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Brian Stewart
Dec 21st, 2001, 12:55 PM
Here's the link:<br /> <a href="http://********************/qa_MP_122001.html" target="_blank">http://********************/qa_MP_122001.html</A>

Dec 21st, 2001, 01:10 PM
Thanks, great to see she is at 100%<br />Can't wait to hear how she does in Hong Kong. I hope someone from the board is going and can give us some analysis!

Sam L
Dec 21st, 2001, 01:21 PM
Thanks for the link, it was a great read! <img src="graemlins/kiss.gif" border="0" alt="[Kiss]" /> <br />I can't wait to see her back in action in Australia, and I would really love to see her win the US Open <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

Dec 21st, 2001, 01:34 PM
Nice to hear her being so positive <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

I would love to see her return to the form of Roland Garros 2000 - when she's playing like that again she'll definitely be one of the few that can legitimately challenge Venus for her US open crown.

Williams Rulez
Dec 21st, 2001, 02:39 PM
Best of luck for 2002 Mary!! Nice interview!

Dec 21st, 2001, 05:28 PM
Thanks Brian! <img src="graemlins/kiss.gif" border="0" alt="[Kiss]" />

Allez Mary!

The Last Unicorn
Dec 21st, 2001, 07:57 PM
Thanks, Brian. Hopefully, she's really 100% fit. <img src="graemlins/bounce.gif" border="0" alt="[Bounce]" />

Dec 21st, 2001, 08:11 PM
Thanks for the link, Brian!

It's really good to hear her sounding so positive!!! <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

Mateo Mathieu
Dec 21st, 2001, 10:12 PM
Thanks, Brian!

I can't wait to see her on-court again <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

Dec 21st, 2001, 10:42 PM
Quote from the interview:<br /> [quote] tr.net: Some journalists believe that when Venus decides to play and is committed, she’s nearly unbeatable and she showed that from Wimbledon through the U.S. Open. <br />Pierce: Really? I wasn’t aware of that.

<br />tr.net: Do you think she’s beatable when she’s committed? <br />Pierce: Anybody is. We’re all human.

<br /> <hr></blockquote>

Nice Answer for Mary Pierce. She too feels that Williams are over rated. Unbeatable when committed???? wish!!!!!!

Dec 21st, 2001, 11:00 PM
lol--where did Mary say Venus is overrated? Seems to me like she's saying that there is always the possibility that any player can be beat. Tennis is a game afterall.

<br />Oz will be VERY interesting.

Williams Rulez
Dec 22nd, 2001, 01:26 AM
lol... Venus Williams is second to none <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">