View Full Version : Question? And some observations!

Mar 25th, 2005, 10:11 PM
Firstly let me begin by saying this is just a side note I guess. I just wanted to get a better more succint input or insight into the following observations and comments. After having watched the Venus-Capriati duels of 2001 I just realized and came to the conclusion that Jennifer Capriati really isnt much of the "power babe" they really claim she really is, now lets not be foolish, shes no powder puff girl either, very few players hit cleaner strokes off the ground than Jenny and shes got awesome hands.

However I did realize that even on the forehand to forehand exchanges Capriati was mostly on the defense and while her forehand is huge and quite consistent its no where in the league of Davenport and Serena, the Original power babes. At times she did have awesome inside out forehand returns of serve and indeed they were quite spectacular. Her backhand I really thought was more of a weapon, nonetheless it was obvious that its more of a stay in the rally kind of solid shot, sort of even a set up for her lethal forehand when in position to unleash it. Her forehand on the run and crosscourt are a thing to watch in motion, however Venus just neutralized anything Capriati could throw at her and as Carillo would say sent it back with some high interest. Perhaps these observations might be a bit premature and biased since I am just a rookie observer, have been only following tennis since 99, seriously since 00 and dont really play the game, hence why I want the more savvy observers and more experienced tennis players who know the games of the aforementioned players to give me some insight. It may also be a fact that Venus just simply doesnt allow Jenny to play her game but to me these 3 are the only true power babes of the 90's and 2000's. Jenny and Monica come on the second tier, which can at times move to the league of the above.

I guess you just have to admire Venus' athletic prowess, man nobody moves better laterally than she when at her healthy peak, maybe Clijsters 2003 and currently, but pre 2003 not one player comes close to Venus the graceful gazelle, what a great tennis player she has become. Few people can make look Lindsay Davenport look silly and confused on a Tennis court and Venus sure did during the 2000-2002 period, it still baffles me how Serena outright Dismantled Venus post 2001, I still believe Venus still is the better mover, and I dont care what people say that forehand crosscourt is lethal, the depth on both strokes is just unthinkable. Gosh you just cant hate on that backhand down the line, gets so low into that shot, (great contact on this stroke) can take it early and just send it for winners all day long, even on the rise. Yes her technique of late on the forehand has been poor and can shank it quite a bit due to poor preparation, but theres nobody that can tell me its not a shot to contend with when on its better days.

Any comments, please feel free to give me some insight!