View Full Version : Do you think should I blame Gisela Dulko?

Jan 19th, 2005, 08:20 AM
I post the following message for some person:

He thinks Mary Pierce did not play her best in her game against her Gisela Dulko. And as a supporter, we should try to point out what lack in her game but not just always praise her loses. :sad: :bigcry: :tears: :hysteric: :sobbing: :crying2:

Is there any better way to support Mary? Because I acknowledged is that for her own good, but I feared does this can cause you to be discontented. :sad: :bigcry: :tears: :hysteric: :sobbing: :crying2:

Gisela Dulko really broke his hope. Is he going too far if he blame her? He whether or not plays the tennis to Gisela Dulko the form to make the challenge? Because he thinks she can defeat Mary Pierce, then she should plays well in the next round (the third round of single at Acura Classic 2004, her competitior is Russian Maria Sharapova) or after. But she can't do it fairly, really extremely satirizes!! :( :mad: :fiery: :shout: :banghead:

What do you think? :confused: