View Full Version : My experience buying Open Gaz tickets

Jan 1st, 2005, 07:02 PM
Sucked. I bought tickets to the qualifiers and monday but they only had tickets on the non-viewing side for the final. when i say nonvieiwing i mean that it is not the side where people will see the winner when handed the trophy. anyway, i obstained from buying them and waited for the FNAC to sell them. i called the FNAC finally when they got the seats and I was sold a seat on the wrong side. i called back later and they did indeed have the good seats at center court for 50 euros but they would not let me exchanage them. I whined and cried and she said shed request an exception to the rule and actually changed the ticket but for the wrong day. then she said that she could not request another change so i was left at that. It really sucks. I tried so hard to get a good ticket and was sold the wrong one, got the order changed but for the wrong day. Bad experience with FNAC. maybe next year i will try Virgin Megastor or Carrefour.