View Full Version : Star Wars products you will never see

Apr 20th, 2005, 11:12 PM
I posted this on the imdb message board under the screenname "jarjarstink" (hehe) and have added some things to the list. Here is a list of Star Wars products you will NEVER see

-Jar Jar Binks Pinata
-The Ewok Adventure: Part Three
-Phantom Menace: The Special Edition
-Full size replicas of the first Death Star and the Millenium Falcon
-"Jabba the Hutt's Guide to weightloss" book.
-Jar Jar Binks dart set
-Grand Moff Tarkin Foul Stench Removing Body Wash
-Princess Leia Hairbun Earmuffs
-Jar Jar Binks punching bag with sound effects
-Garbage Chute Slime Shampoo
-Tautaun Guts Cereal
-Darth Sidious bra and panties set
-Sarlaac Digestive Aid Medicine

and finally.....
-Digitally remastered widescreen DVD's of the original original Star Wars trilogy (the pre-Special Edition version)