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Mar 25th, 2005, 05:49 AM
Despite there being no K-lina :sad: tomorrow's schedule is ridiculously amazing!!!! and one special croat is sitting in the second row on stadium court... ;)


Mar 25th, 2005, 05:51 AM

Mar 26th, 2005, 04:54 AM
just got back. report tomorrow. here's what I saw (* next to matches i only partly saw):
Likhovtseva def. Chladkova*
Peer def. Bartoli*
Moya def. Blake
Ljubicic def. Martin :yeah:
Verdasco def. Roddick
Sharapova def. Daniilidou*
Irvin def. Safina :eek:
Nadal def. Schuettler*
S. Williams def. Douchevina*
Safin def. Labadze*

Mar 26th, 2005, 05:02 AM
can't wait for the details mr vip croat. :p

Mar 26th, 2005, 05:35 AM
oh, and I spent an hour sitting next to and talking to the one and only K-LINA :hearts: (she was at Ivan's match). she remembered me from Monday :hearts:

Mar 26th, 2005, 05:36 AM
:eek: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so frickin' jealous of you right now!

Mar 26th, 2005, 05:39 AM
i know, you should be :p
she's so sweet. she's sad i don't get to see her play til monday, but she promised me she'll make it that far :)

Mar 26th, 2005, 05:40 AM
i do have a friend going tomorrow who is going to try to get a video of some of the good points in her match :)

Mar 26th, 2005, 05:44 AM
i wish i was going. i wish i could talk to k-lina.
i'm so frickin jealous, you have no idea. :p

be sure to tell her that her groupies wish her well and we all love her and yadda yadda... lol

Mar 26th, 2005, 05:50 AM
and (becuase this thread alreay has so many views) i'll tell you about the safina vs. irvin match :)

Got there at 5-4 in the first. Dinara really did a great job to get the set into a tiebreak. The rallies were really long and Dinara moved Marissa all around the court. But when the tiebreak started, Marissa was able to better assert herself at the net and Dinara hit a couple of unforced errors. She was mad at herself because she missed a ton of backhand returns in the first set (that's the shot i saw her practicing all night on Wednesday). Second set was totally different. Marissa didn't come to net anymore and Dinara just played amazingly well from the baseline, hitting tons of down the line winners. Third set was a different story. Dinara got the early break, but Irvin didn't have to do much to get the break back. Marissa played the best set of tennis I've ever seen her play in that third set. On match point, Dinara hit a drop shot and came to net, but Irvin got to it and put away a cross court forehand for the match. Dinara was really pissed off. We were waiting for Marissa to get off to get a picture with her and Dinara stormed off the court and just shoved aside one of my friends :mad: (I'm not pissed at her though, she was really sweet on Wednesday). Marissa was really nice when she got off the court. Spent almost 15 minutes signing autographs and getting pictures taken. I hope she does well. Really great fight from her today :)

Mar 26th, 2005, 05:52 AM
i wish i was going. i wish i could talk to k-lina.
i'm so frickin jealous, you have no idea. :p

be sure to tell her that her groupies wish her well and we all love her and yadda yadda... lol
already have. she thought it was really cool that she had so many supporters on the net :yeah:. she was also wearing this really tight fitting shirt with short shorts :hearts::devil:

btw, she is definately in a relationship with Bikic. He was there during Ivan's match as well, but he seems like a nice guy and really wants the best for K-lina :D

Mar 26th, 2005, 03:16 PM
:bounce: Thanks Again croat123!!! :bounce:

puts a really great perspective on things!

Mar 26th, 2005, 10:59 PM
Got there around 9:30am. Saw Hantuchova practice with Clijsters. Daniela wasn't hitting well again :mad: . On the other hand, Kim really surprised me, she's playing great tennis.
Saw the beginning of Likhovtseva vs. Chladkova. Denisa really has to work on her serve and her movement. They traded breaks, but soon Likhovtseva got in control of the points. Watched til about 4-1 and then went over to see part of Bartoli vs. Peer. Bartoli was playing great from the baseline. Peer was a bit off, but she kept pumping herself up and I think that's what won it for her in the end :). Only watched to 5-2 in the first.
Went over to stadium court to watch Moya vs. Blake. One thing is for sure...I'm gonna have to make friends with players so I can get second row seats next year too. It's just amazing being so close to the court on center court!! The match was played really well. Lots of long rallies - most of which ended in winners. Carlos played a poor game at 4-5 (he choked like always). Second set was more of the same, except, this time, Carlos was able to use his forehand to put a lot of pressure on Blakes serve. The atmosphere was amazing when they got into the third set. I kept screaming Vamos Carlos! Venga! (even though he was like 10 feet away ;) ) and everyone was cheering their player on. The ending was tragic though. On match point, Moya hit a forehand cross court and Blake fell going after it. He didn't get up for about 20 minutes. The trainer came running out and James was holding his ankle. He started screaming when the trainer tried to bend his leg :sad: . He eventually was able to get up and he barely walked off the court with the help of the trainer. I really gained some respect for him though. He was in terrible pain and yet he still made the effort to shake Carlos's hand. Sad ending to a great match.
Next, I went over to Court 7 where Ljubicic was warming up against Martin. As I said before, the one and only K-lina sat next to me. She remembered me from Monday (maybe cause I was the only person that actually stood in the heat for her entire 30 minute practice ;) ). She's such a nice girl. She couldn't believe how hot and humid it is (and neither could Ivan judging from the fact that his entire body was covered in a thick layer of sunblock. I asked her about playing doubles and she said that she might be partnering up with Jelena Kostanic for a couple of the clay court tournaments, but nothing is official. Anyways, back to the match. Ivan is playing amazing tennis. Martin only won points when he either hit winners or was able to get absolutely everything back. Ivan's serve was good (not at it's best). His passing shots were insane. He can hit such great angles! There were a couple of points when both players were up at net and Ivan won then all. Ivan also hit a couple of amazing reflex vollies. At 6-3 5-3 Ivan hit 3 return winners, and a volley winner to get to match point. A backhand in the net gave Ivan the win! I got to say hi to him and wished him good luck. He said that the court conditions are unbearable.
Back to stadium court. Venus had already won :eek:. I was hoping to at least get a chance to see her but I didn't. Verdasco was up a break against Roddick. He lost it when he missed an insanely easy overhead into the net. I really couldn't believe that he messed that up. The tiebreak was tense. Verdasco got out to a good lead, but Roddick came back with some big forehands and had set point on his serve. Roddick's downfall was the fact that he went for power instead of spin and placement on his serve. Verdasco seemed content just blocking the ball back and getting into a ralley. Roddick the double faulted on Verdasco's 2nd (?) set point and he hit a ball high into the upper tier of the stadium. The second set featured a lot of big serving, but both players had a least one return game in which they could have broken. Then, suddenly, Roddick called the trainer. At first I couldn't tell when was going on because the trainer was blocking my view of Roddick and I couldn't hear anything. His movement was terrible after the trainer went away so I figured it was something in his leg. Turns out that on the next changeover he was getting his wrist taped :confused: . He seemed to be fine to me so I was really surprised when he retired at 6-7 3-4.
Food break (I was starving lol)
Back to stadium court for the second set of Sharapova vs. Daniilidou. I really like Eleni. She was being totally outplayed, but she kept fighting and was able to get back into the second set and make a match out of it. She hit some great forehand winners. But, in the end, Maria was just way too good - except for the game in which she got broken, she hardly hit any unforced errors. Better luck next time Eleni.
Went over to Court 1 for Safina vs. Irvin (see above post).
After that match, checked in on Serena. In person, this outfit really doesn't look to bad. Serena played well, not awesome, but Vera just couldn't get into the match after she lost the first after coming back to 3-5. Serena just steamrolled her in the second hitting very few unforced errors and lots of winners. She was impecable on serve. I think she might have only lost one or two points on serve in the whole set. Vera got frustrated with herself and started hitting lots of unforced errors.
Back to court 1 for Nadal vs. Schuettler. Great match. Lots of entertaining points with both players scrambling. Schuettler really should have won the second set. He made a couple of bad unforced errors, but Nadal fought hard and earned the win. Nadal might be injured. He called out the trainer half way through the second set and seemed to be having pain in his left shoulder, but his play wasn't hampered by it.
Back to stadium for the third set of Safin vs. Labadze. Safin played terrible, Labaze played worse. Worst match of the day, but at least it was dramatic. It seemed like Marat wasn't trying out there. Most people had already left stadium court before it was over cause the tennis was so bad. Safin wasted a million break points in that third set too.
Anyways, if anyone is going tomorrow I suggest seeing Verdasco vs. Nadal. It's going to be a great match!!

Mar 26th, 2005, 11:07 PM
:yeah: nice report! glad you're having such an amazing time!!

Mar 27th, 2005, 11:21 AM
Thanks :) :yeah:

Mar 27th, 2005, 11:50 AM
Great report. :)

Mar 27th, 2005, 12:37 PM
was shahar playing well?

Mar 27th, 2005, 02:52 PM
was shahar playing well?
i only saw a few games in the first set. she was being too defensive. but she kept pumping herself up