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Jun 4th, 2005, 08:11 PM
My God, what a crap and boring day it was at Edgbaston for the first qualifying round today. Play was supposed to start at 11am, and at 10:50 a quick shower pushes the start of play to 11:15am, then another shower, play won't start til 12:30pm or whatever they were saying. When play finally got underway we had about 25 minutes worth. Arvidsson had won the 1st set 6-0. Tu was leading 3-1, Sfar was winning 2-1, and Cohen Aloro was up 4-0. Then another stupid tiny shower, halts play once again, by this time I am really bored.

After the tiny showers beforehand, the groundspeople decided to not put the covers on the court this time in anticipation for a quick shower, as there were lots of blue skies approaching, it seemed this would be the case. Of course, this would be the longest and heaviest downpour of the day (and the last). It lasted about 4-5 minutes, and the covers were not on courts 1,2 and 3. only court 4 had covers. Play was due to begin at 3:45 on court 4, and 4pm on the others. And this is more or less what happened.

Cohen Aloro was up 6-0 2-0, only then did she decide to take her time as she probably knew I wanted her to hurry up so i could watch Karen play. Stupid errors from her at times :(, and who is Lyubtsova? she didn't seem too bad really, quite powerful off both sides, but serve not much good :). I wasn't bothered who won as long as they hurried up, but no, they had to go to a 3rd set tie break :mad: and I had to wait even longer to see Karen :fiery:

When the others came back out to play, Arvidsson quickly finished off her match against Osterloh, no whinging. Callens & Sfar both refused to play because the court was wet. Then Craybas & Tu saw that Callens & Sfar were moaning, so thought they'd have a go aswell. So no more play on that court. If Arvidsson and Osterloh could play on court 1, the other courts would have been the same, so I add Tu, Craybas, Callens (especially) & Sfar to my player blacklist as it was just quite clear they couldn't be arsed to play. Then, and now this really annoyed me, after Arvidsson had won, Natalie Grandin came onto court fannying about checking the grass, and then she and Uberoi called the tournament referee people down, and eventually decided they wouldn't play :rolleyes: Now, if Arvidsson & Osterloh could play on that court without any problems, why couldn't Grandin & Uberoi?!?!?! It wasn't as if, with her size, Grandin would do a lot of running about anyway :p :rolleyes: So no play on courts 1,2 or 3.

Then, the match I had been waiting for, and it was the only thing I really paid much attention to today, was the Paterson vs. Sequera match. These 2 just came onto court, no fuss whatsoever, didn't even bother checking the ground. Karen was bad. Went 0-3 down, and called the trainer for a problem on her lower back, she must have had some sort of injury because she didn't seem to run to many of the balls I thought she'd have been able to get, her serve wasn't working very well (although I believe the umpire was calling service faults, even though, in my opinion, they were in ;)). Another thing about karen, is she has a severe lack of patience, she is so much better than her ranking, she should be progessing towards the top 100, not languishing in the 400's. Maybe when she develops some patience this will happen ;). Sequera didn't have to do much against an injured brit, I bet she loves her part of the draw, maybe another Brit (one with patience) would have taken advantage of that draw. But Sequera did beat Becky LL last week in Surbiton, so maybe not.

Saw lots of players about the place. After a set of showers, Sharapova got a court uncovered (whilst the rest remained covered up), had security guards standing near the practice court, and a tv crew from Midlands Today were filming her :rolleyes: Not really fair on the other players who had to wait ages for the other 2 courts to be uncovered, and then have to share 4 to a court, whilst Sharapova gets 1 to herself. Saw Molik, Kremer, Schaul, Llewellyn, O'Donoghue, O'Brien, Webley-Smith, Borwell, Lucie Ahl, Razzano, Perry, Panova (?), the Uberoi's, either wondering about or practicing.

All in all, a pretty crappy day to say the least. :(

Might go tomorrow, depends on the weather forecast (although maybe I shouldn't bother) If not tomorrow, I might go tuesday instead.

Jun 4th, 2005, 08:18 PM
thanx for report :yeah:

unlucky,better luck next time,but it will be high quality tournement...

Jun 4th, 2005, 08:18 PM
cheers matey, sorry you had a shit day, and then waiting around for karen didn't really amount to much.

i don't think karen is really over her injury, thats the third match in a row she's called the trainer on. hope she'll be okay for next week

yeah the stats looked bad, so all in all she had a shocker. but sequera has grass court credentials, so hopefully even just 1 more match on grass, albeit a short and bad one will help her for next week.

looks like a bad move from the organisers not covering the courts, and also from cohen-aloro not to win as quickly

weather looks a bit better for tomorrow :)

did u manage to get a chat with karen? was helen or vic their watching her?

Jun 4th, 2005, 08:26 PM
and i totally agree with the "patience" remark. she needs to calm down and relax, and wait for the opening. she's good enough to rally from teh back, but tries to finish poitns early and it doesn't pay off, especially against someone like millie who gets everything back.

also notice she had a couple of game and break points which she didn't take, perhaps that saw off any belief and confidence she had left?

oh well, go out and work on your return game and your self-belief. you can be a great player KP we know it!! :D:D

and boo at the other players for not going on (hahaha at your grandin remark - so true!!)

Jun 4th, 2005, 08:31 PM
thank you so much :)

Milagros :)

Jun 4th, 2005, 08:58 PM
Karen was with someone who looked like Victoria Davies, she watched her match, and was with her around the grounds during the day. Karen should have done better on some of Sequera's 2nd serves, and could have done better on the break point chances, never mind. Hope things go better in the play-offs, she better get a WC of some sort for Wimbledon, could be her breakthrough event ;)

The courts (all 4 of them) were checked during/after the rain delays by Donna Kelso (i think it was her, definitely someone called Donna ;)) thoughrougly, and she decided the courts were ready, and if Arvidsson & Osterloh could play why couldn't the others? Callens/Sfar had decided before they went on they wouldn't play, it was obvious they just didn't want to. Stupid organisers putting their matches on 1st tomorrow, that could delay things even more for them if things are like today

Jun 4th, 2005, 09:59 PM
Thanks pdm :kiss:

Milagros played well? :D

Karen :sad:

Jun 5th, 2005, 03:11 AM
Thanks for the match report. I hope Sofia gets herself into position to claim a top 100 ranking, and does it this time. As far as Natalie goes, I feel bad for the poor girl. I didn't think she was half bad, but ya, the weight is an issue she needs to correct, with her ranking slumping as it is. :rolleyes:

What does the term 'fannying' mean? :tape:

Jun 5th, 2005, 03:13 AM
Just wondering, does Sofia look to be back in shape?

Jun 5th, 2005, 06:31 AM
Im going today until wed i really hope the weather gets better cos i had enough of stopping and starting at surbiton

Jun 5th, 2005, 06:45 AM
Sharapova got a court uncovered (whilst the rest remained covered up), had security guards standing near the practice court, and a tv crew from Midlands Today were filming her :rolleyes: Not really fair on the other players who had to wait ages for the other 2 courts to be uncovered, and then have to share 4 to a court, whilst Sharapova gets 1 to herself.
i am a fan of maria , but i wonder how the tournament organisers justify such a decision. :confused:

BTW , thanks for the nice report. :)

Jun 5th, 2005, 08:22 AM
Thanks Peter :D

And Meilen rocks, so no bad words about her :nerner: