View Full Version : This is f***ed up

Dr. Appleby
Apr 5th, 2002, 11:29 PM
I kept making a big noise, as did other fans, that Monica should not have played Miami. It was too much hardcourt tennis back to back. I knew, as many did, that this was bound to happen.

There was no need for her to play so much. 3 clay events (Amelia, Family Circle, and Rome) would have been enough to boost her ranking and keep her fresh for Roland Garros.

I do not doubt that this injury is real because last year when she decided at the last minute to drop the Pilot Pen before the US Open, she just said that she needed a week's rest (she did not make up an injury).

What idiots are advising Monica? It was clear to everyone that she should not have played.

Oh well, if the injury hangs on, Monica's last chance to win Roland Garros and a slam may be gone now:fiery:

Apr 6th, 2002, 12:12 PM
First of all don't be so pessimistic.
Monica realized she should not played all these evens too late.
I still hope injury is not that bad. She played so well in Miami. If she was injured, she couldn't play so well.
Monica loves Amelia Island tournament and she probably didn't want to dissapoint organizers and fans and she said she's injured. Remember last year Hingie and Lindsay did the same thing when they withdrew from Toronto and then Lindsay played Pilot Pen and both played US Open. Or Venus and Championships. Hope it's the same case.

But it's good you're making a big noise about this :) It's our Monica :)