View Full Version : crazillo retires for good!

May 25th, 2005, 10:22 AM
My plan was to play my last tournament here where I had my greatest win. In the future I will have much tennis myself, school work will overcome me, I won't be at home quite often and I start to learn e-guitar. I really have other priorities right now and want to thank you for all the great time here. I will be in Paris for 4 days and wouldn't have been able to defend my title anyways.
Please remove me from all commitements and rankings sandg. Thanx for all your hard work, hope I could help you two or three times.
Goodbye, Sascha

BTW, German PAW will be better than ever with rrfnpump so I can retire for good I think. Hope you will remember me as the first German top-10 player and Slam winner.

Cheers! :cool: