View Full Version : To some game runners:

Jun 16th, 2005, 08:35 AM
I will be going away to Europe and Japan for 4-5 weeks so i won't be able to play some games. :sad: Sorry, to my doubles partners, especially Davenport in TST, Krunova in FWTT and broncosven in CAD.

LRWTT- Please use the same points that I am using now for the #1 player Estefania Balda ;) :devil:

ETPA- Please use the same points that Rossana is using now!

FWTT- Please use the same points that Kazakazia is using now for the next grass events as they seem to be working very well.

GTL- Looks like I can't play anymore tournaments for a while, i think the Grand Slam final will be a w/o :(

LTA- Same points for Balda please!

ALB- Nicole Pratt will die of HIV/AIDS after this week (as you might already know) so no need for me to send in any points.

TST- Wimbledon champion ( :p ) Yuliana Fedak will use the same points for the next few weeks if that's ok.

SAWTA- Looks like this game will stop running for a few weeks. Thanks for being patient and Rio de Janeiro will begin as soon as I get back! :wavey:

UTA & WFC- Please use the same points that I've already sent in for Myskina and Bartoli, unfortunately if the surface changes I don't think I will be able to send in points unless i can get on at an internet cafe.

CAD- Sorry Sven but my CAD's will be in a bit of a rush but hopefully we can still win! :p

PAW- I'll play Wimbledon and i didn't commit to Modena anyway lol

thanks guys :wavey: