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Apr 28th, 2005, 07:16 PM
April 27, 2005

Sony Ericsson WTA Tour
Patty Schnyder's Diary

Current world No.13 Patty Schnyder is in Warsaw, Poland this week, competing as the No.4 seed at the J & S Cup. She has decided to share what it is like to play on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour by providing fans a glimpse into her life with this WTATour.com Online Diary.
April 27, 2005

Easy morning... I slept until 9 o'clock and went to breakfast with my husband and coach Rainer. My hitting partner Marc had breakfast earlier and went for a walk in the nearby city center, which he told me about on our ride to the tennis stadium at 11.30. The young driver had one of his own techno CD's :)), so we were finally awake!

Today's practise was a short mix of everything, because tomorrow the tournament is gonna kick off for me. Some extra dropshots and winners. And don't get upset Patty with all the bad bounces on those courts, I told myself a couple of times!!!!

Time for lunch with Rainer and Marc. I checked some match scores and saw some points before leaving to my cooking session at the Whirlpool tent, one of the Tour's sponsors. Together with a Polish cook, we baked some pastries. I had to put the prepared filling and put the pastry into the oven, the newest model, but easy to handle. The media took some pictures and some fans asked for autographs.

Before leaving the club, I left some racquets with the stringer, but could not yet book a practise court for tomorrow's warm up since the schedule wasn't out yet. Around 5.30 Rainer and I had some coffee at the hotel bar, played our favorite card game and talked about tomorrow's match. I also had a nice and funny SMS chat with one of my best friends at home.

Tonight was the player's party. Very nice food and good music, but we would also have liked to watch the Champions League semifinal soccer match between Chelsea and Liverpool. Especially Marc my hitting partner, he's a passionate Barca fan, because Barcelona lost to Chelsea!!!!

C U Soon,

Bless Patty, she rocks, i hope she was cheering on Liverpool last night :)