View Full Version : Canadian team lost their best player

Apr 9th, 2002, 03:10 AM
Marie-Eve Pelletier will not play for Canada in the next weekend of fed cup. She's injured to her knee and will take a break of tennis until april 25th and after that slowly get back on the pratice courts.

Apr 10th, 2002, 11:13 AM
Too bad, I hope she'll be ok quickly

Apr 22nd, 2002, 08:31 PM
NO! Poor Marie-Eve! :sad: I wish her all the best and a speedy recovery! WHo is Canada playing?

Apr 22nd, 2002, 10:13 PM
Canada will be facing Brasil, México, venezuela, bahamas,colombia, paraguay, Puerto Rico y Uruguay etc at San Luis Potosí, México
is the group one of the "american Zone"
the matchs will be played between the 22 and the 27
the system is a round robin with two groups the best two teams of each group will be at the semifinals and the winners of the semifinals will play a promotional tourney with two teams of the asiatic zone and 4 europeans loosers of the world group

Apr 22nd, 2002, 10:57 PM
So who is playing Fed Cup for Canada then?? I'm kind of ashamed to say that I don't really follow Canada's Fed Cup team too much... anyways I'm just asking cuz if Marie-Eve is the best player on the Fed Cup team, who else usually plays?? Marie-Eve is the third best Canadian woman btw...

Apr 22nd, 2002, 11:00 PM

Apr 22nd, 2002, 11:08 PM
Oh thanx so much Alx!! At least Canada will have it's two top players!!