View Full Version : Great Blast From The Past Matches - Aussie Final 2002

May 1st, 2005, 11:53 PM
Hey All,

I found a VHS tape w/no identification on it today. Popped it in - and it was Martina & Monica playing in the semis - Aussie 2002. It was a great match. Next up was Jennifer & Kim - but I must have had my reasons for not taping it - because just as I was getting ready to enjoy it - Martina & Jennifer pops on.

Martina was leading 6-4 - 4-0 & then the tables turned. From the first game of the second set - these players were getting winded and tired. So we can imagine what was to come until it was all said and done. Remember after Martina was up 2-0 - is when Jen cussed and asked that a lineman be removed. The lineman was removed at 3-0 (2nd set), and the ladies took the opp to take a bathroom break. When they came back - Martina went up 4-0.

Then it was on. Jennifer clawed her way back - and she started pounding the ball. Needless to say - Martina was overcome by the heat and sort of wilted away. Martina did try to hang in there though in the third - but to no avail.

I noticed - Martina was one of the first to use the Hack Shot as Mary Jo calls it. She was good at it. She was serving 83% 1st serve - for most of her lead.

In a way - it was sad to watch again. I am glad that neither one of them had any heart or blood pressure problems - because the heat was on - humming and unbearable. It truly is a wonder they insisted the match be concluded under such circumstances.

Martina & Anna won the doubles title that year - remember?

Anyone watch that one or any other blasts from the past lately? I have over three dozen tapes - and hardly ever pop one in anymore. But at the time - I had to tape 'em. LOL! I just noticed I had a tape of the Lindsay/Martina final at the old Miami tourney & a couple of double finals of the Sisters from back then.

Pam stated that from 1998 - the number one player had not won a slam. Jennifer was the first to do it w/the Aussie 2002. Whom was next - Serena?

I just concluded watching the final. Now I am going to see if I taped anything after it on that tape - besides the award ceremony. LOL!

Take it easy does it.