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Frank Riley
Dec 24th, 2004, 06:13 AM
The Meaning of Christmas
Frank Riley
Funny thing is I went shopping tonight and when I walked out of the store there were people all over the place going in the store and walking out, but this little girl maybe 6 I think, very sweet and cute was there selling that plant we hang in the doorway and people kiss under it, the name is not the point. She had a little basket and the little plants in plastic with a candy cane. I stopped and looked around she was so small just standing there as all the people just walked by her not even looking at her. I turned and walked back to her and said how much are they. She looked up at me and said 2 dollars, but she just looked at me like she was shocked someone was actually talking to her. I only had a 5 dollar bill so I handed that to her and she took it in her little hand, I waited for change but she just stood there looking at me. I bent down a little and said to her do you have any change and she just whispered yes, it took her a few seconds to understand I wanted some money back. She did not know how much to give me but she pulled 2 dollars from her pocket. I just looked at her, I was totally taken by her because she could not stop looking at me. My heart just melted what a sweet little girl, she started to hand me the 2 dollars and I could tell she had no idea if it was the right amount of money. I stop her as she handed me the 2 dollars and I said hey keep that okay and she was confused, I told her keep the money okay. I just smiled at her and she smiled and kept looking at me as I walked off. I gave her $7 for a little plant from a tree that could not have been worth 50 cents. But I walked away feeling so good and it was more than worth the $7. I realized what life was all about and what Christmas was about. It is all about how we treat each other and what those sweet little eyes were saying to me as she looked at me. She was waiting for me to tell her what to do, all she knew was she was there to sell something but she did not know how to do it. You see we are all sweet wonderful little people and if we are treated right we become good people, but if we are treated horrible something way to common today that wonderful little girl that made my heart warm just vanishes into this dark world we have today. The truth is we need to take care of each other better and that is what Christmas is really about, not gifts and not products.

Dec 24th, 2004, 06:17 AM

Frank Riley
Dec 24th, 2004, 06:21 AM
Actually you are completely wrong Tennis is all about respect, honor, love and treating people right, maybe you should read the story and think before you comment, maybe if we all read and thought we would not be killing each other like we are in this screwed up world. READ IT AND LEARN. :)

By the way I am not a Christian and I do not care about the church, what I care about is people and the message is true for all people not just Christians.

Dec 24th, 2004, 06:38 AM
I as a Christian believe that Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus Christ who was sent down by God. Thats why it is such a special day, it not only about family, presents etc. The most important thing is to recognize what this day really is mean't for especially to Christians.

Frank Riley
Dec 24th, 2004, 05:08 PM
Yes perhaps but for me I do not really go to church and I am not really a Christian, I do feel there is something special out there but really for me the most important thing I am trying to say is all we can do is treat each other better and that is the point. It is not about how much money we have and who has the power. Iraq is an ugly affair and I feel the USA (my own country) is currently causing more harm than good. The message is treat the world like I treated the little girl. I respected her, I showed her kindness and I gave her loving and sweet direction. Why did I do that, to be honest it was the right thing to do. The message here is that as an American all I see is how many American are getting killed in Iraq but the news has forgotten about how many people from Iraq have been killed and who are we killing over there, what was the purpose to be there. I think it is out of control and at this point Bush needs to be a real man an admit it is totally screwed up and fix this problem instead of calling them bad people, who are the bad people over there anyway, is it the M1 tanks or rockets the USA is tossing around in cities in Iraq.
The point is I treated the little girl how she should be treated, is the USA treating Iraq the way it should be treated or are we just kicking the shit out of a weaker country.
I am not saying who was right or wrong from the start, I am just saying it is screwed up and Bush needs to admit failure and try to fix this correctly.

Dec 24th, 2004, 05:23 PM
Brilliant posts frank. I totally agree :) :wavey:

Off topic: Theres this thing in the UK called operation christmas child, and people make up shoeboxes of toys and gifts (second hand mainly) as a present for kids in third world countries, I did one this year (as did loads of people where i live). I saw pics of them on the news last year opening their box, and the smiles on their little faces was priceless. So much joy - amazing to see. And then i imagined me as a kid crying over my 500 motorbike coz it was the wrong colour :o :o

Andy Mac
Dec 24th, 2004, 05:38 PM
yea they have the shoebox thing in canada too

Dec 24th, 2004, 07:55 PM
Ah, brought a little tear to one of my eyes.

~ The Leopard ~
Dec 25th, 2004, 08:57 AM