View Full Version : Ladies Singles Final Prediction: (10) Justine Henin-Hardenne vs. (21) Mary Pierce

Jun 2nd, 2005, 04:01 PM
This is a great story of two comebacks. One one side, you have Justine, who turned 23 yesterday, whose 2004 tennis season, whcih started great, went down in flams (other than her Olympic gold medal win) due to a mysterious virus. She then suffered a knee injury which kept her off the tour at the start of this year. But since her return, she has only suffered one loss and that was to Maria Sharapova, who she has since beaten twice. Her road to the final has been tough, playing some tough three set matches, one of which she almost lost (against Svetlana). On the other side, you have Mary Pierce, who has battled a series of injures since 2000 and saw her ranking stadily drop. However, when she scored a surprise victory against Venus at the 2004 Athens games I had the feeling this wasn't the last we would hear from her and it wasn't. She scored anotehr surprise victory against Maria at the USO and had solid results for the rest of 2004. This year got off slow when she didn't compete at the AO, but I must admit I was surprised that she will be playing in the FO final on Saturday because though I thought she would be top 20 player from now until the end of her career, I didn't see her ever getting this far at a Grand Slam again due to her age, injury battles and weight issues, but it is nice to see her back.

Having said all of that, though Justine has had a harder road than Mary to the final, I see her winning this, but in three sets due to the fact that Mary's serve is better than hers, but I think she will frustrate Mary with her shot variety