.:rolleyes:

really :confused: The only thing I am not happy is the exhibitions matches are too short :( , they should have made arrangements with Kazakhstan team :( . Fans are fine I think. As for the players, I think Yeu-Tzuoo was doing his routine job ;) :angel: .

thanks for the schedule Grace :) .

Feb 7th, 2003, 09:08 AM
Lin, please check on your mail, i send u my mobil phone.

Feb 7th, 2003, 09:14 AM
Originally posted by gracelay
Lin, please check on your mail, i send u my mobil phone.

thanks :) It's very kind of you :) . I will send a mail to you later :) .

Rising Sun
Feb 11th, 2003, 03:58 PM
Grace, thank you for Chin-Wei's schedule. :)
She should stop playing Juniors because she's already allowed to play a full WTA schedule. :(

BTW, does anybody know what happened to Hsiao-Han Chao? She hasn't played a pro tourney since June last year... :eek:

Lan-Lan Tai's disappeared as well... :sad:

Feb 12th, 2003, 06:07 AM
Hsiao-Han Chao went to college from the news I read...and she will probably play Taiwanese local tournaments only in the future...

The same thing may happen to Ting-Wen Wang when she goes to the college this September which Grace told me on Sunday...

Lan-Lan Tai may be in the same situation...

I guess it's because they and their family don't think it's worthy playing overseas cos they aren't that good...

Chin-Wei playing ITF junior events in Taiwan is fine as she can play it as practising...Same for Tai-Wei Liu ;) .

Rising Sun
Feb 12th, 2003, 12:54 PM
Thanks for the info lin. :wavey:

Hsiao-Han made a good choice, because her results weren't very good. :o

If I were Ting-Wen, I would at least attempt to play pro tourneys for 1 year then make a decision. That's what Hsiao-Han did, and it did her some good.

Does Chin-Wei plan to play the pro tour full-time? :confused:

Feb 12th, 2003, 02:08 PM
I think it's Ting-Wen's parents who don't really want her to play overseas again...I hope she can do well in Taiwan $10K this May, then her parents might change the decision...

As for Chin-Wei, considering from her schedule this year, I think she wants to play full-time first, then it will depend on her results...She is better than Ting-Wen and Hsiao-Han in juniors, recently she beat Chia-Jung in January in Taiwan...I hope she can do well on pro...

Rising Sun
Feb 13th, 2003, 03:31 PM
I don't understand why Ting-Wei plays so many junior tourneys overseas, and yet doesn't expect to play any pro events? She may as well stop playing overseas junior events... :rolleyes:

Good decision for Chin-Wei. I do hope she does well this year. :)

Feb 15th, 2003, 06:36 AM
14 yrs old I-Hsuan HWANG just won ITF Grade 4-20th International Junior Championships of Sri Lanka :D :D

Congrats to her for first ITF juniors title :)

Feb 15th, 2003, 07:10 PM
Janet and Wynne won Tier III Doha doubles title on Saturday :D :bounce:

Feb 19th, 2003, 06:40 PM
Janet is presently #1 in the qualifying list of Cortec $50K (St Paul, Mn). I hope the list will clear up a little bit so that she can access directly the main draw :) .

Mar 3rd, 2003, 02:32 AM
Any hint as to who will be playing Fed Cup for Taiwan this year :confused: . Will Janet be participating, either in singles or in doubles?

Mar 5th, 2003, 10:40 AM
No one :confused: .

I think that Janet won't play Fed Cup this year, but I am not 100% sure :o .

Mar 5th, 2003, 12:26 PM
No one :confused: .

I think that Janet won't play Fed Cup this year, but I am not 100% sure :o .

Why do you think that Janet won't play Fed Cup this year? :confused: I hope she will play...maybe Grace can give us some information :).