View Full Version : Stepmother or Stepmonster - do you get on well with your step family or not?

Apr 5th, 2005, 03:41 PM
I was just moaning in my blog here about my stepmother and just wanted to see how other people get on with step parents and step families.
I think it's kind of expected that you ain't gonna like a step parent at first but a couple of my mates at work think their step parents are just peachy. On the other [scary] hand I have the classic Stepmother from Hell. I call her my Stepmonster because that's what Summer in The OC calls hers and Summer's just cool.
My dad left home about 6 years ago without much warning and for a few years after that he was not around much at all. He phoned a couple of times a year or so. Then about 3 years ago he started turning up more often and announced he was getting remarried. My brother Warren refused to go to the wedding but my sister and I [for some reason] went and she made us feel like lepers and it's not been good ever since. She phoned me just over a week ago saying my dad feels bad about how things are and how he's been quite down about it and they cancelled a holiday because of it. So she's blaming us because we don't get in touch enough and don't care enough and now he's cancelling her holiday [they go on about 4 a year anyway] and she's calling ME heartless. She said they were considering moving abroad and I maybe gave the impression that I couldn't care too much which got her angrier and swearing her head off. Warren has not even spoken to him in about 2 years so I sometimes feel like they are lucky I speak to them at all.

Now unbelievably her daughter phoned the house and quite angrily said we were upsetting her mother. I am honestly sick of the lot of it.

Anyone else have to suffer a step family or do you all get on really well [if so, I am envious]

Apr 5th, 2005, 03:44 PM
Your stepmother seems like a nasty piece of work!