View Full Version : French wild card for the Australian open

Dec 26th, 2001, 12:34 PM
I read in the topic " Australian open " that Aus _ boy ( <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> ) " said " that the french wild cards will be for Arnaud Di Pasquale and Marion Bartoli. That' s why, I very " surprised ". The wild card is not for Mary Pierce ? Is she have to do the " qualifications " of this tournament ? <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">

Dec 26th, 2001, 12:42 PM
She has already got a wildcard and it obviously is not the one given to a French player..

Dec 26th, 2001, 12:48 PM
Thank you very much Ajayares <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> , Mary Piece had this " wild card " because she won this event in 1995, and because she afantastic champion.<br />Moreover, she is the best french player of " all time ". Yes, yes, she' s french. lol. <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> .

Dec 26th, 2001, 12:50 PM
Consequently, two wild - cards for french women players this year. Thank you very much Australian people <img src="graemlins/kiss.gif" border="0" alt="[Kiss]" /> .

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