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Jul 1st, 2005, 02:15 PM




Thursday 23rd June

A numb arse, 1 nosebleed and a 6 ½ hour coach ride later, I am finally in London…just gotta figure out how to get to Wimbledon! I have already made one mistake….asking a Londoner for help…I mean I had my hands full lugging my suitcase about to even bother attempting to mug someone. Got on a special bus to wimby and spent the journey chatting to 2 ladies from Durham…who tried to feed me a duck sandwich! Got off at Southfields and found my accommodation, my problems still hadn’t gone though…whilst trying to carry my suitcase up 3 flights of stairs…the handle snapped off! Put on the mastercard tee and went off for wimby-after 2 hours of queuing in 32 degree heat I finally got in at 5.10pm. Ended up getting into court 13 and saw the remainder of Mary Pierces match…which went on forever. As soon as that finished people started to leave so I ran and got a seat nearer the action for Lindsay’s doubles match. Wasn’t really paying attention and Lindsay appeared out of nowhere. I couldn’t believe that I was finally seeing her play…I was just sat there watching her and was oblivious to everything else going on around me. I only stayed for the first set as I was knackard and hungry….and for those who don’t know me that is not a good combination! Ended up going to sleep about midnight…

Friday 24th June

Left the b’n’b at 9.30am to join the queue…I ended up in the park and at first the queue was just shocking…my first thought was ‘fuckin hell’.

It surprisingly moved fairly quickly….but just as I got to gate 3 they closed the grounds due to it being at full capacity…bloody typical! Got chatting to 2 young lads who were trying to figure out how to throw a bottle over and into centre court…they were at the point of working out the swing rate and trigonometry needed…we also then got chatting about the periodic table, because that’s an everyday conversation when you have been queuing for 5 hours….isn’t it?? Then this steward said he had some single tickets, my arm bolted upwards and I ran for the ticket. It cost me £29 but considering it should have been £44 and it got me into the grounds I wasn’t that bothered. First stop the practice courts…25 minutes and numerous nobody’s later…she came! The woman I admire…my idol…the reason I am a tennis fan…the player I am at Wimbledon for….Lindsay Davenport. I couldn’t believe she was stood in front of me…she was in a bit of a mood….I blame Jon. Got her auto and took a few piccies. After her practice session I got the banner out so she would come over and sign- had a pic ready and everything. But stupid dickhead Kelly forgot to take the pen out of her pocket…she waved her arms in a ‘tough shit’ kinda way and stomped of down the tunnel…god I love her lol. Whilst there I got autos from Mary Pierce- who signs as slow as she plays. She was really nice and friendly and I said ‘thanks Mary’ and she replied ‘your welcome’. Also got autos from Sebastian Grosjean, Amelie Mauresmo- who is lovely as well, Martina Navratilova-who I gave backchat to. I asked her if could have a pic with her and she said ‘well I’m signed autographs at the moment darling’….’so is that a no then?’…I got no response..oops!. I got really annoyed at some teeny bopper fans who didn’t know who Martina was and asked if it was worth getting her auto…I tried explaining to them that she is quite possibly the greatest female athlete ever but it fell on deaf ears…I ended with ‘well if you don’t know who she is you shouldn’t be allowed into Wimbledon’. All these photographers then started turning up and I wondered who they were waiting for…then Andy Murray turned up and it was mayhem. Credit to the lad as he signed every single autograph…nice guy. Lindsay’s coach, Adam, still hadn’t gone past after their practice sessions so I waited. When he finally appeared I shouted him over and asked if it would be possible to arrange a photo with Lindsay, he said he couldn’t at the moment as she had left for her match,and he doesn’t have the times of their practice sessions cos basically when Lindsay wants to practice she does. He said though next time I see them just ask and he will see what he can do. I told him to wish her good luck from me and he said he would. I forgot to take a pic of him as I was in shock that fit Adam was stood right in front of me chatting to me. All these people thought I knew him or somert..lol.. I wish. Got to court 1 and watch some of Ancic v Monfils and then Lindsay was due on. Spotted Lindsay’s mum in the crowed and took a couple of pics. Then it started to piss it down…thunder, lightening the lot. Play was suspended so no Lindsay, oh well tomorrow is another day. I had no coat so I had to buy a fetching green plastic poncho with a huge wimby badge on the back of it…great! As it went over my backpack I looked like a bloody hunchback.

Saturday 25th June

Got to the queue at 6.30am and it started in the park again. Had the dearest bacon butty at £3….and shit would have tasted better. There were a lot of people but I got into the grounds at 10.50am I went straight to the practice courts where it was like a cattle market…people everywhere. Saw Lindsay again but she only signed 2 auto’s and left. Pretty much stayed there and got auto’s from Taylor Dent, Mario Ancic, Lisa Raymond and Anastacia Myskina. Saw players such as Venus, Serena, Lleyton Hewitt and his bird...Bec Cartwright. Gave her a couple of drawings I had done to give to Lleyton she said they were really good. Also saw Grosjean, KFC, JC Ferrero, Navratilova, Hantucova and Bryan Bro’s. spent time chatting to this kid called Emily…she managed to get Serena’s auto and I was jealous lol. She let me borrow her court 1 ticket so I could see a bit of Andy Roddick‘s match…just as I got in he did his strip tease and bum wiggle...very funny. The highlight of my day was my second Adam Peterson encounter!!! I was walking towards the big TV screen and walked past these men chatting….I stopped...took another look and it was Adam…..AARRGGH! I didn’t want to disturb his conversation so I just stood there looking like a Pratt lol, then one of the men he was with saw me gawping at Adam and said ‘are you ok sweetheart?’…so I asked Adam if I could have my picture with him. This is how is went…

A- why? I’m just a coach

K- yes….but your Lindsay’s coach

A- *laughs*

K- you don’t remember me do you?

A- yeah I do…we were talking yesterday

I pull the banner out of my bag

A- and there is no way Lindsay will have her picture with the banner

the 2 men were asking about the banner and what Tower of Power was…so I explained it all. I gave Adam the banner

A- no way…..no way, you cant have me holding a banner

2men- yes you are *both laughing at Adam*

A- well I’m not having a picture on my own with it

K- I’ll get in it with you.

So we hold the banner together and have our pic taken…then one of the men gets his camera out and takes a picture

2men- Lindsay will love this.

They then notice my tee

2men- that tee is great….thats what you call dedication. But you’ve missed some letters off (referring to UR instead on YOUR)

K-i know..it wouldn’t fit on

Adam laughs…..and the man with the camera takes a picture of my tee to show Lindsay. Then we got chatting about the fans that here supporting Lindsay and I told them to let her know that we are all here cheering her on and we are behind her all the way. I told him to tell her ‘to win the damn thing’

A- *Laughing* that’s what I keep telling her. Will you be here on Monday?

K- yeah theres gonna be 3 of us here flying the banner

2men- she will love that

then I totally made a prick of myself

K- I want her to win this so bad…I couldn’t deal with another loss like last year…I cried my heart out when shara-screamer beat her

A+2men- shara-screamer *laughing*

K- thanks for chatting to me and I will let you go and get on with it now.

A- no worries. Its been nice talking to you and I will see you on Monday.

We were chatting for roughly 20 minutes about Lindsay and stuff and he was so nice and friendly…..i have no idea who the 2 men were though…but they showed Lindsay the pics I know for sure. Went and got some food and wandered back to practice courts to see what was happening…just as I got there Adam and the 2 men were leaving and Adam smiled, waved and said goodbye.:hearts:

Lindsay definitely knows the TOP are in town. I am knackered and plan to get a good nights sleep….then my phone started ringing…you know who you are!

Sunday 26th June

Woke up at 12 noon…no play today so didn’t really do anything. Went to an internet café to check my emails and update the picture thread. Then one of the little lads who live where I am staying came to my room...so we were chatting about his school work and we read ‘Mr messy’. Then he wanted me to test his spelling of the Mr Men names…he is 6. Then I had the embarrassment of spelling Mr noisy wrong lol…watched big brother and went to bed. Tomorrow is a big day!

Monday 27th June

Woke up at 4.30am and I feel sick. I am really nervous about today’s match but hopefully we can get a win…and meet Lindsay and Adam again. Met up with Siobhan and Tim and got in the queue about 6am, got our queue cards and we are about 970..it keeps getting lower. Siobhan then got out uno, and attempted to teach me how to play it…unsuccessfully. We must have had the longest recorded game of uno recorded and we were still on the same game when the queue started to move. We got into the grounds and Siobhan showed Tim around and I went to the stairs near gate 1. At 10.30 the grounds opened and we went to the practice courts…after about an half hour wait Lindsay and Adam showed up. Adam came down the stairs first and I asked him about the photo with Lindsay he said ‘today’s not a good day’…whatever that means. He then started talking to Lindsay and they kept smiling and looking over at us….perhaps Adams told her were the ones who got him to pose with the flag. One thing I have noticed about Lindsay is when u are close to her you can hear her grunt. Jill craybas was on the court next to Lindsay and they had a quick chat then Lisa Raymond came down the stairs and shouted something to Jill about a txt message…didn’t hear what Jill said but Lisa told her to ‘piss off’ in a jokey way. Lindsay’s practice was pretty routine but the funniest bit was when Kim Clijsters was preparing to practice on the next court….Lindsay was returning Adams serves and let one pass her by…not realising Kim was bent down behind her...i swear this serve missed Kim by about an inch…as Lindsay turned round to see where it went she noticed Kim just ducking out of the way and shouted ‘oh shit…sorry’….Kim’s dad was laughing…and told Kim’s hitting partner to hit some big serves. When Lindsay finished she signed some autos and I finally got my US Open pic signed—the fist pump one, and also got Siobhan’s signed for her as she had to leave to see one of the Swedes play. Memo to Lindsay---when offered a sharpie to sign with please use it and not a crappy ballpoint. Also gave her a letter I had written (including links to T.O.P forum)…she smiled and said thanks, woohoo my first Lindsay smile. Adam came out about 10 minutes after…he smiled and said hi and I asked for another pic…he laughed and said ‘no way…you already got one of me’ in a jokey way. Only got a couple of autos…JC Ferrero and Andy Murray again. Met up with Siobhan and Tim on top of Lindsay’s Ledge and we made our way to court 1 where Siobhan knew someone who could get us into Centre Court. This dude let us watch a few games of Roddick which I was happy about and we ate our strawberry’s and cream. We made our way to Centre where we sneaked up some stairs because we were meeting some friends to swap tickets ;-) the guy we were supposed to look for, Tej, had gone on his break so Siobhan told the guy that was on this gate what was going on and he let us sit at the back for a few games till this woman turned up for her seats. Then the best thing happened the guard opened this door and told us to go in there….he’d only let us in the photographers box (which was empty at the time)…we had an awesome view of the court and we were all just smiling and fist pumping and cheering Lindsay….im sure the people in front were quite amused by us. It was like our own personal box…..so a big shout out to Siobhan for that one. The match was so good but I must admit I was a bit pissed off when she lost the tie break but she got through in the end. Met back up with Siobhan who couldn’t bear to watch the 3rd set and we went to court 1 to watch Jonas and Lisa in the doubles…it was a good match. We then went to see Simon Aspinal play in his mixed doubles match. Don’t have to queue tomorrow as we have tickets but the stupid Wimbledon people have put Lindsay on court 1 and we have centre tickets….shittin hell!! I’m absolutely shattered…I am aching…have blisters on my feet, got sunburn on my arms, neck and ears, I mean if your gonna burn me do it all over not in stupid little patches. I even wore my Pratt hat whilst in the sun. Oh well lets see what tomorrow can bring.

Tuesday 28th June

Me and Siobhan had tickets for today so I walked down to the grounds and got in the queue for people with tickets…got chatting to a couple who had court 1 tickets in the hope they would swap...they didn’t. The lady was saying how she didn’t want Andy Roddick to win the title as she met him last year and he was horrible….I explained to her that she met him just after he had been in a hotel fire where he saved lives including players and that it had really affected him….she could believe it and felt quite guilty, I also told her all about his charity work and a story about this young lad called Garret who andy helped….im not gonna type it as it makes me cry….by the end of our conversation she had changed her opinion of him and wanted him to win…lol…the power of Kelly! Finally got I the grounds and went to the practice courts where Shara-screamer was practicing…the amount of drooling 30+ males was very scary. Went back up to where the players come in and out of nowhere Lindsay walks by. Watched some of her practice then went to meet Siobhan to give her her ticket. We went back to the practice courts and spotted a place near the barrier so we claimed that. There was this American woman who was reading my tee and asked if she could film us when they had got there shot of Venus….we said yes and told her we had banners as well…so we got them out under the watchful eye of the security men…then a woman from the BBC asked if she could film us for the 1 o’clock news and wanted us to shout ‘c’mon Lindsay’. We only had to do 3 takes cos we were very professional. At the end of one chant we added ‘Maria who?’….which got a few laughs. Next thing you know Lindsay is walking towards us…so we start shouting her over and she notices the T.O.P banner and my tee. She signs my tee and photo and we asked if we could have our photos with her…to our amazement she said yes!!! I had mine first and look a complete pratt in it…but it was a big occasion for me! Then I took one of Siobhan but due to the lighting, shadows, nerves and Lindsay being 6ft 3…I chopped half her head off...oops. by this point we were so excited we had forgot all about the banner which was now on the floor, Lindsay noticed this and said something along the lines of ‘oh you should never put a flag on the floor’ and bent down to pick it up for us…but the camera crew had tied it the barrier so she just put it in a neat pile. She was smiling and seemed in a really good mood. We wished her luck for her match and off she went. This is how I felt inside


ESPN then wanted to get a shot of the signed tee…..seriously these media hounds are annoying….I cant cope with my life being invaded like this!

We waited for Adam and he came over to us and we told him about the camera crew’s and he said ‘yeah..we heard you shouting while we were on the practice court’, we told him that we finally got our pics with Lindsay and he just smiled a knowing smile. I asked him to sign my tee and he did then Siobhan had her pic with him. He is such a nice bloke. Siobhan reckon Adam has told Lindsay about me cos of when I was chatting to him and those men took pictures of my tee and banner to show her, the letter I gave her and when they were practicing and chatting and both kept looking over at me. Andy Murray was there again and had his pic with Siobhan. We headed to Centre Court to catch some of Momo’s match….she looked good. We stayed for a few games then headed to court 13 to watch some of Bjorkman/ Mirnyi Vs Melzer/Knowles….but we got side tracked by Rainer Schuettler practicing, got his auto. Got to the doubles match and they were in tiebreak. As we made our way to court 1 Siobhan says ‘Kelly…there’s Andy Roddick’…’where?’…..’There’….i just froze and she had t push me to get me to move. We got there and it was full of the ‘i-only-like-him-cos-he-is-fit-and-got-a-big-serve’ fans aka the teeney boppers. Took a few piccies but we couldn’t stay long as we had to somehow try and get into court one for the Lindsay match. We got there and it was the nice guard who got us in for doubles match yesterday….he told us to go to the back row..climb over it and there is a concrete block you can sit on. Just in front of us were an elderly couple who we made the mistake of asking to swap tickets…they were very snobby and not very pleasant to us….so imagine there surprise when they turn round and see us sat behind them mwahahaha!!! They kept giving us dirty looks proberly cos we were listing to our mp3 players and shouting for Lindsay. When is was match point we stood on this concrete block to get a pic of the ‘wave’ and high fived. After that we ran….ok….walked quickly to court 13 which was now in the 5th set..cos of the crowds and people who walk slower than death I lost Siobhan and almost knocked out Jurgan Melzer who got in my way as I was getting annoyed at people getting in my way. Found Siobhan sat on a bench and we just sat there looking through our pictures. We then went to the first aid area cos I needed a plaster…this is how efficient Wimbledon are.

K- can I have a plaster please

FA- take a seat…ok whats ur name

K- Kelly Hopkins

FA- your address?

K- blah blah

FA- date of birth

K- 19.06.83

FA- right whats your injury?

K- injury? I just need a plaster cos my trainer has rubbed my heal

FA- can we see your wound?

K- wound? Its just a rub mark

FA- yes but it might be open

I show them a little red dot on my heal

FA- right...a plaster should sort that out

Did I not ask for that in the first place? Saw one guard put a fire out that had started in a bin….very exciting. It started to rain so we went in the shop where I bought a couple of things then we went back to where I am staying as Siobhan’s dad was picking her up from there. Got some chips from the chippy and they were typical southern chips…SHIT! Dry, hard…..totally minging. Watched the highlights show and went to bed. Last day tomorrow.

Wednesday 29th June

Got up, showered and began to pack my suitcase. Didn’t realise how much shit I had brought with me. Walked to Southfields and went on the net again and updated the pic thread. Got back about 2pm and watch some tennis on TV. Managed to close my suitcase…just! The struggled carrying it back down 3 flights of stairs…gravity did most of the work. My taxi picked me up at 10pm and took me to Victoria coach station where I am now sat on my coach to come home. Its full of weirdo’s, drunken stinky people. Just want to get home, sleep in my own bed and have the luxury of sky TV, interactive.

Jul 1st, 2005, 02:54 PM
LOL, great diary! Sounds like you had a great adventurous day and got the TOP's noticed ;)

Well done :D


Jul 1st, 2005, 02:54 PM
Saw Lindsay again but she only signed 2 auto’s and left wooo me being one of them!!!!

Jul 1st, 2005, 07:07 PM
Yesss TOP's now recognised by Lindsay :)

I am going to go to Acura Classic, JP Morgan Chase open and US Open. Btw, what did you write on the banner? Did you have it as TOP or TOwer of Power?

Jul 1st, 2005, 07:12 PM
We want to see the banner ;) post a pic!

Jul 1st, 2005, 07:58 PM
I'm going to Cali tourneys and New Haven this summer. I'll follow too, I guess.

Jul 1st, 2005, 09:44 PM
Thanks for the report glad to hear you got to meet Lindsay & see her play. So jealou of you talking to Adam:)

Jul 2nd, 2005, 11:13 AM
there is a pic of the banner in the banners thread on here somewhere.

Jul 3rd, 2005, 08:16 AM
WooHoo! Lindsay and the TOPs!

foreva lindsay
Jul 3rd, 2005, 11:37 AM
Aspinal :haha: Aspelin ;)

Jul 3rd, 2005, 04:46 PM
oops sorry...at least i remember we saw him. lol

foreva lindsay
Jul 3rd, 2005, 04:50 PM
how can u forget...hes gorgeous remember ;)

Jennifer's wife
Jul 4th, 2005, 02:18 PM
chuffed for ya kel! ;)

Jul 5th, 2005, 01:07 PM
Kelly you are too funny, that was hilarious!!lol

Lindsay is so funny, when I meet her at the USOpen she was so nice and the next day it obviously was so a bad day!!!lol

Glad you had fun:)

Jul 5th, 2005, 01:15 PM
lol well she IS a gemini ;)

foreva lindsay
Jul 5th, 2005, 05:54 PM
like me ;) i understand lindsays mood swings fully :lol:

Jul 5th, 2005, 07:39 PM
there is a pic of the banner in the banners thread on here somewhere.

Is the American flag with the words "LINDSAY DAVENPORT - TOWER OF POWER" what you call the banner?

foreva lindsay
Jul 8th, 2005, 01:58 PM
yep thats her banner :)

mine said 'queen lindsay'

Jul 8th, 2005, 10:03 PM
well what else would it be??? do not diss the banner lol....
m a gemini too.....and we are perfect...and are not moody *cough*

foreva lindsay
Jul 8th, 2005, 10:05 PM
only 50% of the time :haha: :rolleyes:

Jul 10th, 2005, 11:16 PM
nice diary kellyy... really fun to read. Could you please explain to me what the hell a 'tee' is??? :confused:

It must've been great. Didn't know the guards were such cool people. I'm so glad for you, i can't wait to do something like that myself someday!


Jul 11th, 2005, 02:02 AM
dat's mad az...proud to be member of TOP...hiihihihihi

nice one kel!!!;D
im a gemini too..hahahhahaha....

ur diary is more interesting than my teacher here!!!LOL

tee is a t-shirt or a top....

am i right???

foreva lindsay
Jul 11th, 2005, 01:09 PM
t-shirt ;)

Jul 11th, 2005, 04:26 PM
yes it is a t-shirt...lol. im glad you enjoyed the read lol

Jul 12th, 2005, 10:49 AM
kelly your a comic genuis! Im glad you enjoyed your days out at wimbledon.....sounds like you saw Lindsay everyday.....really pleased for you!

Jul 12th, 2005, 10:04 PM
yes it is a t-shirt...lol. im glad you enjoyed the read lol

thanks, lol:tape: Lindsay totally knows who you are... AND you have given her a letter yourself so she's probably read it already. That must be huge!!! Did u get to explain to her a little bit about the TOPs??


Jul 13th, 2005, 01:38 PM
yeah i included links to us here and even put the oath in there lol....adam and his 2 mates know about us....so i think we can now call ourselves

Jul 15th, 2005, 01:37 PM
Did anyone else see mr bean at wimbledon?
I spotted him from across one of the courts, i cant remember who i was watching, but he was right behind the players on court 3.....
He was wearing his normally light blue hoody.....
xx becks