View Full Version : The only thing that worries me about Venus...

Mar 1st, 2005, 02:35 AM
is the fact that she is losing so many tight matches this year that could have gone her way. Venus used to be such a mentally strong player. I can recall numerous matches where her mental strength has carried her through. Then why is it that since the stomach injury in 03' she has not been the same player? To me she has the strokes and the serve to win several more majors but her mental strenght is gone it seems. I mean the old venus would have come through that tiebreak in the second set against molik at the AO and pulled it out in the third. The old venus would have closed momo out in antwerp and taken the diamonds. I cant really blame her for today cuz she shouldnt have even played but still she certainly had her opportunities to take the match from a nervous farina elia.

I am interested to hear what you guys have to say because I find this to be totally perplexing. How does a player go about regaining that mental fortitude that they onced possessed???

I love ya, Vee. You just gotta win the French this year. You just gotta ;) :hearts: :)

Mar 1st, 2005, 03:14 AM
Don't worry.....................VeeReeFan!! Venus will be ok we don't know when but she hurts too knowning that she has a hard time closing out matches..............some time her injury body gets in the way and I'm sure she gets frustrated with that but that comes with thier kind of job!! Venus will will get back to her wining ways just just keep the faith if you are a true Venus fan and take the loses too I just know she will pull through;) .................Besides can not turn my back on either Williams if they loses they got me into tennis and I'm sticking with them!!:worship: