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Apr 12th, 2005, 12:38 PM
Beyonce and Tina Knowles' House Of Dereon To Outfit Destiny's Child World Tour; Destiny Fulfilled


NEW YORK, April 11 -- Beyonce and Tina Knowles' fashion label, House of Dereon, announced today that they will provide exclusive wardrobe for the members of best-selling female group, Destiny's Child, as they take the concert stage in their upcoming tour; Destiny Fulfilled. This year's April 2005 tour is a highly anticipated as it has been three years since the group took the world by storm with an international tour.

Tina Knowles and her design team at The House of Dereon have designed sixty original ensemble costumes for Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams to wear as they perform for an estimated forty domestic and thirty-five international cities crossing the globe. The completely accessorized costumes will run the gamut from sporty looks to outfits with a true evening feel. The outfits, designed with luxury fabrics which include imported leathers, stretch silk, silk charmeuse, crystal mesh, and iridescent and silk chiffon, incorporate hundreds of hours in handwork, custom finishing and intricate beading with Swarovski Crystal.

Beyonce has also played a very active role in the creative direction and inspiration for each piece; including the thirty-six outfits Tina designed with leather and denim for the Destiny's Child back-up dancers. With a successful music career and a burgeoning film career, Beyonce has segued into one of her other passions, fashion. Beyonce had this to say, "Performing is not only about sharing my musical passions, but it's also about expressing my individuality. By having Destiny's Child wearing House of Dereon on the tour, I am able to express my creativity and love of music and fashion."

House of Dereon Co-Creative Director, Tina Knowles said, "This is the fun part of the job! To be able to design clothing with my daughter for her, Kelly and Michelle is a complete thrill on every level. Through fashion, we are able to add an exciting visual component to the live performance of Destiny's Child ... this is one of the reasons we started House of Dereon."

House of Dereon has joined forces with Swarovski, the largest manufacturer of cut crystal in the world, to create custom designed Swarovski crystal appliques and beading adornment for the costumes in the tour. "Swarovski is thrilled to have a creative partnership with the House of Dereon and to have the stars of Destiny's Child sparkle on stage with Swarovski crystal," explains Nadja Swarovski, Vice President of International Communications for Swarovski.

Heather Thomson Schindler, Co-Creative Director at House of Dereon, added "The wardrobe for the tour is a direct reflection of Destiny's Child. Each piece has a moody, romantic feeling, featuring dramatic cuts that are sexy and uninhibited."

In addition to creating the wardrobe for the Destiny's Fulfilled tour, House of Dereon will be focusing some of their marketing initiatives to support the tour and further fuel their young contemporary sportswear collection which is slated to launch in select department and specialty stores across the country in October 2005.