View Full Version : It's OK Williams Fans.....

Mar 31st, 2005, 06:39 PM
Ok. Serena failed to win her 4th Straight Nasdaq Title, and Venus failed to keep the Wiliams Legacy alive, but.......

Both are safe in their ranking spots and a victory at Miami would not have raised their rankings.....

Serena has QF points @ Amelia, and if she wins, and Davenport doesn't....that could translate into a rankings move for Serena

Venus has CHAMPION points to defend @ Charleston and now she has a week + to get ready for the first big clay tourney of the year.

Time has shown than when the sisters play for long periods of time they get fatigued and tend to lose form.

They both performed strongly here and now we can just focus on their soon and iminent domination of the clay season!