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Feb 26th, 2005, 11:03 AM
Here're the top 200 girls who are reaching their best ranking this week.
In* and red: the girls who're still playing in tournements (at least semis) and who could even have a better ranking by the end of the week.
In blue, girls under 20 y.o.

A.Molik -24 years old- past best ranking: 9 - new ranking: 8*
F.Penatta -23 years old- past best ranking: 30 - new ranking: 28*
S.Stosur -20 years old- past best ranking: 45 - new ranking: 44
N.Li -23 years old- past best ranking: 50 - new ranking: 46
D.Randriantefy -28 years old- past best ranking: 59 - new ranking: 52*
A.Ivanovic -17 years old- past best ranking: 61 - new ranking: 58
M.Kirilenko -18 years old- past best ranking: 73 - new ranking: 67
T.Li -25 years old- past best ranking: 141 - new ranking: 136
K.Bohmova -18 years old - past best ranking: 140 - new ranking: 139
E.Laine -18 years old -past best ranking: 158 - new ranking: 148
Y.Meusburger -21 years old- past best ranking: 166 - new ranking: 163
S.Dubois -18 years old- past best ranking: 173 - new ranking: 172
L.Safarova -18 years old -past best ranking: 185 - new ranking: 175[/COLOR

[COLOR=Red]My Comments:

A.Molik continues her race to the top (+1 place) passing Venus Williams

F.Penatta prooves once again that she's in good form since the beginning of the clay court season in south america, she's now 28 and could even do better if she wins Acapulco

A very strong performance from a veteran this week with Dally Randriantefy who seems to reach her best level at 28 y.o, she's in semi-final of a WTA event for the first time!

Ana Ivanovic still continuing her impressive progression on the tour, she makes 3 sets against A.Mauresmo in the 2nd round in Doha after an overwhelming victory in the 1rst round.

Maria Kirilenko: After revealing last year making 3 sets against Serena in the French Open, she was a little bit under the expectations...and may be frustrated by the rising of all the russians teenagers....I don't know if she's been inspiring by her close friend Maria Sharapova...or maybe Maria gave her some advises...but she seems to start very well this year and especially this week with a quater final in Doha...so that's not a surprise to see her breaking a new reccord in her ranking

Feb 27th, 2005, 01:01 PM
By defeating Antonella Serra Zanetti in semi final of Acapulco's tournement, Flavia Penatta continues her rise in the top 30....she's now 26....and could even make better if she beats L.Cervanova in final who was ranked n58 at her best one year ago.