View Full Version : Wimbledon serves up a web revamp

Jun 9th, 2005, 12:32 PM
Wimbledon serves up a web revamp (http://www.vnunet.com/computing/news/2137673/wimbledon-serves-web-revamp)

The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) is upgrading its IT systems to give fans in-depth match information for this year's Wimbledon Championships.

The organisation is working with Wimbledon IT supplier IBM to upgrade its web site with enhanced real-time scoreboard graphics and a Linux infrastructure to improve its performance.

Wimbledon.org, which last year received 22 million hits from 3.6 million unique visitors, will include a real-time scoreboard with a 3D graphics application that shows the positions of serves and return strokes.

IBM will work with technology supplier Hawkeye to place cameras in various positions around Centre Court to record data on player and ball positions. Real-time information will then feed back to IBM on-demand servers, so that web site visitors can see graphics on a virtual courtside scoreboard showing the path that the ball takes during each stroke of a rally.

'Effectively, you will be able to replay any point of the match,' said Jeff Lucas, IT director of AELTC. 'Because the umpire waits for applause to subside, in many cases people viewing the web site scoreboard could see the result before it is announced by the umpire on TV.'

The web site's infrastructure has also been enhanced for this year's tournament, with Novell SuSe Linux software being used to improve adaptability, and Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator software managing peaks in network traffic.

AELTC plans to build on last year's use of wireless technology (Computing, 15 April 2004) by installing more than 50 access points throughout Wimbledon.

Photographers and journalists in the main courts will be able to send reports and live images using wireless laptops and digital cameras, with hotspots also situated on the outskirts of the club's grounds.

Media representatives will also be able to use the Cisco Aeronet wireless network to access the club's intranet, which shows match statistics and player data.

And voice over wireless technology will be tested by select staff, to see if walkie-talkies and mobile phones can be replaced by voice-command devices.