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Dec 24th, 2004, 12:28 PM
A service of transferring medium-sized files to a group of people is available at www.webfile.ru
Anyone can publish his/her file(s), tell the link to friends, and they can download the file(s) to their computers.
Usual email restrictions (size) are bypassed. Restrictions are below.
The interface is now just in Russian, so I try to explain it here.

Usage is as follows.

To publish a file
Enter http://www.webfile.ru
Besides description and ads in Russian, you see two editboxes.
The right one is for uploading.
Click 'Browse' button. In a file dialog, select your local file and click 'Open' or equivalent.
The file name and path appears in the right editbox of the starting page (you can enter full local filename directly to that editbox, of course).
Click 'Закачать' button (it means 'upload' - to the server).

After the upload process is done (it may be rather long depending on the file size), new page appears.
It lists: your file name (first essential line),
its number - now 6-digit (2nd line),
URL to download the file and its life time (3rd and 4th lines)...
Below that you see some control number and editbox.
You are to type that number into the editbox.
The next line contains checkbox labeled 'Защитить файл паролем:' meaning 'Protect the file with password:'.
If you check it, the field to enter the password opens.

New page opens.
It contains 3 checkboxes accompanied with memo- or editboxes.
The 1st one reads 'Добавить описание файла' meaning 'Add file description'.
If checked, the memobox could be filled. This description will be seen to anyone visiting the download page and in notifying emails.

The 2nd checkbox reads 'Уведомить друзей о размещении файла' meaning 'Notify your friends of file placement'.
If checked, the memobox below it is for up to 3 email addresses where notifications will be sent to.

The last chekbox reads 'Получить по электронной почте отчет...' meaning "Receive email-report on download number and ref-code to prolong storage period up to 14 days as well as option to delete the file before schedule. You'll be email-notified on the 1st download of the file".
Little editbox for your email is below that text.

Attention: the button to set all those options is pale. It reads 'Сохранить' ('Save' or 'OK').

In any case, the URL to download your file is webfile.ru/file-number.
You can tell it to your friends.

To download a file from that service
Enter page webfile.ru/file-number i.e. the link told to you by the publisher.
If asked, enter the file's password into the editbox labeled 'Пароль'.
Download by pressing 'Скачать' button and enjoy.

One file size is up to 20MB.
One user (IP-address?) may upload simultaneously up to 20 files totally sized up to 100MB.
By default, any file is stored for 7 days and can be downloaded up to 20 times.

Overall, the service is not ideal - restrictions apply - but helpful.
It can be used, say, for distributing some videos here, such as matija-seles published, e.g.
Yes, there are more fans here than the service allows, but we could iterate, republishing some files as needed.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated to that site or its creators in any way.

Dec 24th, 2004, 01:08 PM