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Dec 22nd, 2001, 03:49 AM
Here is my list of happy, sad and shocking moments from the 2001 season. Be sure to post yours as well.

Happy Moments

1. Jennifer Capriati capturing the Oz Open and French Open. Considering Jennifer's form @ the end of 2000, who would have thought it would happen? Definantly the sports story of the year.

2. Martina Hingis' great Australian season where she helped Switzerland win the Hopman Cup, beat Serena and Lindsay to win the Adidas, and beat both Williams sisters to make it to the final of the OZ.

3. Justine Henin breaking through in Australia winning the Gold Coast, Canberra and making it to the fourth round of the Oz before succumbing to Seles. After her great run, Justine became the player to watch this year. By the French Open, she definantly proved her talent.

4. Serena Williams claiming her second Indian Wells trophy while playing in front of a hostile crowd.

5. Venus Williams claiming her third consecutive Ericsson title while saving 8 championship points against Jen-Cap.

6. Amelia Mauresmo's great indoor and clay court season where she claimed 4 titles and only faced defeat twice (Hingis and Dokic).

7. The great breakthroughs of Kim Clijsters (3 titles and one grand slam final), Justine Henin (3 titles and one grand slam final) and Jelena Dokic (4 titles).

8. Venus Williams recapturing her Wimbledon and US Open crowns.

9. Monica Seles return from 4 month injury which saw Seles recapture her form of old by beating Capriati, Hingis (twice) and Serena Williams and making two finals.

10. Serena Williams finally recapturing the form and attitude that brought her the US Open crown in 1999. Williams won the Canadian Open defeating Capriati and made it to the final of the US Open defeating Davenport and Hingis.

11. The Williams sisters playing in the US Open final. While it was not a great match, the history surrounding the match made it worth watching.

12. Lindsay Davenport recapturing her old form by winning 9 titles this year, making it to no. 1 and reaching the finals of the year end championships.

13. Serena Williams capturing the year end championships.

14. Belgium winning the Fed Cup for the first time ever.

14. The birth of Steffi Graf's, Dominique Van Roost's, Julie Halard-Decugis', Sabine Appleman's first children. Congrats to these first time moms.

Sad Moments

1. The illness of Corina Moriaru. Corina's courage during this time made you realize the importance of human life. Keep getting better and stronger Corina. We miss you.

2. The retirements of Julie Halard-Decugis, Dominique Van Roost, Natasha Zvereva @ the end of the 2000 season. These ladies were definantly missed this year. The retirements of Sabine Applemans and Anke Huber @ the end of this season. Enjoy your retirement ladies-we will miss you.

3. The loss of Mary Pierce, Conchita Martinez, Anna Kournikova, and Chanda Rubin (among others) to injury. Hopefully these ladies will reemerge and play some fine tennis this year.

4. Martina Hingis' struggle this year to balance her personal life with her tennis while trying to maintain the top spot was painful to watch. Hingis is a very fine player who should not have struggled as much as she did. Here's to hoping that she will have a better 02.

5. Jennifer Capriati's meltdown this summer was also sad to watch. I really think the pressure of being a top contender really got to Jen-Cap. Her performances after the Wimbledon semifinal really prove that fact. Here's to hoping that Jen-Cap will be revitalized for 02.

6. The moving of the year end championships from Manhattan to Munich. Enough said.

Shocking Moments

1. While Jen's win @ the Oz was wonderful, it was also a shock. Come on, admit it. When Jennifer hit that backhand down the line on championship point, everyone was shocked as well as delighted with her win. Since Jennifer was such an underdog at this event, her win was not something that would have been predicted.

2. Hingis' struggle this season was not only sad, it was a shock. Although Martina had not won a grand slam since 1999, she still beat the top competition to win tier 1 events and other tournaments. In 2000 alone, Hingis won 9 titles including 2 tier 1 events and the year end championships. The fact that Hingis had been unable to win a title since February was a huge shock for a player of her caliber.

3. Mauresmo and V. Williams' first round losses @ the French Open. Considering that Venus and Amelia were the top two contenders for the crown, their losses were a big shock.

4. Anna K losing to Galina Fokina @ the Kremlin Cup. The only reason this loss bears mentioning is because Fokina is a junior player who had never won a WTA match. While this was only Anna's four match since returning from injury, given Anna's talent and experience this was a match she should have won.

5. Seles' loss to Daja Bendanova @ the US Open was a shock primarily because of how well Monica was playing before that loss.

6. US withdrawal from Fed Cup. While security concerns were understandable following the 9-11 attacks, most US athletes were in Europe for the indoor season anyway and a team should have been put together to defend the title.

Notable Hopeful Notes for Next Season

1. Patty Schynder, a player notorious for her involvement with an orange juice guru and fervent dislike of Anna K, won her first title @ the Volvo tournament in Thailand. A former top 10 player in 1998, her win @ this event is a hopeful sign that she is attempting a minicomeback.

2. Anna K winning 4 of 6 exho matches played since the end of the season against Coetzer and Capriati. Hopefully she can capture her first crown @ Auckland.

3. Sandrine Testud winning her first tournament in 3 years @ Hawaii beating Henin and then beating Capriati twice including @ the year end championships. Sandrine is an amazing player who will hopefully build on her wins and have a great year in this coming season.

Let me know what you guys think! <img src="graemlins/wavey.gif" border="0" alt="[Wavey]" />

Dec 22nd, 2001, 04:55 AM
i never knew van roost had a child <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> i love her! is there a pciture?

Dec 22nd, 2001, 05:04 AM
7 titles for Lindsay this year..

Mateo Mathieu
Dec 22nd, 2001, 05:08 AM
Dominique had child? <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0"> I didn't know either! <img src="eek.gif" border="0">

Sam L
Dec 22nd, 2001, 01:05 PM
apoet29: You had what I wanted to say AND more <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

Dec 22nd, 2001, 01:13 PM
I agree with a lot of your points. <br />The monica ones even more!

Dec 22nd, 2001, 01:49 PM
Venus defeating Jen, Justine, and Lindsay back to back to back at Pilot Pen. <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

Dec 22nd, 2001, 01:54 PM
Yeah, I was so happy when Jennifer won the Australian Open! It was such a great achievment, though she beat Lindsay I think she deserved it <img src="graemlins/bounce.gif" border="0" alt="[Bounce]" />

Another great thing about this year was the Justine Henin, and Kim Clijsters appareance. They could battle with the top five easily and make a hell of a match. Now there are more options of who can win bigger tourneys and it's no so esceptic.

Dec 22nd, 2001, 01:59 PM
Another yay moment:

The rise of Daniela Hantuchova - an excellent prospect for the future.

And the Swiss Miss 2!

the cat
Dec 22nd, 2001, 02:26 PM
Well said apoet29! You covered alot of ground, too. Let's hope 2002 has more good moments than bad moments. On and off the court.

Dec 22nd, 2001, 03:02 PM
great stuff apoet <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> thanx alot

2001 saddest moment for me ..... Natasha Zvereva <img src="graemlins/sad.gif" border="0" alt="[Sad]" /> no tourns played.<br /> Corina's illness <img src="graemlins/sad.gif" border="0" alt="[Sad]" />

2002 best moment, Russian girls making FED CUP finals but losing =sadest <img src="graemlins/sad.gif" border="0" alt="[Sad]" />

but the Russian juniors made up for that by winning the Connolly Continental Cup again , 5th time in 8 years.

Dec 22nd, 2001, 03:07 PM
uhhh people...I don't think Van Roost has children..not yet..

Dec 22nd, 2001, 03:55 PM
per she got a daughter called Ines this year(well I think that`s her name)

Dec 22nd, 2001, 03:56 PM
Dominique Van Roost has a baby girl named Inez. I can't remember exactly when she was born. I do know that Domi was already pregnant while she was still playing on tour.

Dec 22nd, 2001, 03:58 PM
oh dear..how come I didn't know that? Why did they put Obi on each newspaper, and not Inez??

Dec 22nd, 2001, 05:34 PM
Has Natasha Zvereva officially retired ?

That saddens me a lot <img src="frown.gif" border="0"> <img src="frown.gif" border="0"> <img src="frown.gif" border="0"> <img src="frown.gif" border="0">

Dec 22nd, 2001, 06:08 PM
Obi is the son of Sabine A.

Inez is the daughter of Dominique <img src="wink.gif" border="0">